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Names & Meanings of Shrines


AAD--- An Ancient Tribe of men standing seven feet or more, frequently mentioned in the Koran.

AAHMES--- It is the name of two Pharoahs, the meaning of which is "the moon is born."

ABBA--- Father (Aramaic, not Arabic)

ABDALLAH--- Personal name meaning "servant of God."

ABOU BEN ADHEM--- Personal name in narrative poem by Leigh Hunt.

ABOU SAAD--- Good fortune.

ABU BEKR--- The name of a friend and follower of Mohammed, the meaning of which is said to be
"father of the camel's foal."

ACACIA--- Biblical name of a tree.

ACCA--- A port on the west coast of Israel.

AFIFI--- A characteristic of a woman who is virtuous and refains from anything crude of vulgar.

AHMED--- One of Mohammed's names according to the Koran.

AINAD--- Presumably geographical name meaning "spring of AD" or "obstinacy".

AKDAR--- Mightier or mightiest, fates or powers.

ALADDIN--- Personal name, technically meaning one who has a high religious standing.

AL AMIN--- The faithful.

AL ASKA--- The Great Land

AL AZHAR--- The most flourishing.

AL BAHR--- The sea.

AL BEDOO--- The Bedouins or those who live in the open.

ALCAZAR--- Spanish name meaning "castle" or "citadel."

AL CHYMIA--- Alchemy

ALEE--- Perhaps "Ali", father--- in--- law of Mohammed.

ALEPPO--- A city in Syria.

ALGERIA--- Province in northern Africa.

ALHAMBRA--- Fortress of Granada with walls of a reddish color.

ALI GHAN--- God is Guardian.

AL KADER--- Probably Al Kadir, the Powerful; or the Mighty: one of the Koranic names for Allah.

AL KALY--- Turkish word for "costly rug".

AL KORAN--- The sacred book of the Mohammedans.

AL MALAIKAH--- Arabic word for "the angles."

ALMAS--- Arabic word meaning "diamond."

AL MENAH--- The port.

ALOHA--- Hawaiian meaning affection or compassion.

AL SHAMAL--- The North.

AL SIHAH--- A Moslem sect, "the perfect ones."

ALZAFAR--- The Victory. In ancient times the capital of the Himyar kingdon; now a group of ruins
in southern Yemen.

AMARA--- A building.

AMRAN--- Name of a town in the country of Yemen.

ANAH--- Unidentified; in Arabic "ana" is the pronoun "I".

ANEZEH--- A very powerful tribe of Bedouins.

ANSAR--- The helpers; title of the believers of Medina who assisted Mohammed after the flight from

ANTIOCH--- Name of a city in Asia Minor; also famous city in North Syria.

ARAB--- A native of Arabia.

ARABA--- A small town in Saudi Arabia.

ARABIA--- Peninsula of southern Asia.

ARARAT--- A mountain in Armenia where, tradition says. Noah's Ark landed.


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