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Cryptic Councils in D.C. & their Officers

D.C. Cryptic Grand Council & Councils
Cryptic Masons of the District of Columbia

General Grand Council of Cryptic Masons International
Adoniram-Zabud Council #2, Cryptic Masons of Washington DC 

Click here to see the D.C. Grand Cryptic Council Constitution & Code 

All of the Cryptic Councils in Washington DC meet on the 4th Monday of each month (except July and August), at Singleton Masonic Hall, 4441 Wisconsin Ave NW (near the Tenleytown Metro station).

All Cryptic Masons (in some jurisdictions they are called Royal and Select Masters) are welcome to attend the meetings of the Washington DC Cryptic Councils. In addition, members of Royal Arch Chapters in Virginia and West Virginia are welcome to attend meetings of D.C. Cryptic Councils, since the Cryptic or Council degrees are included in Royal Arch Chapters in those two states.

Officers of the Grand Council of Cryptic Masons of the District of Columbia
March 2005 through March 2006


Grand Master Most Illustrious Companion Mark W. Underwood
Deputy Grand Master Right Illustrious Companion Kenneth L. Foran
Grand Principal Conductor of Work Right Illustrious Companion James A. Loudermilk
Grand Treasurer Right Illustrious Companion Jim Hawkins
Grand Recorder Most Illustrious Companion Aires M. Domingues, PIGM
Grand Visitor and Lecturer Most Illustrious Companion Roger Firestone, PIGM
Grand Chaplain Illustrious Companion Alwyn B. Taylor
Grand Captain of the Guard Illustrious Companion Lawrence N. (Lonnie) Jolma, Jr.
Grand Conductor of Council Illustrious Companion Michael J. Kastle
Grand Marshal Illustrious Companion Jeffrey G. Burcham
Grand Steward Illustrious Companion Charles W. (Buddy) Wagner
Grand Sentinel Illustrious Companion Pablo A. Rocha
Grand Musician Illustrious Companion F. J. Pepper


Trustees Illustrious Companion Solomon Zeidman
(term expires March 2007)
Illustrious Companion Scott M. Applebee
(term expires March 2006)
Illustrious Companion Urban T. (Pete) Peters
(term expires March 2008)

Officers of the Councils of Cryptic Masons of Washington, D.C.
February 2005 through February 2006


Washington Council #1 Adoniram-Zabud Council #2 Triangle Council #3 Sojourner

Council #7
Illustrious Master Mitchell J. Diamond James M. Stevenson
Deputy Master Alywn Taylor Paul D. Gleason
Principal Conductor of Work George Nicol Thomas G. Little
Treasurer Jim Hawkins Mark W. Underwood, IGM
Recorder Michael J. Kastle, PIM
Chaplain F.J. Pepper, PIM
Captain of the Guard Herbert Taylor Teko A. Foly
Conductor of Council Charles Phillips Brendan M. Burns
Marshal Bob Haber F. William Hershiser, PIGM
Steward James W. Golladay, Jr.
Sentinel Jack Baker Pablo A. Rocha, PIM


Living Past Grand Masters of Cryptic Masons of the District of Columbia



Marion K. Warner


A. Edmund Johnson


John P. Knapik


Edward S. Paylor


William B. Craig


Aubrey A. Gunnels


George C. Willman, Jr.


Walter H. Kitts


William T. Cox


Sheldon Arpad


Scott M. Applebee


Solomon Zeidman


Roger M. Firestone


Urban T. Peters

2000 H. William Hershiser
2001 Richard B. Baldwin
2002 Aires Domingues
2003 Ralph F. Connolly
2004 Robert B. Bussler


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