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Vice Presidents of the U.S. & Freemasonry

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President Vice President(s) Masonic connections, if any, of the Vice President(s)
1. George Washington 1789-1797 John Adams not a Freemason
2. John Adams 1797-1801 Thomas Jefferson not a Freemason
3. Thomas Jefferson 1801-1809 Aaron Burr not a Freemason
George Clinton Freemason
4. James Madison 1809-1817
Elbridge Gerry Freemason
5. James Monroe 1817-1825 Daniel D. Tompkins Freemason
6. John Quincy Adams 1825-1829 John C. Calhoun not a Freemason
7. Andrew Jackson 1829-1837 John C. Calhoun not a Freemason
Martin Van Buren not a Freemason
8. Martin Van Buren 1837-1841 Richard M. Johnson Freemason
9. William H. Harrison 1841 John Tyler not a Freemason
10. John Tyler 1841-1845 none not applicable
11. James K. Polk 1845-1849 George M. Dallas Freemason
12. Zachary Taylor 1849-1850 Millard Fillmore not a Freemason
13. Millard Fillmore 1850-1853 none not applicable
14. Franklin Pierce 1853-1857 William R. King Freemason
15. James Buchanan 1857-1861 John C. Breckenridge Freemason
16. Abraham Lincoln 1861-1865 Hannibal Hamlin not a Freemason
Andrew Johnson Freemason
17. Andrew Johnson 1865-1869 none not applicable
18. Ulysses S. Grant 1869-1877 Schuyler Colfax Freemason
Henry Wilson not a Freemason
19. Rutherford B. Hayes 1877-1881 William A. Wheeler not a Freemason
20. James R. Garfield 1881 Chester A. Arthur not a Freemason
21. Chester A. Arthur 1881-1885 none not applicable
22. Grover Cleveland 1885-1889 Thomas A. Hendricks not a Freemason
23. Benjamin Harrison 1889-1893 Levi P. Morton not a Freemason
24. Grover Cleveland 1893-1897 Adlai E. Stevenson Freemason
25. William McKinley 1897-1901 Garret A. Hobart Freemason
Theodore Roosevelt Freemason
26. Theodore Roosevelt 1901-1909 Charles W. Fairbanks Freemason
27. William H. Taft 1909-1913 James S. Sherman not a Freemason
28. Woodrow Wilson 1913-1921 Thomas R. Marshall Freemason
29. Warren G. Harding 1921-1923 Calvin Coolidge not a Freemason
30. Calvin Coolidge 1923-1929 Charles G. Dawes not a Freemason
31. Herbert Hoover 1929-1933 Charles Curtis not a Freemason
32. Franklin D. Roosevelt 1933-1945 John Nance Garner not a Freemason
Henry A. Wallace Freemason
Harry S. Truman Grand Master, ritualist, very active Freemason
33. Harry S. Truman 1945-1953 Alben W. Barkley not a Freemason
34. Dwight D. Eisenhower 1953-1961 Richard M. Nixon not a Freemason
35. John F. Kennedy 1961-1963 Lyndon B. Johnson EA, but didn't progress further
36. Lyndon B. Johnson 1963-1969 Hubert H. Humphrey Freemason
37. Richard M. Nixon 1969-1974 Spiro T. Agnew not a Freemason
Gerald R. Ford Freemason
38. Gerald R. Ford 1974-1977 Nelson A. Rockefeller not a Freemason
39. Jimmy Carter 1977-1981 Walter F. Mondale not a Freemason
40. Ronald Reagan 1981-1989 George H.W. Bush not a Freemason
41. George H.W. Bush 1989-1993 Dan Quayle not a Freemason
42. Bill Clinton 1993-2001 Al Gore not a Freemason

43. George W. Bush 2001-present

Richard B. Cheney

not a Freemason

Summary 46 men have served as U.S. Vice President
(41 have served as U.S. President)
18 of the 46 U.S. Vice Presidents (39%) have been Freemasons

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