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Prayers - Ritual or Individual

The information on this chart comes from various sources. If anyone has definite information for additions or changes on this chart, please send email to Paul M. Bessel so I can update this chart.

United States


Are Prayers Ritual or Individual?

Alabama Ritual in degree work - Individual in open and close of lodge
Alaska Ritual in degrees - Opening and closing ritual, but instructions say "or some other suitable prayer"
Arizona Ritual
California Ritual
Colorado Prayers are prescribed for opening, closing, and degree work
Connecticut Ritual in degrees - Opening and closing ritual, but instructions say "or some other suitable prayer"
District of Columbia Ritual in degrees - Individual for opening and closing of lodges
Florida Ritual
Georgia Ritual in opening and degree work
Idaho Ritual
Illinois Ritual
Indiana Ritual suggests prayers
Iowa Ritual
Kansas Prayers in degree work are fixed in ritual, otherwise forms are "suggested." No prohibition against spontaneous prayers, but we usually leave that up to the chaplain, who either sticks to the recommended forms or at least keeps the prayer
Massachusetts Opening and closing chosen by Chaplain - Ritual in ritual work
Minnesota Ritual
Missouri All Prayers in Missouri are prescribed in ritual unless for a special occasion like a sick brother or veterans events etc.. In closing and maybe opening also if the Chaplain is in ordained minister/rabbi, etc. he may choose his own prayer but others who are not ordained may not.
Montana Ritual, but Chaplain can substitute other appropriate prayers
New Hampshire Ritual (several to choose from) - One in printed ritual - WM has option of selecting others if he so chooses
New Jersey Ritual, but several to choose from
New Mexico Ritual
New York Only ritual prayers are to be used in the opening and closing of a lodge (as well as the degrees)
North Carolina  
North Dakota  
Ohio Opening & Closing, choice of 2 - Degrees' prayers are ritual
Oklahoma Ritual
Oregon Ritual
Pennsylvania Ritual
Rhode Island  
South Carolina Ritual
South Dakota  
Texas Depends on the Lodge
Washington Ritual
West Virginia Ritual
Wisconsin Officially from ritual

Other than the United States

England Ritual
Scotland Ritual
Israel Ritual
Brazil Ritual
Ontario Ritual

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