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Making a Mason at Sight

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Very useful information about this subject can be found in Making a Mason At Sight by Louis L. Williams, published in 1983 by the Illinois Lodge of Research, Masonic Book Club, Bloomington, Illinois.

U.S. Grand Lodges

Grand Lodge Details
Delaware 1944 - R.R.M. Carpenter
District of Columbia Dec. 16, 1941 - Grand Master made Masons as Sight of General George C. Marshall, Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army, and Jesse H. Jones, Secretary of Commerce.
Dec. 13, 1975 - Grand Master made Mason at Sight of Admiral John C. McCain, Jr.
1993 - Grand Master made Mason at Sight of Architect of the Capitol
Oct. 28, 2001 - Grand Master made Masons at Sight: Alan M. Hantman, Architect of the U.S. Capitol; J.P. London, CEO of CACI International, Inc.; Tony Russo, CEO of InPhonics, Inc.; Ronald D. Schiff, Associate Justice of the 5th District of Maryland; John W. Springer, Managing Partner of Capital Asset Management Group
Florida Nov. 4, 1967 - Grand Master made Mason at Sight of Wallace M. (Wally) Shirra, Jr., astronaut.
Mar. 8, 1976 - Grand Master made Mason at Sight of Robert Shevin, Attorney General of Florida, and Bert Thomas, President of Winn Dixie stores.
Maryland 1897 - Lloyd Lowndes
1923 - Tasker G. Lowndes
Minnesota July 21, 2003 - Grand Master made Senator Norman B. Coleman, Jr., a Mason at Sight
Montana Feb. 11, 1983 - Grand Master made Mason at Sight of Kenneth L. Culver, a Mason who is blind
Nebraska 1897 - Harry Phelps
New Hampshire Apr. 28, 1863 - Grand Master made Mason at Sight of Joseph A. Gilmore, Governor of New Hampshire
May 12, 1933 - Grand Master made Mason at Sight of Frank P. Carter, a businessman and philanthropist
New Jersey On March 15, 1984 the Grand Master made Muzyad Yakhoob a Master Mason using his powers to make Masons at sight. This action had the result of the GL of California no longer recognizing the GL of New Jersey which caused a 'wee bit o' trouble' for those Brethren in both States that happened to hold Dual/Plural membership. This non-recognition lasted from August 29, 1984 to October 19, 1984. Muzyad Yakhoob?? Oh, you might know him better as Brother Danny Thomas.
New Mexico  
New York  
North Carolina  
North Dakota  
Ohio Feb. 1909 - Grand Master made Mason at Sight of William H. Taft, then President Elect of the United States
Oklahoma Roy Clark was made a Mason at Sight by the GM of Oklahoma (I don't know the date)
Oregon 1902 - Cyrus A. Dolph & Solomon Hirsch
1930 - George A. White
Pennsylvania 1855 - John J. Kane, Jr, and William S. Perry
1887 - Christian Kirsch
1897 - Samuel W. Pennypacker, Governor of Pennsylvania
1898 - John Wanamaker, Merchant
1928 - Andrew and Richard Mellon, Financiers
1951 - Milton S. Eisenhower, brother of President Dwight Eisenhower
1955 - George M. Leader, Governor of Pennsylvania
1965 - Robert J. Lamont & John S. Campbell, Jr.
1976 - Fitz Eugene Dixon, Jr., Philanthropist
1982 - John E. Rakar
1983 - Carl J. Finney
1998 - Col. Paul J. Evanko, Pennsylvania State Police Commissioner; Lieutenant Colonel Joseph H. Westcott, Deputy Commissioner; and Trooper Roberto Soto
2001 - Philadelphia Phillies Player Larry Christenson and Walter Dunkle, retired vice-president and general manager for Westinghouse Electric
Rhode Island  
South Carolina 1921 - Bishop William A. Guerry
1924 - Dr. Robert Wilson
1934 - Gen. Charles P. Summerall
1938 - Dr. J. Ryan McKissick & Dr. Henry N. Snyder
1949 - Gen. George H. Decker
1955 - Gen. Jacob E. Smart
South Dakota  
Vermont 1983 - Sen. George D. Aiken
Virginia 1997 - Grand Master made Mason at Sight of James Rees, Director of George Washington's Mount Vernon
West Virginia  


Non-U.S. Grand Lodges

Grand Lodge Details
Canada Ontario 1937 Henry John Cody
Alberta 1946 Walter Foster Barfoot
Nova Scotia 1966 Henry Poole MacKeen
New Brunswick 1971 Allan Murray Speight
Philippines Jan. 17, 1936 - Douglas MacArthur

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