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European Concept Lodges – lodges outside Europe that are described as following European lodge tradition

“European Concept” Lodges

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The following lodges are reported to be, or described as being “European concept” lodges or “traditional observance” lodges, which sometimes means they concentrate on intellectual programs, slow advancement of candidates, requiring research papers of candidates, using Emulation or a similar European ritual, after meetings having having festive boards with toasts, etc.

United States

California Lux Lodge #846, San Diego
Academia #847, Oakland
District of Columbia (Washington D.C.) Benjamin B. French Lodge #15 – chartered 1853
Mehr Lodge #90 – chartered 1990
Alianza Fraternal Americana Lodge #92 – chartered 1992
La France Lodge #93 – chartered 1992
Sojourner Kilwinning Lodge #1798 – chartered 1992
Hayastan Lodge #94 – chartered 1994
Magnolia Lodge #53 – chartered 1996
Lodge of the Nine Muses #1776 – chartered 1997
Nur Lodge #2000 – chartered 2000
Fraternity Lodge #54 – chartered 2000
Fiat Lux Lodge #1717 – chartered 2001
Indiana Lodge Vitruvian, #767, Indianapolis 
Kansas Inner Quest Lodge, UD, Kansas City
Louisiana Lodge of the Nine Muses, UD
Minnesota St. Paul Lodge #3, St. Paul
New York Independent Royal Arch Lodge #2, New York
Ohio Caliburn Lodge, #785, Cincinnati – chartered 2002
Oklahoma Guildhall #553 or #554, Stillwater
The Kite & Key Lodge No. 811, F&AM: Traditional Observance Lodge in Allentown, Pennsylvania
Lodge Ad Lucem No. 812, F&AM: Traditional Observance Lodge in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
The Albion Mark Lodge No. 402: Mark Lodge operating on English model in Allentown, Pennsylvania
Texas St. Alban’s #1455, College Station – chartered 1992 
Utah St. Andrew’s Lodge, U.D.

Outside the United States

Australia description Epicurean No.906 (Belmont, Geelong) – chartered 1993 Amalthea No. 914 (East Melbourne, Victoria) – chartered  1995
Canada Templum Sion, Manitoba

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