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Paul M. Bessel's skydiving adventure October 23, 2005

Certificate to prove it happened

In the plane, getting ready

Jumping out - scared to death at this point

Still scared - I want to get back in the plane right now

Starting to enjoy it

The noise is incredibly loud - so is the speed of falling

Trying to remember to arch back and put out hands and feet

This is really getting to be fun about now

Seems like this is lasting a long time, but it's only a few seconds

I wonder if he'll ever open the parachute

Who cares about a parachute - This is great!

Just flying along

Trying to wave, not drooping my left hand

Smiling for the photographer

View from above

Still falling, enjoying

This is great for our hair

And our skin gets pushed back too

Trying to smile for the camera

Hi again

Oh, now the parachute is opening - All of a sudden it goes from hurricane force winds to absolute quiet

Almost on the ground now

Ready to land - ears are completely clogged for hours

Trying to open mouth to clear ears - Keeping lets up as instructed

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