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Remitting Dues
(no more dues after 50 years membership)

Most of the information on this chart came from emails from masons in the various jurisdictions. Most of the information is assumed to be accurate but there is no guarantee of that.

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U.S. Grand Lodges

Grand Lodge Details
Alabama AL has no GL provision for the automatic remitting of dues based on chronological age.

However, a number of Lodges reduce or remit dues of long time members. The Lodge still has to pay the GL dues for these MM.
The only exception for the "everybody pays" is that if a Lodge remits the dues of a minister (active or retired) then the GL will also remit the GL dues for that minister.
Arizona The GL of AZ allows its Lodges to elect to "Senior Life Membership" any member who has a total of 50 years membership in the Craft (time out on a demit or suspension doesn't count) AND 25 unbroken years of membership in Arizona. It's not automatic -- it has to be voted by the Lodge (simple majority at a stated meeting) -- but the member is then exempt from dues for the rest of his life, and his Lodge does not pay per capita on him.  
District of Columbia  
Indiana When the Grand Lodge of Indiana voted in 1946 to exempt 50 year members from dues, the life expectancy of men was 13 years shorter than it is today. In fact, for men born in 1890, the average life expectancy was just 42 years. In his history of Indiana Masonry, "Goodly Heritage," PGM Dwight Smith wrote:

"When Worshipful Masters C. Clinton Sanders of Benton Lodge No. 521 and J. Clark Griffith of Boswell Lodge No. 486 introduced a resolution at the annual meeting in 1946 asking that 50-year members be excused from the payment of annual dues, Grand Lodge voted approval with apparently no thought as to the wisdom of such legislation and no study to
determine its possible implications. It seemed simple enough in 1946 when 50-year members were rare. But within just 20 years the number had increased to more than 5,000, and a major financial problem had been created thereby..."

That was in 1968, and already it was clear where this financial catastrophe was headed. Now we have lodges where it is not uncommon to have 35-50% and even more who are not paying dues to their lodges, and their lodges aren't paying per capita to Grand Lodge for them either. Yet, we still have a Grand Lodge building, administrative and secretarial staff, publications, a huge umbrella insurance policy that covers all 450+ lodges, plus a retirement home to pay for, that ALL members make use one of way or another, whether they set foot in lodge ever again or not.
Kansas In most lodges in Kansas, 50 year members are excused from paying dues. However, the lodges are still required to pay the per-capita tax to the Grand Lodge. In our lodge, we voted this year that all 50 year members created after January 2007 would still be required to pay the per capita tax. We found ourselves in the same situation as others have, lots of overhead but a large percentage not paying dues.
Montana Grand Lodge of Montana gives a 50 year member a life time membership which exempts him from all dues incl. per capita.
New Hampshire  
New Jersey in New Jersey those brethren who have paid dues for 25 years consecutively in one lodge may be exempted from future payment in whole or part by a majority vote of the lodge brethren.

New Jersey, a Lodge may remit lodge dues but must pay the Grand Lodge assessment so old members are asked if they are able, to please pay the assessment

New Mexico  
New York  
North Carolina  
North Dakota  
Rhode Island  
South Carolina  
South Dakota  
Texas The Grand Lodge of Texas exempts from dues those who have been Masons for fifty years or more. The lodges do not have to remit the per capita on these brethren.
West Virginia  

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