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District of Columbia Royal Arch Chapters & their officers

Past Masters Association
of the Grand Lodge, FAAM, of the District of Columbia

Who we are and what we do

The D.C. PMA consists of all the Past Masters of all the Lodges in the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia. Our Association usually meets once a year, and we arrange to send an informative newsletter to all DC Past Masters and to hold some interesting events for PMs during the year.

Our Constitution and Bylaws lists our purposes as:

  1. To aid and support the Grand Master of Masons in the District of Columbia and the Grand Lodge in all Masonic activities
  2. To assist Masonry in the jurisdiction by seeking, through appropriate and practical means, to engender increased interest in every aspect of Masonry
  3. To encourage communication, cooperation and fellowship among the Brethren of the several Masonic Lodges in this metropolitan area
  4. To initiate and implement appropriate projects in support of these purposes with the approval of the Grand Master
  5. To promote the advancement and general welfare of Masonry.

Who are the Officers of the Past Masters Association for the year 2000


President Leonard Proden, PM of Anscostia Lodge #21
President Elect G. Lee Ferguson, PM of Hiram-Takoma Lodge #10
Vice President Albert M. Smith, PM of East Gate Lodge #34
Secretary Newson O. Newcombe, PM of Harmony Lodge #17
Treasurer Ned L. Solenberger, PM of Harmony Lodge #17
Editor of newsletter TheMasterSpeaks James M. Burns, PGM and PM of Potomac Lodge #5


Who are the Past Masters of the District of Columbia

Every Mason who is a Past Master in a Lodge under the Grand Lodge of D.C. is automatically a member of the DC Past Masters Association.

Events we have had recently, and which we’re planning for the future

Dinner theater outing – details

Possible trip to book fair in Shenandoah Valley

Possible Masonic tour of Gettysburg

Possible Masonic tour of the U.S. Capitol building

Information about Past Masters

information from recent newsletters, and newer information not yet in newsletters

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