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World Conference of Masonic Grand Lodge
(formerly called "World Conference of Grand Masters")


  Date Location Comments
1st March 19 1995  Mexico City, Mexico Hosted by the Grand Lodge Valle de Mexico
37 Grand Lodges participated
2nd September 25-27, 1996 Estoril and Cascais, Portugal 31 Grand Lodges participated
3rd May 1-3, 1998  New York, United States 63 Grand Lodges participated
4th November 12-15, 1999 Sao Paulo, Brazil 73 Grand Lodges participated
5th May 24-27,  2001 Madrid, Spain 72 Grand Lodges participated
6th November 2002 New Delhi, India 32 Grand Lodges participated
7th May 5-9, 2004 Santiago, Chile 74 Grand Lodges participated
8th November 1-8, 2005 Sydney, Australia  


The Executive Secretary is Bro Thomas Jackson  of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania.

The Chairman of the Internet Committee of the World Conference of Masonic Grand Lodges is Bro Roger W. Read,  PGM of the GL of Connecticut, USA, and the Website address is

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