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D.C. Lodge Leadership and Code tests for prospective Worshipful Masters

Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia
Committee on Masonic Education & Service
5428 MacArthur Blvd NW
Washington DC 20016-2524



March 15, 2000

Dear Lodge Leader and Future Leader:

We would like to help you as you progress toward becoming Worshipful Master of your Lodge, so you can be as comfortable and well-prepared as possible. Our Grand Lodge Code, Section 83, and Standing Resolution 21 require that before anyone can be elected and installed Master of a Lodge:

1. He must have served one year as a Warden in a Lodge.

2. He must have received the Past Master’s Degree in a Royal Arch Chapter or in an emergent Lodge of Actual Past Masters.

3. He must have a certificate that he can open and close a Lodge in an efficient manner (unless he is a Past Master of a D.C. Lodge, or the Grand Master has waived this requirement).

4. He must have a certificate that he has completed the Grand Lodge course in Masonic education, at least 30 days before installation. This certificate is given to those who pass tests on (a) Lodge leadership, and (b) the D.C. Grand Lodge Code.

You can click to get to the Leadership Test and Code Test. Their purpose is to help you by making you familiar with the information you need to be an effective Master of a Lodge. If you might become Master of your Lodge next year, it is a good idea to start working on this now. Here is what you should do:

1. Read the booklet, Preparing for the Leap Into Lodge Leadership

2. Keep the booklet open as you answer each question in the Leadership test. Type your answers, or print them in clear, legible handwriting. Then, fill in and sign the certification at the end of the test.

3. Look through one of the copies of the D.C. Masonic Code

4. Keep the code open as you answer each question in the enclosed Code test. Again, please type your answers or print them legibly. Then, fill in and sign the certification at the end of this test, too.

5. Then mail your answers and certifications to the Grand Lodge office. We will let you know if you have passed the tests, or if you have to take them again. Once you pass you are eligible to become Master of a D.C. Lodge, if you also meet the other qualifications listed above.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact the me. Good luck on the tests, but more importantly, good luck in your years as a leader of Freemasonry.


Committee on Masonic Education and Service

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