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Suggestions for Improvements in Lodge Bulletins or Trestleboards

A friend of mine, who prefers to remain anonymous, wrote the following "rules" for Masonic Lodge trestleboards, based on his long experience in reading boring Lodge bulletins or trestleboards.


1. Remember, bad grammar don't read good.

2. Be sure to proofread your writing to see if you any words out.

3. In your April trestleboard, as a courtesy to your brethren, remind them that "Spring is upon us." There might be some who are unaware of this interesting annual phenomenon.

4. Be sure to get their names right, as in Jhon Smith.

5. Remember, coreckt spelling is esential.

6. Your June trestleboard should include this message: "Summer is upon us." Some of your members might be aware of this, but don't take chances.

7. Remember, don't use no double negatives.

8. When referring to annual Lodge picnics, always say: "A good time was had by all," even if there was some spoil sport who didn't.

9. Don't write run on sentences they are hard to read.

10. Donít use commas, which aren't really needed, unless, you just want to work on your comma drill.

11. In your October trestleboard remind the brethren that: "Fall is upon us." This is a courtesy to your members living in high rise condos who don't rake leaves, and who might not be aware of changing seasons.

12. In your final trestleboard (December) be certain to include the following: "Here it is December. It's hard to believe that my year has gone by so fast." Even though your year didn't really go by so quickly, these words help fill up a little space - and besides, all other Masters will say the same thing.

Of course, this is all in fun, but it shows us some important points.

1. Incorrect spelling or grammar in any written document does not show that the writer is "one of us" or a "normal" person. It shows that he either doesn't know how to write correctly, or isn't willing to get assistance from someone who knows how to edit. Of course, it's a good idea to be sure that someone who knows how to edit should insure that all the words in Lodge bulletins are spelled correctly, and that the grammar is correct, so educated people will feel this Lodge cares about the use of proper English.

2. Avoid cliches, such as comments about the season or the weather. These comments merely demonstrate that the writer doesn't have anything interesting to say. If you don't make your Bulletin interesting, don't be at all surprised when you find that the Brethren are not bothering to read what you're sending them. Go out of your way to make your Bulleting interesting.

3. Be honest in what you say in Lodge bulletins. You don't have to say you're surprised that your year is concluding "so quickly."  Instead, talk about what you have accomplished, what you have learned, what your advice is to the Brethren.

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