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NPD and Different Jurisdictions

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What does this jurisdiction do if a mason who belongs to lodges in different jurisdictions is declared to be npd in another jurisdiction?

California California Masonic Code 23020, Last paragraph, reads as follows:
Suspension by a Lodge in any other Grand Jurisdiction for non-payment of dues shall automatically suspend his membership in all Lodges in this Jurisdiction. The suspension and any restoration shall become effective in the same manner as provided in this section for members suspended by a Lodge in this Jurisdiction.
District of Columbia SEC. 118. No Lodge shall admit to affiliation one who has been dropped from another Lodge for nonpayment of dues and has not canceled such indebtedness. A brother in arrears to an extinct Lodge must pay such arrearages to the Grand Lodge before he can affiliate with another Lodge. . . . Involuntary loss of membership for any cause other than nonpayment of dues of a dual member in a Lodge in another jurisdiction shall work a loss of membership in all Lodges in this jurisdiction. Loss of membership for non-payment of dues of a dual member in another jurisdiction shall not affect his membership in his primary Lodge in this jurisdiction. Loss of membership for any cause in either Lodge (primary or secondary) in this jurisdiction of a dual member shall works loss of membership in all Lodges in this jurisdiction.

Dual membership is always contingent on the member maintaining good standing in the Lodge where he either received his Degrees or joined by submission of a dimit or submission of a certificate of transfer, as that Lodge maintains jurisdiction over the member. Further, if any member should take his dimit from said Lodge, he must submit it to a Lodge within 90 days or his dual membership ceases to exist. This rule is applicable to all Masonic organizations basing their membership on good standing in a Masonic Lodge. If a member submits his dimit to a Lodge where he is a dual member, he automatically becomes a full member of that Lodge.

Suspension for nonpayment of dues or for failure to prove proficiency in the Master Mason Degree or suspension or expulsion of a multiple member for unmasonic conduct shall thereby terminate his membership in all lodges in the Grand jurisdiction of Missouri. The Secretary of any Missouri lodge suspending or expelling such multiple member shall immediately notify the Grand Secretary, who will inform every other Missouri Lodge in which the multiple member shall have held membership at the time of such suspension or expulsion; and the Grand Secretary shall also notify the Grand Secretary of every other Grand Jurisdiction in which such member shall then have held membership in a subordinate lodge. Like notice shall be given in case of reinstatement, which shall immediately and automatically restore him to membership in good standing in every other lodge in this Jurisdiction of which he was a member, subject, however, to any other provisions of these By-Laws pertaining to the payment of dues and application for reinstatement if the suspension shall have been of such duration as to necessitate the filing of a petition for reinstatement. The Grand Secretary is to provide the information reinstatement to ALL lodges involved. (Added 1982-160) 
New Hampshire  
New Jersey NJ Constitution and Laws.

Any member of the lodges within the jurisdiction of this Grand Lodge who shall be in arrears for dues twelve months, and who shall refuse or neglect to pay the same within three months after demand thereof shall have been made by the Secretary of the lodge to which the same are due and payable, may be suspended, after due and timely notice of a regular communication of the lodge at which he may be heard in regard to his proposed suspension. 1984,p.98.

For the suspension from membership of a member, either of the Grand Lodge or of a lodge, two-thirds of the votes of the members present shall be required, by ballot; for the restoration to membership of a member, either of the Grand Lodge or of a lodge, a unanimous vote of the members present shall be required, by ballot, provided that in cases where the nonpayment of dues shall have been the sole cause of suspension and application for restoration to membership is made within five years from the date of suspension, a majority vote, by ballot, of the members present shall be sufficient to restore, and in cases where the member shall have been in suspension for five years, or more, for nonpayment of dues, a unanimous vote, by ballot, shall be required for restoration to membership. In declaring the degree of punishment to be inflicted after conviction by trial for unmasonic conduct, a majority 
vote, by ballot, shall be sufficient. 1949, pp. 71, 72, 129, 130, 144.

Involuntary loss of membership in one lodge (by a dual member) shall constitute loss of membership in both lodges. 1958, pp. 180, 185.

In case of suspension or involuntary loss of membership (by a dual member) where both lodges are in this Grand Jurisdiction, the Grand Secretary shall forthwith notify the other lodge. Where the other lodge is outside this Grand Jurisdiction, the Grand Secretary shall forthwith notify the Grand Secretary of that Grand Jurisdiction. 1958, pp. 180, 185.

After involuntary loss of membership, except where said loss is for non-payment of dues, restoration to membership of a former dual member shall be effective only in the lodge which takes such action. 1953, pp. 176, 182.

Where the loss of membership (by a dual member) is for nonpayment of dues, restoration in the lodge suspending shall act as a restoration in the other lodge. 1953, pp. 176, 182.

The Secretary of the lodge shall not receive any dues from a member holding dual membership nor issue a blue card receipt until such member produces documentary evidence that he is in good standing in the other lodge. 1953, pp. 176, 182.

Members of lodges more than twelve months in arrears for dues, upon whom written demand for payment has been made by the Secretary, by notice, mailed to their last known places of residence, may be suspended in accordance with the requirements of the Fourteenth and Seventeenth General Regulations, notwithstanding the notice be returned as undelivered letter. 1874, p. 47; 1878, p. 254;1887,p.261;1984,p.99.

A brother may not be suspended for non-payment of dues if prior to the date specified for action by the lodge in accordance with the Fourteenth General Regulation, he pay such arrearage. Dues which have accumulated against the brother since the issuance of said notice or demand is a matter for subsequent consideration, and requires a new notice issued. 1907, p. 131.

A brother, while suspended for non-payment of dues, cannot visit any lodge. 1864, p. 464.
New Mexico  
New York  
North Carolina  
North Dakota  
Rhode Island  
South Carolina  
South Dakota  
Virginia Sec. 2.118. Liability of a Lodge for Dues of a Brother to Another Lodge of Which He is Also a Member. If any Lodge shall admit to membership a Brother who is in arrears to another Lodge, it shall be responsible for such arrearages, and may be suspended by the Grand Master if it fails to pay them when demand is made therefor.

Sec. 2.120. A Brother Holding Plural Membership Must Make Known to Each Lodge His Membership, Pending Charges, or Suspensions in Another Lodge: Secretaries Shall Report to All Other Lodges to Which Such Member Belongs. It shall be the duty of every Brother who is a member of two or more Lodges to make known to each of said Lodges the other Lodges in which he holds membership.

When any such member shall voluntarily terminate his membership or shall be suspended from any such Lodge for non_payment of dues, or when charges of un_Masonic conduct are preferred against him, as well as when the result of such charges has been announced, it shall be the duty of the Secretary to immediately inform the other of said Lodges of such action, as well as all Lodges in the same Masonic district in which action was taken; and all Secretaries, in reporting membership shall, immediately following the members' names, give the number of each other Lodge in which such members hold membership. (1975)

Sec. 2.152. Effect of Suspensions and Expulsions. All suspensions and expulsions involve absolute exclusion from all the rights and benefits of Masonry throughout the world, during the continuance of such suspension or expulsion.


1961 D_23, _2.152, _2.158
The provisions of Sec. 2.152 and Sec. 2.158 operate to suspend a Virginia Mason holding dual membership in another Grand Jurisdiction if he is suspended in it for any reason. (C. M. Flintoff)

Sec. 2.154. When and Under What Condition Application for Reinstatement of a Brother Suspended for Non_Payment of Dues May be Granted. No application for reinstatement of a Mason suspended for non_payment of dues can be considered until all dues and assessments of the Lodge in which he was suspended, and to all other Lodges of which he was a member at the time of his suspension, shall be paid or remitted by a vote of such Lodges

Sec. 2.157. How Reinstated If His Lodge Becomes Suspended or Extinct. If the Lodge which suspended him becomes suspended or extinct, he may pay his arrearage of dues to the Grand Secretary, and thereafter any other Lodge of which he was a member at the time of his suspension, or in the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Virginia, shall have authority to reinstate him. (1975)


1935 D_4, _2.157
Affiliate of Va. Lodge from Grand Jurisdiction which permits dual membership stands suspended in the Va. Lodge if suspended by Lodge under other Grand Lodge. If restored there he must apply again to the Lodge for membership. There is no automatic restoration. (W. M. Brown)

Sec. 2.158. In Case of Dual Membership, Suspension in One Lodge Suspends in All. The suspension by one of his Lodges of a Brother who holds dual membership, suspends him from membership in all of his Lodges. [Refer: Sec. 2.152]

1961 D_23, _2.152, _2.158
The provisions of Sec. 2.152 and Sec. 2.158 operate to suspend a Virginia Mason holding dual membership in another Grand Jurisdiction if he is suspended in it for any reason. (C. M. Flintoff)

West Virginia  

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