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Shine Unit Associations & Conferences

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Click here to go to a webpage with information about Shrine Regional Associations and their conferences, plus Imperial Shrine conference dates and places

Click here to go to a webpage with information about other Masonic organizations, and their meeting dates and places

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International Association of Shrine Provosts   http://groups.yahoo.com/group/shriners-security/

International Shrine Aviation Association

Shrine Band Association of North America

The Cabiri

Shrine Chanters Association of North America

Shrine Circus Association of North America

International Shrine Clown Association (ISCA)   http://www.shrineclowns.com/ 

Shrine Directors Association of North America

Association of Shrine Drum Corps of North America

International Shrine Horse Patrols

International Association Legions of Honor

International Association of Shrine Motor Corps

Association of Shrine Oriental Bands

Shrine Patrol Association of North America

International Association of Shrine Provosts

Shrine Recorders Association

International Ritualistic Cast Association

Scottish Ceremonial Organizations Throughout Shrinedom International

The Shrine Treasurer's Association

International Association of Shrine Yacht Clubs


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