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G8 Information


G8 Members as of July 7, 2005

1 United States of America
2 France
3 Russian Federation
4 United Kingdom
5 Germany
6 Japan
7 Italy
8 Canada
  (European Union representatives)


The G8 began with a 1975 Summit in France of 6 countries -- France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK, US
Canada joined in 1976.
The European Community began participation at the London Summit of 1977.
Russia began attending the political sessions in 1984 and became a full member in 1988.
The Presidency of the G8 and responsibility for hosting the Summit rotates each year.
It will be Russia's turn in 2006. That will be the first time a G8 meeting has been held in Russia.


G8 meeting locations

    France USA UK Germany Japan Italy Canada
1976 Rambouillet France x            
1977 San Juan USA   x          
1978 London UK     x        
1979 Bonn Germany       x      
1980 Tokyo Japan         x    
1981 Venice Italy           x  
1982 Ottawa Canada             x
1983 Versailles France x            
1984 Williamsburg USA   x          
1985 London UK     x        
1986 Bonn Germany       x      
1987 Tokyo Japan         x    
1988 Venice Italy           x  
1989 Toronto Canada             x
1990 Paris France x            
1991 Houston USA   x          
1992 Munich Germany       x      
1993 Tokyo Japan         x    
1994 Naples Italy           x  
1995 Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada             x
1996 Lyon France x            
1997 Denver USA   x          
1998 Birmingham UK     x        
1999 Cologne Germany       x      
2000 Okinawa Japan         x    
2001 Genoa Italy           x  
2002 Kananaskis Canada             x
2003 Evian France x            
2004 Sea Island, Georgia USA   x          
2005 Gleneagles, Scotland UK     x        



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