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District of Columbia Grand Lodge – Internet Committee

Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia

Internet Committee

Members of this committee for the year 2000, as appointed by the Grand Master

Paul M. Bessel – Chairman
Robert R. Arzola
Thomas A. Russo
Robert H. Starr
Carl E. Williams

Goals of this committee

Assist in making the website of the Grand Lodge of D.C. the best website it can be
Provide information, pictures, etc., that could usefully be added to the Grand Lodge’s website

Next Meeting of the Committee

Date –

Time –

Place –

Other details –

Questions for members of the committee to consider for inclusion on the Grand Lodge website (grouped by topics)

General things to consider about the DC GL website


Have a nice, clear title on the 1st page of the website, rather than the logo — examples are at the websites of the Grand Lodges of Alaska, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Louisiana

Have a nice “welcome” message, and other things to make people feel we’re very happy to have them viewing our website

Provide an easy way for people to send email to individual Grand Lodge officers, especially the Grand Master and Grand Secretary

Carefully check spelling, grammar, and other details for 100% accuracy

Join webrings that other Grand Lodges belong to


Say, on 1st page at least, that this is the official website of the GL of DC, none other is official

Include details about who maintains the DC Grand Lodge website, who approves things, etc., and how someone can make suggestions for changes in the website – make this very easy to do

Include on each page the last date updated, and copyright notices

Review by GM, GS, Internet Committee


Consider a flashing welcome, or 3D, or animated graphic on the welcome page

Use some 3D and animated graphics in various places, but not too much

Have some animated graphics, but not too many, and some still graphics, too – such as waving DC and US flags

Make the website quick to load, on all computers – or provide quick to load pages, and warn about those that are not quick to load


Have a counter, and show statistics about who and how many are viewing our website

Is there a way to check how many visitors to our website later petition to become Masons?

DC Masonry


Have a calendar of upcoming events, actually on a calendar rather than a listing

Information about Grand Lodge ritual schools, Masters and Wardens Association meetings, committee meetings, Front Royal conference, etc.

Details about Front Royal Conference, including agenda, schedule, map

Information about Grand Masters Classes

List all Grand Visitations, and describe what they are

Details about the Capitol and White House bicentennial celebrations, with pictures


Provide a page for anything the Grand Master wants to say, at any time, including a photo of the GM

Same as above for the Grand Secretary

List of GL officers, Past Grand Masters

Lists of Committees, and their members

Provide free email for all DC Masons (if that’s possible) and details and simple instructions about how to do this

Offer free webpages for all DC Lodges and other Masonic groups

Provide forms online for those who could use them, such as Affiliation petitions, monthly report forms

As other GLs do, publish the Call for meetings, including upcoming proposed resolutions

Committee reports


DC Masonic webring


Map of DC showing where each Masonic building is located

Maps, addresses, and directions to all DC Masonic buildings, and list which Masonic groups meet in each one, and when

Voice of Freemasonry – entire magazine, and back issues

Have a chart showing the number of members each year, number of raisings, etc., as in the Proceedings, and also include graphs showing membership trends

List all Past Grand Masters of our Grand Lodge, with an indication of which are living and which are deceased

Catalog of the Grand Lodge library and museum – searchable

Information for those seeking to do Masonic genealogy research, especially about ancestors who belonged to DC Lodges – how, and who to contact (fees?)

Chart of Lodges, showing which ones have consolidated, etc., for those who might be looking for a Lodge to which an ancestor belonged

Picture of the Grand Lodge building, and other Masonic buildings in DC, and pictures of recent Masonic events

Provide space for PGMs, GLOs, and other Masons to say something, subject to approval by the GM

Grand Lodge Code

Information about MESH, ST. John’s Mite, Masonic Foundation, and other groups

Information about DC Masons’ involvement in the community, parades, charity, schools, scholarships

Pictures and information about famous DC Masons, such as Benjamin B. French

Information about the DC Masons Egroup, how to use it, how to join

Include a history of the DC Grand Lodge

Information about the GW Gavel (if Potomac Lodge wants that on the GL website)

Things the GL is selling, and how to obtain them and at what cost


Links to websites of each Lodge that has one, and each Royal Arch Chapter, etc.

Links to, and information about, local chapters and national groups for National Sojourners, Knight Masons, AMD

Masonry in general, and DC in general

Masonry in General

Have a page about “What is Freemasonry” and “What should someone do if he wants to join”

Information about what Freemasonry is all about, such as is on the Missouri GL website

Information about Freemasonry and charity, on a national or worldwide basis

What Masonic friendship and brotherhood are all about – do’s and don’t’s

Short history of Freemasonry worldwide, and particularly in the U.S.

List of famous Masons

Responses to things that are sometimes said negatively about Freemasonry, such as Is It True What They Say About Freemasonry, Ed King’s website

Interesting articles about Freemasonry

Other Masonic Groups

Philalethes Society information, links, and Internet Lodge link

Information about Masonic weekend in DC in February

Link to, and information about, MLMA

Information about the House of the Temple and Eastern Star headquarters, since they are located in DC, including touring information

Link to DC PH GL website

Links to, and information about, MSA, MIC, MLC

Links to websites of the D.C. Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons

Links to Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction, Imperial Shrine site, General Grand Council of Cryptic Masons, etc.

Links, and information about Grand Lodges around the world

Links to getting information about sightseeing in DC, for Masons who are visiting


List of good Masonic books, especially those in the GL Library, for Masons and non-Masons

Masonic books reviews

Information about the book by George Adams

Information about excellent books about Freemasonry, plus pictures of their covers, such as Margaret Jacob’s books, Steven Bullock’s

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