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Masonic Recognition Issues

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U.S. Grand Lodges' recognitions

The purpose of this webpage is to direct interested Brethren and Companionsto additional webpages with information about Grand Lodge and Grand Chapter(Royal Arch) recognitions of other Grand Lodges and Grand Chapters.

By clicking on the buttons shown above, you can see webpages with informationabout:

1. The standards used by various Grand Lodges in deciding which other GrandLodges they will recognize.

2. The Commission on Information for Recognition of the Conference of GrandMasters of Masons in North America, particularly when the Commission has writteninformation about each Grand Lodge it has considered.

3. Prince Hall Masonry recognitions details

4. Which U.S. Grand Lodges have recognized which non-U.S. Grand Lodges, inthe Western and Eastern hemispheres, with additional webpages under each ofthese.

5. Which U.S. Grand Chapters of Royal Arch Masons have recognized which non-U.S.Grand Chapters around the world.

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