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Almas Shrine – Knights of Mecca – Bylaws

Knights of Mecca
Almas Temple


Section I – Purpose

The purpose of the Knights of Mecca of Almas Temple is to engage those Past Masters who, by their experience in the government of their respective Masonic Lodges, are so eminently qualified to do so, in providing a stronger fraternal tie between the membership of Almas Temple and other Masonic Bodies; to inspire a proper application of the true precepts of our Masonic Fraternity; to portray a public profile of dignity and an image that will engender faith, trust, and a reflection of unity and understanding of charitable, fraternal, and social objectives of Shrinedom.

To emphasize social activity as a keystone of Masonic Brotherhood through events arranged for the benefit of this organization specifically, or this organization and other Bodies of Masonry, Knights of Mecca of other Shrine Temples, or Past Masters Clubs of other Shrine Temples.

To participate in the fraternal, charitable, and social objectives of Almas Temple and the Shrine of North America.

To promote support of the Crippled Childrens’ Hospitals and Burns Units, the primary charitable endeavors of the Shrine of North America.

To provide the Illustrious Potentate and the Divan of Almas Temple with assistance in their official functions as required and requested, consistent with the capability, means, and talents of the members.

To participate in, and promote other activities consistent with the principles and structure of Masonry and the Shrine, as may be advantageous to, and for the benefit of, the Knights of Meccas of Almas Temple.

Section II – Membership

Membership shall be limited to Nobles in good standing n the Shrine of North America who are actual Past Masters of Craft Lodges recognized by the Grand Lodge, F.A.A.M., of the District of Columbia.

Prospective members shall submit a completed application form provided by the Secretary, be proposed by two members, pay the initiation fee and dues, and be elected by a majority vote of members present at the meeting at which their application is read.

Section III – Meetings

The Knights of Mecca of Almas Temple shall meet at least three times a year, once in each four month period, at the call of the President.

Section IV – Officers

A President, a First Vice-President, a Second Vice-President, and a Secretary-Treasurer shall be elected for a term of one year at the last meeting held each year and the installation of officers shall be held at the first meeting of each year following the installation of the Potentate, unless otherwise requested by the Potentate. Additional officers and committees may be appointed by the President as he deems necessary or advisable.

The duties of the elected officers shall be such as are generally performed by such officers and implied by their titles. The duties of the appointed officers and committee shall be those as prescribed by the President.

In addition to their usual duties, the Vice-Presidents shall propose social and fraternal activities for the benefit of this organization and maintain liaison with, and arrange reciprocal visits to Knights of Mecca or Past Masters Clubs in other Shrine Temples as well as visits to Regional Shrine meetings and the Imperial Council Sessions of the Shrine of North America.

Section V – Fees and Dues

An Initiation Fee of $10 shall be paid by each new member. Annual Dues of $5 shall be paid by each member prior to the first quarterly meeting in each calendar year. The Potentate and Recorder of Almas Temple, if they be members, and the Secretary-Treasurer of the Club shall be exempt from the payment of dues while they hold these offices.

A member who has paid at least one year’s dues may purchase a life membership for $100. Such membership shall exempt said member from the payment of further dues.

Members delinquent in the payment of dues by July 1 of each year shall be dropped from the roll after due notice. If dues are paid by December 31 of that year, they shall be automatically reinstated. Those delinquent beyond that time must reapply and pay all arrearages.

Section VI – Withdrawal of Membership

A member may cease his membership by so requesting in writing. If said member is in good standing and no charges are preferred or about to be preferred by any Masonic Body of which is he is a member, his name shall be dropped from the rolls.

Section VII – Amendments

Amendments to these Bylaws must be proposed in writing by two members in good standing. Proposed amendments must lie over for one meeting. Due notice in writing must be given to the membership of the proposal and of the date on which the vote will be taken. A proposed amendment must be approved by two-thirds vote of the members present at the meeting.

September 18, 1988

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