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Abbreviations – Masonic Abbreviations

Masonic Abbreviations

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1st GP First Grand Principal (Royal Arch)
2nd GP Second Grand Principal (Royal Arch)
3rd GP Third Grand Principal (Royal Arch)
A Answer
A&AR Ancient & Accepted Rite (Scottish Rite)
AA & EF Ancient, Accepted & Esoteric Freemasons
AAONMS Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine (Shriners)
AASR or A&ASR Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite or Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite (without the &)
AB Year of the Blessing (see )
A Dep Year of the Deposit (see )
AEAONMS Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order, Nobles Mystic Shrine (Prince Hall Shriners)
AEOS Ancient Egyptian Order of Sciots
AF&AM or AFAM Ancient Free & Accepted Masons
AFHR American Federation of Human Rights (Co-Masonry)
AFM Ancient Free Masons (South Carolina)
AGL Assistant Grand Lecturer
AGSW Assistant Grand Superintendant of Workings (Australia)
AH Anno hebraico (used by AASR)
A Inv Year of the Discovery (see )
AL Year of Light (see )
ALR American Lodge of Research (New York)
AM Year of the World (see )
AMD Allied Masonic Degrees
AO Year of the Order (see )
APR or A&PR Ancient and Primitive Rite
AQC Ars Quatuor Coronatorum (transactions of English research lodge)
AR Year of Revival (see )
AYM Ancient York Masons
Bro Brother
CBCS Chevaliers Biefaisants de La City Sainte (Holy Order of Knights Beneficient of the Holy City)
CH or COH Captain of the Host (Royal Arch)
CMCR Canonbury Masonic Research Centre, London, England
COGMINA = CGMNA Conference of Grand Masters of Masons in North America
COIFR Commission on Information for Recognition of the Conference of Grand Masters of Masons in North America
Comp Companion (Royal Arch and Cryptic Rite, or Royal and Select Masters)
CWLR Civil War Lodge of Research (chartered in Virginia)
DC Director of Ceremonies
DDGL District Deputy Grand Lecturer
DDGM District Deputy Grand Master
DEO District Education Officer
DGCHAP Deputy Grand Chaplain
DGDC Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies
DGIW Deputy Grand Inspector of Workings (Work)
DGM Deputy Grand Master
DGZ Deputy Grand Zerubbabel (First Grand Principal)
DH Droit Humain (Co-Masonry)
DIW District Instructor of Work
EA Entered Apprentice
EC Excellent Companion (Royal Arch) or Excellent Chief (Knight Masons) or English Constitution or Eminent Commander
EHP Excellent High Priest (Royal Arch)
EO Education Officer
ERAM Esoteric Royal Arch Masonry
F&AM Free & Accepted Masons
FAAM Free And Accepted Masons
FAAYM Free and Accepted Ancient York Masons
FC Fellowcraft or Fellow Craft
FPOF Five Points of Fellowship
FPS Fellow of the Philalethes Society or Fellow of the Phylaxis Society or Fellow of Phyllis Chapter
GAOTU Great Architect of the Universe
GC Grand Chief (Knight Masons)
GCR Grand College of Rites
GHP Grand High Priest (Royal Arch)
GJD Grand Junior Deacon
GJS Grand Junior Steward
GJW Grand Junior Warden
GK Grand King (Royal Arch)
GL Grand Lodge or Grand Lecturer
GLAE Grand Lodge of All England
GLF or GLoF or GLdF Grand Lodge of France
GLFB Feminine Grand Lodge of Belgium (Grande Loge Feminine de Belgique)
GLFF Feminine Grand Lodge of France
GLFS Feminine Grand Lodge of Switzerland (Grande Loge Féminine de Suisse)
GLNF National Grand Lodge of France (Grand Loge Nationale Francais)
GM Grand Master
GOF or GOdF Grand Orient of France
GOUSA Grand Orient of the United States of America
GS or GSec Grand Secretary (or GS could be Grand Scribe)
GSD Grand Senior Deacon
GSS Grand Senior Steward
GSW Grand Senior Warden or Grand Superintendant of Workings (Australia)
GWM Grand Worthy Matron
GWMM or GWM or GWMNM George Washington Masonic Memorial (located in Alexandria, Virginia) (previously called George Washington Masonic National Memorial)
GWU George Washington Union
HA Hiram Abif or Abiff
HP High Priest (Royal Arch)
HRA Holy Royal Arch
HRAKTP Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests
HTWSSTKS abbreviation used in Royal Arch Masonry to describe someone in the Royal Arch ritual
IG Inner Guard
IGH Inspector General Honorary (33rd degree)
IM Illustrious Master (Cryptic Rite, or Royal and Select Masters)
IOJD International Order of Jobs Daughters
IORG International Order of the Rainbow for Girls
IPR Initiation, Passing, and Raising
JD Junior Deacon
JGD Junior Grand Deacon
JGS Junior Grand Steward
JGW Junior Grand Warden
JMC Junior Master of Ceremonies
JS Junior Steward
JW Junior Warden
K King (Royal Arch)
KCCH Knight Commander of the Court of Honor (Scottish Rite)
KM Knight Mason or Knight Masons
KT Knights Templar
KTP Knight Templar Priest
KYCH Knight of the York Cross of Honor
LDH Le Droit Humain (Co-Masonry)
LEO Lodge Education Officer
LIW Lodge Instructor of Work
M&M Memphis & Misraim
MasEd Masonic Education or Masonic Education Yahoo Group on the Internet
MBBFMN Masonic Brotherhood of the Blue Forget Me Not (recognition of those involved in Masonic education)
MC Master of Ceremonies, Middle Chamber
MCL Middle Chamber Lecture
ME Most Excellent (Royal Arch) or Master Expert (in Scottish Rite Lodges in Louisiana)
MEC Most Excellent Companion (Royal Arch)
MEGHP Most Excellent Grand High Priest (Royal Arch)
MEM Most Excellent Master (Royal Arch)
MEZ Most Excellent Z (Royal Arch)
MGMB making good men better
MHC Masonic High Council
MIC Masonic Information Center (related to MSA – Masonic Service Association)
MIGM Most Illustrious Grand Master (Cryptic Rite)
MLC Masonic Leadership Center
MLMA Masonic Library & Museum Association
MM Master Mason or Mark Master
Mon Monarch (Grotto)
MOS Moment of Silence
MOVPER Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm (Grotto)
MPS Member of the Philalethes Society or Member of the Phylaxis Society or Member of Phyllis Chapter
MSA Masonic Service Association
MSANA Masonic Service Association of North America
MSRICF Masonic Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatis
MW Most Worshipful
MWA Masters and Wardens Association
MWB Most Worshipful Brother
MWGL Most Worshipful Grand Lodge
MWGM Most Worshipful Grand Master
MWM most worshipful master
NCRL Northern California Research Lodge
NECOMELI Northeast Conference on Masonic Education & Libraries
NMJ Northern Masonic Jurisdiction (Scottish Rite)
OES Order of the Eastern Star
PAGSW Past Assistant Grand Superintendant of Workings (Australia)
PDDGL Past District Deputy Grand Lecturer
PDDGM Past District Deputy Grand Master
PDGM past district grand master
PDM past district master
PGBHQ Past Grand Bethel Honored Queen (Job’s Daughters)
PGH Past Grand Haggai (Royal Arch)
PGHP Past Grand High Priest (Royal Arch)
PGM Past Grand Master
PGSW Past Grand Superintendant of Workings (Australia)
PHA Prince Hall Affiliated
PHACGM Prince Hall Conference of Grand Masters
PHO Prince Hall Origin (National Compact) – NOT the same as PHA
PHQ Past Honored Queen (Job’s Daughters)
PIM Past Illustrious Master (Cryptic Rite)
PM Past Master
PMA Past Masters Association
Pot Potentate (Shrine)
POTS Parting on the Square (sometimes used in place of “sincerely” in email messages from one Mason to another)
PS Principal Sojourner (Royal Arch)
PSOC Philalethes Society listserv (email group)
PW Password
PZ Past Z (what the head of a Royal Arch Chapter is sometimes called)
QC Quatuor Coronati (research lodge in London) or Quatuor Coronatorum (proceedings published by that lodge)
QCCC Quatuor Coronati Correspondence Circle
RA Royal Arch
RAC Royal Arch Captain
RAM Royal Arch Mason or Masonry or Royal Ark Mariner
RE Right Excellent (Royal Arch) or Rite Emuulation (Emulation Rite)
REAA Rite Ecossais Ancien et Accepte – (Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite)
Rec Recorder
REC Right Excellent Companion (Royal Arch)
RER Rite Ecossais Rectifie (Scottish Rectified Rite)
RF Rite Français (French Rite)
RGLE Regular Grand Lodge of All England
ROS Royal Order of Scotland
RW Right Worshipful
RWB Right Worshipful Brother
S Scribe (Royal Arch)
S&C Square and Compasses (or Compass)
S&F Sincerely & Fraternally
SBF Society of Blue Friars (association of Masonic authors)
SC Scottish Constitution
SCRL Southern California Research Lodge
SD Senior Deacon
SEM Super Excellent Master (Cryptic Rite)
SGC Sovereign Grand Commander (Scottish Rite)
SGD Senior Grand Deacon
SGIG Sovereign Grand Inspector General (Scottish Rite)
SGS Senior Grand Steward
SGW Senior Grand Warden
SJ Southern Jurisdiction (Scottish Rite)
SK Sir Knight (Commandery and Knight Masons)
SMC Senior Master of Ceremonies
SMIB so mote it be
SOF (Masonic email group)
SRICF Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatis (now called MSRICF – Masonic Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatis)
SRJ Scottish Rite Journal
SRRS Scottish Rite Research Society
SS Senior Steward
STC Supreme Tall Cedar
SW Senior Warden
2B1Ask1 to be one (a mason) ask one
TB Tracing Board
TCF Tres Cher Frere (Very Dear Brother)
TIM Thrice Illustrious Master (Royal and Select Masters)
Ty tyler
QC Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076, London (research lodge – see AQC)
UD Under Dispensation
UGLE United Grand Lodge of England
UGLQ United Grand Lodge of Queensland (Australia)
VSL Volume of Sacred Law
VW Very Worshipful
WB Worshipful Brother
WGAmb Worshipful Grand Ambassador
WM Worshipful Master
WMA Worshipful Masters Association
Wor Worshipful

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