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Adoniram-Zabud Council #2, Cryptic Masons of the District of Columbia

Adoniram-Zabud Council No. 2
Cryptic Masons of the District of Columbia

Meets the 4th Monday of each month, except July & August, at 7:30pm
at Singleton Masonic Hall, 4441 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington DC



Upcoming, and recent, events at Adoniram-Zabud Council No. 2, Cryptic Masons of D.C.

to be announced



Officers of Adoniram-Zabud Council #2
for the year 2007-2008 (installed February 2007)

Illustrious Master

George Nicol

Deputy Master

Herbert Taylor

Principal Conductor of Work

Patrick Nnaji


Jim Hawkins, PIM


Charles A. Phillips, PIM

Captain of the Guard

Isaac L. Frazer

Conductor of Council

Mensah Adjogah






Philip Palmer


Jack Baker




Robert B. Bussler, MIGM (term expires 2009)
Robert H. Starr, PGM (term expires 2008)
John Vergalla, PIM (term expires 2007)




Living Past Illustrious Masters
of Adoniram-Zabud Council #2

1970 Edward S. Paylor, PIGM
1972 Perry A. Lester
1973 T. Forbes Smith
1974 Ray J. Whitney
1986 William T. Cox, PIGM
1987 Scott M. Applebee, PIGM
1988 William M. Bartlett
1989 Hugh A. Shawen
1990 Brooks C. Dodson, Jr.
1992 and 1995 Roger M. Firestone, PIGM
1994 Kenneth L. Foran
1995 Urban T. Peters, PIGM
1997, 1999 Aires M. Domingues, PIGM
1998 John Greenwood
2000 James D. Hawkins
2001 Robert B. Bussler, IGM
2002 John Vergalla
2003 Kwame Acquaah
2004 Charbel T. Fahed
2005 Mitchel J. Diamond
2006 Alvin T.B. Taylor




Affiliated Past Illustrious Masters

James B. Bartley
Paul M. Bessel
Edwin R. Carpenter
Harold Hodges
Myron J. Lewis
Stewart W. Miner
Paul S. Newhall
Charles A. Phillips
Ray J. Whitney
Solomon Zeidman, PIGM




Grand Council, Cryptic Masons of the District of Columbia

General Grand Council Cryptic Masons International

Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia

Grand Chapter, Royal Arch Masons of the District of Columbia

Article with general information about Cryptic Freemasonry


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