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Civil War – Freemasonry & Confederate Generals

Civil War Generals – Confederate – and Freemasonry

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HU = information is from the Appendix B of House Undivided: The Story of Freemasonry and the Civil War, by Allen E. Roberts, published by Macoy Publishing and Masonic Supply Co., Richmond, Virginia, 1961.

HU-10,000 = House Undivided citing 10,000 Famous Freemasons

Names of all Civil War Confederate Generals (that I know about) Masonic information for those who appear to have been involved with Freemasonry
Adams, Daniel Weisiger
Adams, John
Adams, William Wirt
Alexander, Edward Porter
Allen, Henry Watkins
Allen, William Wirt
Anderson, George Burgwyn
Anderson, George Thomas “Tige” HU-10,000 – He was a Freemason, but details are not known
Anderson, James Patton
Anderson, Joseph Reid
Anderson, Richard Heron “Fightin’ Dick”
Anderson, Robert Houstoun Palestine Knight Templar #7, Georgia
Anderson, Samuel Read
Archer, James Jay
Armistead, Lewis Addison Member of Alexandria-Washington Lodge #22 in Virginia – Charter member of Union Lodge 37 in Fort Riley, Kansas
Armstrong, Frank Crawford
Ashby, Turner Equality #136, Virginia (now #44, West Virginia)
Baker, Alpheus
Baker, Laurence Simmons
Baldwin, William Edwin
Barksdale, William Columbus Lodge #5, Columbus, Mississipp
Barringer, Rufus
Barry, John Decatur
Barton, Seth Maxwell
Bate, William Brimage King Solomon #94, Tennessee
Battle, Cullen Andrews
Beale, Richard Lee Turberville
Beall, William Nelson Rector
Beauregard, Pierre Gustave Toutant HU-10,000
Bee, Bernard Elliott (Barnard B.? Jr.?) HU-10,000
Bee, Hamilton Prioleau
Bell, Tyree Harris
Benning, Henry Lewis “Old Rock”
Benton, Samuel
Blanchard, Albert Gallatin
Boggs, William Robertson
Bonham, Milledge Luke
Bowen, John Stevens
Bragg, Braxton
Branch, Lawrence O’bryan
Brandon, William Lindsay
Brantley, William Felix
Bratton, John
Breckenridge, John Cabell Des Moines #41, Iowa
Brevard, Theodore Washington
Brown, John Calvin Pulaski #101, Tennessee
Browne, William Montague
Bryan, Goode
Buckner, Simon Bolivar HU-10,000
Buford, Abraham
Bullock, Robert
Butler, Matthew Calbraith
Cabell, William Lewis “Old Tige”
Campbell, Alexander William Jackson Commandery Knights Templar, Tennessee
Cantey, James Kershaw #29, South Carolina
Capers, Ellison
Carroll, William Henry
Carter, John Carpenter
Chalmers, James Ronald
Chambliss, John Randolph Jr.
Cheatham, Benjamin Franklin
Chesnut, James Jr.
Chilton, Robert Hall
Churchill, Thomas James
Clanton, James Holt
Clark, Charles
Clark, John Bullock Jr.
Clayton, Henry Delamar
Cleburne, Patrick Ronayne Lafayette #16, Helena, Arkansas – joined in 1852 – from Stonewall of the West: Patrick Cleburne & The Civil War, by Craig L. Symonds (pages 32-33: “He was particularly committed, never missed a meeting, and quickly became a leader in the local lodge. He was elected master in early 1853, and later that year he ‘took the sublime degree of Royal Arch Mason’ conferred upon him at a special ceremony by Arkansas luminary Albert Pike.” He was also elected in 1853 to deliver the keynote speech at an annual convention of Arkansas and Mississippi freemasons, where, “In a forceful and direct style, he offered a talk dominated by high-minded platitudes about the principles of the Masonic order, ‘Brotherly love, friendship, charity, and truth’…”
Clingman, Thomas Lanier
Cobb, Howell Mt. Vernon #22, Georgia
Cobb, Thomas Reade Rootes
Cocke, Philip St George
Cockrell, Francis Marion
Colquitt, Alfred Holt
Colston, Raleigh Edward
Conner, James Landmark #76, South Carolina
Cook, Philip
Cooke, John Rogers
Cooper, Douglas Hancock
Cooper, Samuel
Corse, Montgomery Dent
Cosby, George Blake
Cox, William Ruffin William G. Hill #218, North Carolina
Crittenden, George Bibb
Cumming, Alfred
Daniel, Junius
Davidson, Henry Brevard
Davis, Joseph Robert
Davis, William George Mackey
Dearing, James
Deas, Zachariah Cantey
De Lagnel, Julius Adolph
DeSaussure, Wilmot Gibbes Adjutant General of South Carolina (1862)
Union Kilwinning Lodge No. 4 (Charleston, SC)
Grand Master of GL of AFM of SC (1875 – 1877)
Deshler, James
Dibrell, George Gibbs
Dockery, Thomas Pleasant
Doles, George Pierce
Donelson, Daniel Smith
Drayton, Thomas Fenwick
Dubose, Dudley Mciver
Duke, Basil Wilson
Duncan, Johnson Kelly
Dunovant, John
Early, Jubal Anderson
Echols, John
Ector, Matthew Duncan
Elliott, Stephen Jr.
Elzey (Jones), Arnold
Evans, Clement Anselm
Evans, Nathan George “Shanks”
Ewell, Richard Stoddert
Fagan, James Fleming
Featherston, Winfield Scott
Ferguson, Samuel Wragg
Field, Charles William
Finegan, Joseph
Finley, Jesse Johnson
Floyd, John Buchanan St. John’s #36, Virginia
Forney, John Horace
Forney, William Henry
Forrest, Nathan Bedford Angerona #168, Tennessee
Frazer, John Wesley
French, Samuel Gibbs
Frost, Daniel Marsh
Fry, Birkett Davenport
Gano, Richard Montgomery
Gardner, Franklin
Gardner, William Montgomery
Garland, Samuel Jr.
Garnett, Richard Brooke
Garnett, Robert Seldon
Garrott, Isham Warren
Gartrell, Lucius Jeremiah
Gary, Martin Witherspoon
Gatlin, Richard Caswell
Gholson, Samuel Jameson
Gibson, Randall Lee
Gilmer, Jeremy Francis
Girardey, Victor Jean Baptiste
Gist, States Rights
Gladden, Adley Hogan
Godwin, Archibald Campbell
Goggin, James Monroe
Gordon, George Washington
Gordon, James Byron
Gordon, John Brown HU-10,000 – Listed in some publications as having been a member of Gate City Lodge #2 in Atlanta, but members of that lodge say there are no records to support that claim, so it is not accurate to say that he belonged to this lodge
Gorgas, Josiah
Govan, Daniel Chevilette
Gracie, Archibald Jr.
Granbury, Hiram Bronson
Gray, Henry
Grayson, John Breckinridge
Green, Martin Edwin
Green, Thomas Austin #12, Texas
Greer, Elkanah Brackin
Gregg, John Fairfield #103, Texas
Gregg, Maxcy
Griffith, Richard
Grimes, Bryan
Hagood, Johnson
Hampton, Wade
Hanson, Roger Weightman “Old Flintlock” Good Samaritan #174, Kentucky
Hardee, William Joseph “Old Reliable”
Hardeman, William Polk “Gotch”
Harris, Nathaniel Harrison
Harrison, James Edward
Harrison, Thomas
Hatton, Robert Hopkins
Hawes, James Morrison
Hawthorn, Alexander Travis
Hays, Harry Thompson Louisiana Lodge #102 Louisiana
Hébert, Louis
Hébert, Paul Octave
Helm, Benjamin Hardin member of Morrison Lodge #76 in Elizabethtown, Kentucky
Heth, Henry Senior Warden of Rocky Mountain Lodge #205 in Utah Territory
Higgins, Edward
Hill, Ambrose Powell
Hill, Benjamin Jefferson
Hill, Daniel Harvey
Hindman, Thomas Carmichael
Hodge, George Baird
Hogg, Joseph Lewis
Hoke, Robert Frederick
Holmes, Theophilus Hunter
Holtzclaw, James Thadeus
Hood, John Bell
Huger, Benjamin
Humes, William Young Conn
Humphreys, Benjamin Grubb
Hunton, Eppa
Imboden, John Daniel Staunton Lodge #13 Virginia
Iverson, Alfred Jr Columbian Lodge #108, Columbus, Georgia
Jackson, Alfred Eugene
Jackson, Henry Rootes
Jackson, John King
Jackson, Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” not a Freemason, but father was, and Stonewall had close ties with some Freemasons
Jackson, William Hicks “Red”
Jackson, William Lowther “Mudwall”
Jenkins, Albert Gallatin
Jenkins, Micah
Johnson, Adam Rankin “Stovepipe”
Johnson, Bradley Tyler
Johnson, Bushrod Rust
Johnson, Edward “Old Alleghany”
Johnston, Albert Sidney HU-10,000
Johnston, George Doherty
Johnston, Joseph Eggleston
Johnston, Robert Daniel
Jones, David Rumph “Neighbor”
Jones, John Marshall
Jones, John Robert
Jones, Samuel
Jones, William Edmondson “Grumble”
Jordan, Thomas (Thomas J. ?) Perseverance #21, Pennsylvania
Kelly, John Herbert
Kemper, James Lawson Linn Banks Lodge #126, Virginia (Past Master)
Kennedy, John Doby Kershaw Lodge #29, South Carolina (Grand Master)
Kershaw, Joseph Brevard Kershaw Lodge #29 South Carolina – Grand Master of of the Grand Lodge of South Carolina 1873-1874 (?)
Kirkland, William Whedbee
Lane, James Henry
Lane, Walter Paye
Law, Evander Mcivor
Lawton, Alexander Robert
Leadbetter, Danville
Lee, Edwin Gray
Lee, Fitzhugh
Lee, George Washington Custis
Lee, Robert Edward
Lee, Stephen Dill
Lee, William Henry Fitzhugh “Rooney”
Leventhorpe, Collett
Lewis, Joseph Horace
Lewis, William Gaston
Liddell, St John Richardson
Lilley, Robert Doak
Little, Lewis Henry
Logan, Thomas Muldrup
Lomax, Lunsford Lindsay
Long, Armistead Lindsay
Longstreet, James “Old Pete”
Loring, William Wing “Old Blizzards”
Lovell, Mansfield Holland Lodge #8, New York
Lowrey, Mark Perrin
Lowry, Robert Brandon Lodge #29, Mississippi
Lyon, Hylan Benton
McCausland, John
McComb, William
McCown, John Porter
McCulloch, Ben Austin Lodge #12
McCulloch, Henry Eustace Austin #12, transferred to Guadalupe #109 and was its Charter Secretary. He later served as W.M.
McGowan, Samuel
McIntosh, James Mcqueen
Mackall, William Whann
McLaws, Lafayette
McNair, Evander
McRae, Dandridge
McRae, William
Magruder, John Bankhead “Prince John” San Diego Lodge #35, California (EA)
Mahone, William
Major, James Patrick
Maney, George Earl
Manigault, Arthur Middleton
Marmaduke, John Sappington Rocky Mountain Lodge #205, Utah Territory
Marshall, Humphrey HU-10,000
Martin, James Green
Martin, William Thompson Harmony Lodge #1, Mississippi
Maury, Dabney Herndon
Maxey, Samuel Bell Paris Lodge #27, Texas
Mercer, Hugh Weedon
Miller, William
Moody, Young Marshall
Moore, John Creed
Moore, Patrick Theodore
Morgan, John Hunt Daviess Lodge #22, Kentucky
Morgan, John Tyler
Mouton, Jean Jacques Alfred Alexander
Nelson, Allison
Nicholls, Francis Redding Tillou
Northrop, Lucius Bellinger
O’Neal, Edward Asbury
Page, Richard Lucian
Palmer, Joseph Benjamin Mt. Moriah Lodge #18, Tennessee (Past Master)
Parsons, Mosby Monroe
Paxton, Elisha Franklin “Bull”
Payne, William Henry Fitzhugh
Peck, William Raine
Pegram, John
Pemberton, John Clifford
Pender, William Dorsey
Pendleton, William Nelson
Perrin, Abner Monroe
Perry, Edward Aylesworth Escambia Lodge #15, Florida
Perry, William Flank
Pettigrew, James Johnston
Pettus, Edmund Winston
Pickett, George Edward Dove Lodge #51 Virginia
Pike, Albert Western Star Lodge #2, Arkansas
Pillow, Gideon Johnson
Prince De Polignac, Camille Armand Jules Marie
Polk, Leonidas
Polk, Lucius Eugene
Posey, Carnot
Preston, John Smith
Preston, William
Price, Sterling “Old Pap” Warren Lodge #74, Missouri
Pryor, Roger Atkinson
Quarles, William Andrew Clarksvill Lodge #89, Tennessee
Rains, Gabriel James
Rains, James Edward
Ramseur, Stephen Dodson
Randolph, George Wythe
Ransom, Matt Whitaker
Ransom, Robert Jr
Reynolds, Alexander Welch
Reynolds, Daniel Harris
Richardson, Robert Vinkler
Ripley, Roswell Sabine
Roane, John Selden
Roberts, William Paul
Robertson, Beverly Holcombe
Robertson, Felix Huston
Robertson, Jerome Bonaparte “Polly”
Roddey, Philip Dale
Rodes, Robert Emmett
Ross, Lawrence Sullivan “Sul” Joined Waco Lodge # 92 in 1861.
Sul Ross Lodge # 1300 in College Station named for him
Rosser, Thomas Lafayette
Ruggles, Daniel Fredericksburg Lodge #4, Virginia
Rust, Albert
St John, Isaac Munroe
Sanders, John Caldwell Calhoun
Scales, Alfred Moore
Scott, Thomas Moore
Scurry, William Read
Sears, Claudius Wistar
Semmes, Paul Jones
Sharp, Jacob Hunter
Shelby, Joseph Orville “Jo”
Shelley, Charles Miller
Shoup, Francis Asbury
Sibley, Henry Hopkins
Simms, James Phillip
Slack, William Yarnel
Slaughter, James Edwin
Smith, Edmund Kirby
Smith, Gustavus Woodson Keystone Lodge #235, New York
Smith, James Argyle
Smith, Martin Luther
Smith, Preston
Smith, Thomas Benton
Smith, William “Extra Billy”
Smith, William Duncan
Sorrel, Gilbert Moxley
Stafford, Leroy Augustus
Starke, Peter Burwell
Starke, William Edwin
Steele, William
Steuart, George Hume “Maryland”
Stevens, Clement Hoffman “Rock”
Stevens, Walter Husted
Stevenson, Carter Littlepage Rocky Mountain Lodge #205, Utah Territory
Stewart, Alexander Peter “Old Straight”
Stovall, Marcellus Augustus
Strahl, Otho French
Stuart, James Ewell Brown “Jeb”
Taliaferro, William Booth Botetourt Lodge #7, Virginia (Grand Master)
Tappan, James Camp
Taylor, Richard
Taylor, Thomas Hart
Terrill, James Barbour
Terry, William
Terry, William Richard
Thomas, Allen
Thomas, Bryan Morel Rocky Mountain Lodge #205, Utah Territory
Thomas, Edward Lloyd
Tilghman, Lloyd
Toombs, Robert Augustus Lafayette Lodge #23, Georgia
Toon, Thomas Fentress
Tracy, Edward Dorr
Trapier, James Heyward
Trimble, Isaac Ridgeway
Tucker, William Feimster
Twiggs, David Emanuel
Tyler, Robert Charles
Vance, Robert Brank
Van Dorn, Earl
Vaughan, Alfred Jefferson Jr.
Vaughn, John Crawford
Villepigue, John Bordenave
Walker, Henry Harrison
Walker, James Alexander
Walker, John George
Walker, Leroy Pope
Walker, Lucius Marshall
Walker, Reuben Lindsay
Walker, William Henry Talbot
Walker, William Stephen
Wallace, William Henry (William H.L. ?) Occidental Lodge #50, Illinois (Past Master)
Walthall, Edward Cary Coffeeville Lodge #83, Mississippi
Waterhouse, Richard
Watie, Stand
Waul, Thomas Neville
Wayne, Henry Constantine
Weisiger, David Addison
Wharton, Gabriel Colvin
Wharton, John Austin
Wheeler, Joseph “Fightin’ Joe” Courtland Lodge 37, Alabama
Whitfield, John Wilkins
Whiting, William Henry Chase
Wickham, Williams Carter
Wigfall, Louis Trezevant
Wilcox, Cadmus Marcellus
Williams, John Stuart “Cerro Gordo” Winchester Lodge #20, Kentucky
Wilson, Claudius Charles
Winder, Charles Sidney
Winder, John Henry
Wise, Henry Alexander Northhampton Lodge #11, Virginia
Withers, Jones Mitchell
Wofford, William Tatum
Wood, Sterling Alexander Martin
Wright, Ambrose Ransom “Rans”
Wright, Marcus Joseph
York, Zebulon
Young, Pierce Manning Butler
Young, William Hugh
Zollicoffer, Felix Kirk Cumberland Lodge #8, Tennessee

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