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Prince Hall Masonry Recognition details

Non-U.S. Jurisdictions

The information in this chart was prepared by Paul M. Bessel,Executive Secretary of the Masonic Leadership Center. Please contact me with any additional information, or any comments orsuggestions. My email address is paulb'at'bessel.org 


See http://bessel.org/masrec/canada.htm



United Grand Lodge of England California
District of Columbia
Massachusetts (Dec. 14, 1994)
New Mexico
Rhode Island
Grand Lodge of France since the 1950's
Ireland (I don't have details about when this was done, but Ireland is said to recognize the Prince Hall Grand Lodges of Massachusetts, California, Connecticut, Ohio, Illinois)
Scotland Recognized the Prince Hall Grand Lodges of Massachusetts, Connecticut
Netherlands (Grand Orient) June 1995 (said to recognize Prince Hall Grand Lodges of Massachusetts and Connecticut)
Belgium (Regular Grand Lodge) March 1996 (said to recognize Prince Hall Grand Lodges of Massachusetts, Oregon, Wisconsin)
United Grand Lodges of Germany April 1997 (said to recognize Prince Hall Grand Lodges of Connecticut, Massachusetts)
Austria February 1999 for PH GL of Massachusetts
and October 1999 for the Ph GL of Indiana


Philippines November 1997 (recognized PH GL of Washington)
Japan May 1998 (recognized PH GL of Washington)

Australia & New Zealand

New South Wales & ACT (Australian Capital Territory) Colorado, Illinois and Indiana PH GLs (and has sought to establish fraternal relations with 12 others)
Queensland Indiana, Oregon and Washington PH GLs (said to have sought to establish relations with all other PH GLs) 
South Australia & Northern Territory Massachusetts & Connecticut PH GLs
Tasmania Massachusetts, Connecticut, California & Hawaii, Washington and Wisconsin PH GLs
Victoria Connecticut and Indiana PH GLs
Western Australia either recognizes, or said to want to recognize, the following Prince Hall GLs - California-Hawaii, Colorado, Connecticut, Kansas, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Washington, Wisconsin, Liberia (based on a letter from the Grand Secretary of Western Australia, May 16, 2001)
New Zealand Massachusetts and Connecticut PH GLs


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