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Rights of People

Some historical documents have talked about, or enumerated, the basic rights of each person, or human freedom.

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Magna Carta - England - 1215 http://bessel.org/magna.htm
English Bill of Rights - England - 1689 http://bessel.org/billrts.htm
Declaration of the Independence - United States of America - July 4, 1776 http://bessel.org/declind.htm
Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen - 
France - Aug. 26, 1789
Bill of Rights - United States of America - 1791 http://bessel.org/billrtus.htm
Emancipation Proclamation - United States of America - January 1, 1863 http://bessel.org/emanc.htm
Gettysburg Address - United States of America - November 19, 1863 http://bessel.org/gettaddr.htm
U.S. President Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points - January 8, 1918 http://bessel.org/14pts.htm
U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Four Freedoms - January 6, 1941 http://bessel.org/4freed.htm
Universal Declaration of Human Rights - United Nations - 1948 http://bessel.org/univdecl.htm
European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights - 2000 http://bessel.org/eurchart.htm

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