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Freemasons among U.S. 5-Star Generals & Admirals

The purpose of this webpage is to present information about Freemasons among the U.S. military leaders who have achieved the rank of 5-Stars (or higher).

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Military details

Masonic details

George Washington General of the Armies of the United States as of 1976, when posthumously appointed pursuant to an Act of Congress, and General Washington to rank 1st among all officers of the Army, past and present Received his 3 Masonic Craft degrees in the Lodge at Fredericksburgh (now Fredericksburg Lodge #4) in Virginia, in 1752 and 1753.  He was named, but did not actually serve, as Charter Worshipful Master of Alexandria Lodge #22 under its Virginia Charter in 1788-1789. Wrote positively about Freemasonry on many occasions, and led the Masonic cornerstone laying of the U.S. Capitol in September 1793.
John J. Pershing General of the Armies of the United States as of Sept. 3, 1919 (but wore only 4 stars even though he remained preeminent among all Army Generals until his death in 1948) Received Masonic degrees in December 1888 in Lincoln Lodge #19, Lincoln, Nebraska. In 1919 Pershing was made an Honorary Member of Stansbury Lodge #19 in D.C. In 1941 or 1942 Senator Harry S. Truman presented Pershing a certificate as an Honorary Member of the Grand Lodge of Missouri (Pershing's home state). Pershing was also a member of the Scottish Rite (Wheeling, W.V., 1920) and received 33rd degree, 1930. He was also a member of the Royal Arch and Knight Templar Commandery (both 1894 in Lincoln, Nebraska), and the Shrine.
William D. Leahy Fleet Admiral
as of Dec. 15, 1944
not a Mason
George C. Marshall General of the Army
as of Dec. 16, 1944
Made a Mason at Sight by the Grand Master of the District of Columbia, on December 16, 1941, about a week after the Pearl Harbor attack, when General Marshall (then 4 stars) was Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army
Ernest J. King Fleet Admiral
as of Dec. 17, 1944
Received Masonic degrees in 1935 in George C. Whiting Lodge #22 (now Potomac Lodge #5) in Washington, D.C. Received Royal Arch degrees in 1938 in San Diego, California. Said to be greatly interested in Masonry, and attended Lodge and Chapter often. Also a member of the Knight Templar Commandery (1939, in Cleveland, Ohio), and Al Koran Shrine in Cleveland, 1946.
Douglas MacArthur General of the Army
as of Dec. 18, 1944
Made a Mason at Sight by the Grand Master of the Philippines on Jan. 17, 1936, and affiliated with Manila Lodge #1. Joined Scottish Rite in Manila, also in 1936, and 33rd degree in 1947 in Tokyo. Life member of Nile Shrine in Seattle, Washington. Wrote positively about Freemasonry on several occasions.
Chester W. Nimitz Fleet Admiral
as of Dec. 19, 1944
not a Mason
Dwight D. Eisenhower General of the Army
as of Dec. 20, 1944
not a Mason
Henry H. Arnold General of the Army
as of Dec. 21, 1944
redesignated General of the Air Force as of May 7, 1949
Raised a Mason in 1927 in Junction City, Kansas. Scottish Rite degrees 1929 in Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, and 33rd degree in 1945.
William F. Halsey, Jr. Fleet Admiral
as of Dec. 11, 1945 
not a Mason
Omar N. Bradley General of the Army
as of Sept. 20, 1950
Raised a Mason in 1923 in West Point Lodge #877, Highland Falls, New York.
SUMMARY   There have been 7 Army (or Air Force) Generals who held the rank of General of the Army (5 Stars) or higher (Pershing or Washington might be considered higher).

6 of these 7 were Freemasons

There have been 4 Navy Admirals who held the rank of Fleet Admiral (5 Stars).

1 of these 4 was a Freemason

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