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Research lodges – A.D. Smith Lodge of Research #1949, Transactions, Volume 2, 1988-1992

A. Douglas Smith, Jr., Lodge of Research #1949
AF&AM, Virginia

Transactions – Volume 2
1988 – 1992


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The articles are copyrighted by A. Douglas Smith, Jr., Lodge of Research #1949, but requests for permission to use any of articles will probably be given for all Masonic purposes if requests are directed to the Lodge secretary, Mickey Ander, PDDGM, at  [email protected] or [email protected]

Masters of A. Douglas Smith, Jr., Lodge of Research #1949

Preface to Volume 2 of Transactions

Reprint of Preface to Volume 1 of Transactions

Reprint of article about A. Douglas Smith, Jr., by Allen E. Roberts, PDDGM
presented January 29, 1983

Applied Masonic Research, by John P. McIntyre
presented January 30, 1988

A Concise Study of Freemasonry in France, by Dr. Claude H. Harris
presented April 30, 1988

Change, by Cabell F. Cobb, Deputy Grand Master, Grand Lodge of Virginia
presented July 30, 1988

The Legend of Hiram Abif, by Jerry Marsengill
presented October 29, 1988

The Office of District Deputy Grand Master, by Lloyd U. Jefferson, PGM
presented April 29, 1989

Alpha Lodge No. 116, F&AM, by J. Hampton Harley, MPS
presented August 16, 1989

Freemasonry and Judaism, by Paul M. Bessel
presented March 31, 1990

Charles A. Lindbergh – Man, Mason, American, by Dr. Roger M. Firestone
presented June 30, 1990

The Bible, by William Adrian Brown
presented September 15, 1990

Mozart’s Other Masonic Opera, by Dr. Roger J. Firestone
presented March 30, 1991

Masonry and Religion, by Rev. Thomas E. Weir, Ph.D.
presented August 31, 1991

The Cradle of the American Revolution, by the Alexandria Scottish Rite
presented August 29, 1992

St. John The Baptist, by Roger W. Peak
presented October 31, 1992

List of the members of A. Douglas Smith, Jr., Lodge of Research #1949 as of 31 Dec. 1992

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