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Some Famous Australian Freemasons

I have received email telling me the following are some of the famous Australian Freemasons

These first group are the 8 Former Prime ministers of our Country:
Sir Edmund Barton ( Ist Australian Prime Minister) Born 1849 Died 1920, P/M from 1901 to 1903
Sir George Huston Reid..B.1845 D. 1918...P/M 1904 to 1905
Sir Joseph Cook B. 1860 D 1947...P/M 1913 to 1914
Viscount Stanley Melbourne Bruce..B 1883 D 1967 P/M 1923 to1929
Sir Earle Christmas Grafton Page..B 1880 D 1961 P/M 1930 to 1939
Sir Arthur William Fadden.B 1895 D 1973..P/M 1941 (3Mnths)
Sir John Grey Gorton B ( still alive) P/M 1968 to 1971
Sir William McMahon P/M 1971 to 1972

Air Commodore Sir Charles Kingsford Smith..Aviation Pioneer
Lawrence Hargraves...Aeronautical Pioneer
John William Pilbeam Goffage ( "Chips Rafferty") Film Actor
John Hosking...First Mayor of Sydney
Nat Phillips...Entertainer
Harry Van Der Sluys(" Roy Rene Mo")Entertainer
Herbert Henry ( "Smokey") Dawson Entertainer
Lieutenant John Oxley RN...Explorer
Sir Edward ( Weary) Dunlop..War Hero & Doctor
John MacDouall Stuart...Explorer
Francis Greenway...Architect Colonial era
Mei Quong Tart...Ist Chinese Initiate in Australia
Sir Joseph Banks.."Father Of Australia"..Botonist
Ken G Hall..Australian Film producer
Sir Ernest Fisk...Radio Pioneer
Captain Matthew Flinders...Explorer
Hamilton Hume...Explorer
Edgar Laurence ( Dunc) Grey..Olympic Cyclist
Sir John Northcott..NSW State Governor & Grand Master

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