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District of Columbia – Recognition request form letter

Grand Lodge FAAM (Free And Accepted Masons) of Washington, D.C. (the District of Columbia)

Committee on Masonic Recognition

Form letter to request mutual recognition

The following letter could be used by Grand Lodges that wish to request the exchange of Masonic recognition with the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia, F.A.A.M.:



Most Worshipful Grand Master of Masons of the District of Columbia
5428 MacArthur Blvd NW
Washington DC 20016-2524


Right Worshipful Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia
5428 MacArthur Blvd NW
Washington DC 20016-2524


Chairman of the Committee on Masonic Recognition of the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia
5428 MacArthur Blvd NW
Washington DC 20016-2524

Dear Bro Grand Master, Grand Secretary, and Chairman of the Committee on Masonic Recognition:

On behalf of the Grand Lodge of _____________________, I hereby officially request that the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia, Free And Accepted Masons, extend full and complete Masonic recognition to our Grand Lodge, just as our Grand Lodge is hereby extending full and complete Masonic recognition to your Grand Lodge. In furtherance of this Masonic recognition, we request an exchange of Grand Representatives, and all other actions normally associated with Masonic recognition between two Grand Lodges.

We have examined the Basic Principles for Grand Lodge Recognition adopted by your Grand Lodge in 1953, and codified in your Standing Resolution 30. Our Grand Lodge meets all your standards, as follows:

1. We have a belief in the G.A.O.T.U. (Great Architect of the Universe) and His revealed will as an essential qualification for membership.

2. All Initiates in lodges under our Grand Lodge take their Obligations on or in full view of the open Volume of the Sacred Law, by which is meant the revelation from above which is binding on the conscience of the particular individual who is being initiated. (This can be the Christian Bible, the Jewish Tanakh, the Moslem Koran, or other Volumes of Sacred Law.)

3. The three great Lights of Freemasonry (namely the volume of the Sacred Law, the Square, and the Compasses) are always exhibited when our Grand Lodge or its subordinate Lodges are at work, the chief of these being the Volume of the Sacred Law.

4. The membership of our Grand Lodge and Individual Lodges is composed exclusively of men; and no Masonic relations are had with mixed lodges or bodies which admit women to membership.

5. Our Grand Lodge was established lawfully by a duly recognized Grand Lodge or by three or more Lodges which can show that they have consistently professed and practiced the established and unaltered principles of regular Freemasonry.

Specifically, our Grand Lodge was established on (date) _________________, in the city of ____________________, by ___________________________________. (Include all details about how your Grand Lodge was established, and under what authority it was established.)

6. Our Grand Lodge has sovereign jurisdiction over the Lodges under its control. It is a responsible, independent, self-governing organization, with sole, undisputed and exclusive authority over the Craft or Symbolic Degrees (Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Mason). It is not in any way subject to, nor divide such authority with, a Supreme Council or other Power claiming any control or supervision over those degrees; and it does not extend its authority into, or establish lodges in, a territory occupied by a lawful Grand Lodge, without the expressed consent of said Grand Lodge.

7. Our Grand Lodge recognizes and believes that the dominant purposes of Freemasonry are charitable, benevolent, and educational. Discussion of sectarian religion and partisan politics is strictly prohibited from all activities under our auspices; and the principles of the Ancient Landmarks, usages and customs are strictly observed.

The Grand Lodge officers of our Grand Lodge are:

Grand Master: (full name)

(list others, by title and name)

Our Grand Lodge office is located at (address) ____________________________, and your Grand Lodge can send all official mail to our Grand Lodge at the following address (if the mailing address is different from the location address) _____________________.

If your Grand Lodge has any questions about our Grand Lodge, and this request for mutual Masonic recognition, please feel free to contact (name, address, phone number, fax number, email address) _____________________________________________.

We look forward to favorable action on this request for mutual recognition between our Grand Lodges.


(Signature, printed name, and full title of the Grand Master)

(Signature, printed name, and full title of the Grand Secretary or other person in charge of Masonic recognition questions)

(Affix the official seal of the Grand Lodge)

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