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Dan L Frederick

In Memorium

to Most Worshipful Brother Dan L Frederick

Born August 7, 1960
Died August 18, 2002

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Dan L Frederick
Grand Master in 1999

Dan L Frederick’s Masonic Funeral Service will be conducted by the Grand Lodge of Washington DC on Thursday evening, August 22, 2002, starting at 7:30pm (Scottish Rite Rose Croix service is at 7pm), at the Hines-Rinaldi Funeral Home, 11800 New Hampshire Ave., Silver Spring, Maryland

The funeral service, followed by burial and graveside service, will be on Friday, August 23, 2002, at the same funeral home, starting at 10am.

Biography of Dan L Frederick

Dan L Frederick, the only son and youngest child of Vincent Charles and Jeanne Marie McDannel Frederick, was born in DuBois, Pennsylvania on August 7, 1960. He had two sisters, Debbie Healy and Dawn Puzzitiello, and one nephew Seth Shaun Healy. Following graduation from DuBois Area Senior High School on June 27, 1978, Dan came to Washington to study at the George Washington University, from which he entered on duty with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and served as a specialist in one of the Bureau’s identification divisions working with computers. He left the FBI in 1980 to accept a position as business manager for M. Stein and Company in Washington DC After twenty years of service he left the store to work for Youth Leaders International, a worldwide youth movement that teaches young people to be leaders in society.

Dan was an enthusiastic supporter of the Order of DeMolay since his initiation, on October 3, 1973, in Bethany Chapter in DuBois, which he served as Master Councilor in 1976. On his arrival in Washington DC, he affiliated with Anacostia Chapter. Thereafter, in 1979, he transferred to Robert LeBruce Chapter, where he served as Master Councilor during that Chapter’s 60th anniversary. In 1995 he was designated an Honorary Past Jurisdictional Master Councilor of Nation’s Capital DeMolay, in recognition of his many achievements, including service as Chapter Advisor, Chairman of the Advisory Council, Jurisdictional Parliamentarian, Jurisdictional Scribe, and Grand Commander of the Nation’s Capital DeMolay Court of Chevaliers.

The International Supreme Council of the Order of DeMolay recognized Dan for his service of the Order. He was awarded the DeMolay Cross of Honor in 1986, and in 1989 the Grand Master of the Order of DeMolay, Joe R. Manning, Jr., awarded him the DeMolay Legion of Honor. Further, in acknowledgment of his sustained inter-jurisdictional service to DeMolay, Dan was elected a Deputy Member of the International Supreme Council in 1992, a year in which he also served as an Aide to the 62nd Grand Master of the Order of DeMolay, Jerold J. Samet.

Dan was raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason in Samuel Gompers Lodge #45 (now Samuel Gompers-Benjamin Franklin Lodge #45) on March 9, 1982. He was a member of Osiris-Pentalpha Lodge #23, where he served as Worshipful Master; of Hiram-Takoma Lodge #10; of Pythagoras Lodge of Research, all in Washington DC; and of the Lodge of the Holy Land #50 in the State of Israel. He was a founding member of Nur Lodge #2000 and Massis Lodge #99 in Washington DC. He held honorary membership in Federal Lodge #1, Benjamin B. French Lodge #15, Albert Pike Lodge #33, La France Lodge #93, Hayastan Lodge #94, Mehr Lodge #90, Sojourner Kilwinning Lodge #1798 in Washington DC, and Marion Lodge #70 of Marion, Ohio. He was a founding member and Almoner of Fiat Lux Lodge #1717. While Worshipful Master of Osiris-Pentalpha Lodge #23 in 1987, he also served with distinction as President of the Association of Worshipful Masters.

Because of this enthusiasm for the cause of Freemasonry, several Grand Masters appointed Dan to significant duties in the Grand Lodge. In 1989 he became chairman of the Grand Lodge Blood Bank Committee, in which capacity he served through 1993. Each year his committee secured more units of blood than the prior year and topped out over 1300 units of blood in 1993. During that period, and constantly since then, Dan rendered outstanding service to a number of committees, and counted among his notable accomplishments were his continuing contributions to the perfection of the Grand Master’s Class in this jurisdiction.

In recognition of his potential, the members of Grand Lodge elected Dan to the office of Senior Grand Steward on December 16, 1992. Serving each succeeding chair with diligence and honor, he was elected Grand Master at the Annual Communication on December 12, 1998. Among his many accomplishments as Grand Master, Dan brought about an overwhelmingly favorable vote for recognition of Prince Hall Masonry, thus supporting the ideal of brotherhood of people of all races and religions. Dan was the Grand Representative of the Grand Lodge of Georgia and of the Grand Lodge of New York near the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia. On October 19, 1996, that Provincial Grand Lodge of Neuilly-Bineau of the Grand Loge Nationale Francaise named him an Honorary Past Director of Ceremonies and conferred on him the title of Very Worshipful Brother. The Grand Lodge of Armenia made him an Honorary Past Grand Master on July 30, 2002.

Companion Frederick received his Capitular Degrees in Mount Pleasant Chapter #13, Royal Arch Masons of DC, where he served as High Priest in the capitular year 1988-1989. That year was the 75th Anniversary of Mount Pleasant Chapter. He was also a member of Mount Vernon Chapter #3, Royal Arch Masons of DC, and served as the Grand Representative of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of New Hampshire near the Grand Chapter of the District of Columbia. Following his service through the chairs of the Grand Chapter, Dan was elected and installed as the 123rd Grand High Priest of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of the District of Columbia on March 20, 1993. At the annual convocation of 2000 the Grand Chapter awarded Most Excellent Companion Frederick the Meritorious Companion Award.

During his tenure as Grand High Priest, Most Excellent Companion Frederick took an active part in the founding of Royal Arch Masonry in Portugal. In 1996, at the consecration ceremonies of that Grand Chapter he served at the Acting General Grand Secretary of the General Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons International. He was also a founding member of Enoch Chapter #1, now known as Mostiero de Alcabasa Chapter #1, in Lisbon, Portugal.

Dan became a member of the Scottish Rite Bodies of the District of Columbia in November of 1983. He served as Wise Master of Evangelist Chapter of Rose Croix in 2000. He was the Director of Work and conferred the 14th Degree at the biennual reunions. For his zeal for the Rite he was made a Knight Commander of the Court of Honor on November 14, 1995. On October 5,1999, he was coroneted an Inspector General Honorary 33rd Degree and he served as the active candidate for this ceremony.

Other Masonic bodies in which Dan held membership include Adoniram-Zabud Council #2, Cryptic Masons; Almas Shrine, A.A.O.N.M.S.; and Friendship Chapter #17 Order of the Eastern Star; all in the District of Columbia. He also belonged to Fuda Nabbi Grotto, M.O.V.P.E.R., where he served as a trustee and on the Board of Governors; Prince Georges Forest of the Tall Cedars of Lebanon; Bethesda Chapter of the National Sojourners; Grand Masters Council of the Allied Masonic Degrees; the Royal Order of Scotland, and Universal Council #70 Knight Masons. Dan was also a member of Friendship Lodge #12 of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows in Washington DC.

His non-Masonic interests include the Bernard E. Shultz Foundation, for which he was a founding trustee and on which he served as the Secretary-Treasurer, the Albert H. and Constance Saunders Foundation, the Jerold J. and Margaret M. Samet Foundation, and Youth Leaders International Foundation for which he served as Treasurer. He was the Assistant Executive Director and one of the most inspiring directors of Youth Leaders International, and worked as the Comptroller and Director of Finance for each of these foundations. He was a true advocate for the youth of the world.

Tributes to Dan L Frederick

We are truly saddened by the loss of our Past Grand Master, Most Worshipful Brother Dan L Frederick.

He was a good friend and very dedicated Mason.  When Most Worshipful Brother Dan served with distinction as Grand Master in 1999, his motto was “Share the Light.”  He certainly spread Masonic sunshine in all the jurisdictions and countries he visited.  He reminded us that we should treat everyone, more especially a Brother Mason, with respect and toleration.

He was not only a leader in this Grand Lodge and many of our affiliated bodies, but also a hard worker. Some leaders leave the details to others.  Most Worshipful Brother Frederick enjoyed serving unselfishly and working in the background on those details without the need for recognition or reward.  Likewise he served the youth organizations, both Masonic and others, as a way of propagating our Masonic values to the future leaders of our world.

Vickie and I were very privileged to have him deeply touch our lives.  We will sincerely miss him, but we will never forget him.

Sincerely and fraternally,

Robert H. Starr
Grand Master of Masons of Washington D.C.

From the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia:

Again this year, our hearts have been sorrowed by the news of the passing of one of our Past Grand Masters. It is my sad duty to officially notify you of the death of Most Worshipful Bro. Dan L Frederick, Grand Master in 1999, on Sunday, August 18, 2002. Most Worshipful Brother Dan succumbed to the ravages of pancreatic cancer following a valiant and courageous battle.

It was the desire of our late Past Grand Master that a Masonic funeral service be conducted by the Grand Lodge. Accordingly, the Grand Lodge will assemble in an Emergent Communication at 7:00 PM on Thursday, August 22, 2002 at the Hines-Rinaldi Funeral Home, 11800 New Hampshire Avenue, Silver Spring, Maryland to conduct Masonic funeral services at 7:30 pm.  Dress for Grand Lodge Officers and Past Grand Masters will be dark business suit and tie, collar, jewel of office apron and gloves.

Funeral services will be held at Hines-Rinaldi Funeral Home in Silver Spring, Maryland, at 10:00 am on Friday, August 23, 2002 with graveside services following at Judean Memorial Gardens in Olney, Maryland.

We extend our profound sympathy to the family of Most Worshipful Brother Frederick and to his long-time mentor and closest friend, Most Worshipful Brother Jerold J. Samet

Robert H. Starr
Grand Master of Masons of the District of Columbia

From: Dr. John GREENWOOD

Dear Danny,

REST IN PEACE ! Most sincere sympathy to his beloved parents and family.

Heavenly Father, Bless them and give them strength in this very difficult time. Danny will always be remembered by so many of his Brethren all over the world. Danny, you will never be forgotten. You have accomplished more in 42 years than most people who live twice as long.

In this solemn hour consecrated to our beloved Most Worshipful and Most Excellent Dan L Frederick we ponder over the flight of time, the frailty and uncertainty of human life. We ask ourselves : What are we ? What is our life ? To what purpose our wisdom and knowledge ? Wherein is our strength, our power, our fame ? Alas, man seems born to trouble and his years are few and full of travail. But our great teachers have taught us to penetrate beneath appearances and see the higher worth, the deeper meaning and the abiding glory of human life. Farewell, my Brother to that undiscovered Country from whose bourne no traveler returns.

John Greenwood, Grand Chaplain,
Grand Chapter, Royal Arch Masons of the District of Columbia

I would like to share my deepest condolence and sorrow with all the brethren that knew him. His kindness and foresight has touched tremendous amount of people. His progressive vision in masonry will be remembered by all international masons especially the Armenian masons. His relentless efforts in helping the creation of the Grand Lodge of Armenia will go down in history.

As a mason raised by him, cannot express the depth of my sorrow. I will miss him dearly and remember him forever.

May we all have the fortitude to follow his footsteps and continue his journey towards more Light.


Ara Maloyan
Los Angeles, CA

Subject: Death of Dan L Frederick, PGM of Washington DC

Very distressed to hear about the loss of this exceptional Mason. Please convey my sincere thoughts of sorrow and my profound thoughts of his great accomplishments to his family. I would have been proud to know him and I am proud that he was a Mason. His legacy and tenacity will live on eternally.

With great sadness,

John Lee Krom
Grand Master of Masons in Arizona

Subject:  Death of Dan L Frederick, PGM of Washington DC

I’m deeply sorry to learn of MWBro Frederick’s untimely death. I had the privilege of meeting him a couple of years ago. His physical person may have disappeared, but his spirit lives on in the extraordinary work he performed.

Leon Zeldis, FPS

Subject: Death of Dan L Frederick, PGM of Washington DC

Dear Brethren,

The passing away of the late Bro. Dan Frederick, although expected for many months, is a shock. He was one of those energetic, impassioned Grand Masters who leave an indelible, positive mark on their Grand Lodges, and who most unfortunately only happen, for a given Grand Lodge, once or twice in a century.

May he rest in peace, for he deserved it well. To me he was a good and dear friend. We met every time I was in DC, and we shared that common dream of a really Universal Freemasonry.

Fraternally, Mike Segall
l’Étoile #1001, GLdF, Paris, France

From: Al Boswell

A Good and Great Light in Masonry has Not been extinguished but risen to a place of honor in the Celestial Lodge. PGM Dan L Frederick lived a true Masonic life every moment of every day. He was dedicated to teaching each of us in a fun and caring manner. Dan will always be with me as I continue to grow Masonically. His “light” will always be remembered and serve as a powerful guide.

Al Boswell, PM

“Freemasonry has lost one of its brightest lights. PGM Dan’s motto when he was GM was “Share the Light” Now that light has been extinguished. We are all diminished as brethren by this loss. Dan was a true Mason and a friend. I shall miss him very much.”

WB Roy Beyer, Past Master, Arminius #25 Lodge

Re: [PHA Research] Death of Dan L Frederick, PGM of Washington DC
From: Rashied K. Sharrieff Al Bey

Please extend to the MW Bro. Frederick’s Lodges, and to the GL in general, my Fraternal condolences. Having heard all of the rich and worthy accomplishments of this illustrious Brother, I regret even more than before that I did not get to meet him.

In Fraternal Sorrow,

.·. Rashied ~

“Si Opus Quadratum vis, angulos praecidere noli…”
(If you want Square Work, you don’t cut corners…)


I cannot count the number of times you have helped me out both professional and personally. Whenever I needed advice, motivation or simply just a friend to listen, you were there regardless of the time of day or day of the week. To say thank you is not nearly enough for the impact you made on my life. Sitting here today I recall some words of advice you gave me as a young man, words that I still take to heart everyday. There were times when I doubted myself and my own abilities. I remember the words of advice you gave me I still take them to heart:

“You know Mike, you’re not perfect (a long pause) but that’s ok, because I’m not perfect either. In fact nobody is. However, just because we can’t be perfect doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to be or strive to be perfect. We all have our own faults, a leader is one who recognizes what their faults are and tries to improve himself by working on his weaknesses and faults to overcome them. You can settle for just being, ok but if you want to be great the first step is to realize your own faults and change.”

I can still remember all the times I have had the pleasure to work with Danny. He taught me everything from how to speak from the diaphragm, open your mouth as wide as you can and say it with conviction, to how to run a meeting, how to dress with style and how to command an audience. Danny taught me that the little things are important: always be on time, always have conviction and a strong work ethic. Most of all Danny taught me that to be a leader and make a difference, it comes from the heart first. A leader must have a purpose something to strive for. A leader shows up first and leaves last, a leader puts the good of the group first. A leader is there to serve the group, rather than the other way around.

Danny you will be missed. My only regret is that my son will not have the benefit of working with you as I have.

Michael J. Fiedler
Senior Warden, Hiram-Takoma Lodge #10, Washington DC

From: Oscar Bartoli

Dear MWPGM Jerry:

I would like to express all my deepest condolences for the departure of the Dear PMWGM Dan. I know how close to him you have been and I can imagine how painful was for you his terrible agony. Dan was the Grand Master the year that I became Master Mason and I cannot forget his wonderful friendship. Tomorrow I will leave to Italy and I am really disappointed being not able to be with you and the other Brethren to express my sorrow for the death of a so great Brother. I am praying him, who is now certainly close to God, to pray for us and our Country in these very difficult moments. Franca, Marco and I would like to say: “We love you, Jerry”. Thanks for what you have done to alleviate the sickness of Brother Dan. I wish you all the best.

As senior deacon of ITALIA Lodge 2001 and, knowing that our Senior Warden just left for two weeks in Italy, I wish to express our great sorrow at the news that our MWB Danny has joined the heavenly lodge where we know we will join him sooner or later. He will remain in the hearts of all his fellow members of ITALIA Lodge of which he was an honorary member and for the birth of which he did so very much.

May the Great Architect of the Universe treasure and enjoy the company of one of the most fervent and committed freemasons that ever lived in the Washington D.C. area. We all treasured and enjoyed his company so very very much.

With peace and fraternal love,

Elio Grandi
Sr. Deacon
ITALIA Lodge #2001

From Joel R. Kahn, Grand Lecturer of the Grand Lodge of Washington D.C.

When I first met Danny, he was still a DeMolay, having just arrived in the DC area from PA. As an advisor for Robert LeBruce Chapter, I knew he was  heading for greatness the first time I heard him deliver DeMolay ritual.

As our friendship grew, Dan was always a part of our family, watching and  enjoying every accomplishment (and every disappointment) of our daughters, Lena & Becky. We both took great pleasure of my calling him an “adopted son”, and he calling me “dad”. He always called Lena & Becky his little sisters.

I worked with others to help him get elected into the Grand Line in DC, and was as proud as his real father when he was installed as our Grand Master in 1999.

I will always cherish the memories I have of Danny, and I know that I am just a small part of this great world that is grieving the loss of our Danny.

Joel, Annie, Lena & Becky Kahn

Please accept and pass on the condolences of Apex Masonic Lodge #584 AF&AM
of NC

Melver C. Minton III
Raleigh Chapter Order of DeMolay Chairman
Cardinal Court of Chevaliers
Legion of Honor
Apex Lodge No. 584 AF & AM PM, PSec.


Brother Frederick, a Past Grand Master of Masons in the District of Columbia and a Past Grand High Priest of Royal Arch Masons in the District of Columbia, was the holder of too many DeMolay and Masonic Honors to be listed here. It is enough to say that he was, at all times, a dedicated Mason and DeMolay. His enthusiasm for both organizations was boundless. In the words of Shakespeare, we shall not look upon his like again.

Dad Kurt Hamrock
Executive Officer, Nation’s Capital DeMolay

Words cannot express my feelings…They seem so formal…I feel Danny’s passing away took a piece of me with him. I am so grateful I had the chance to meet him, and yet so sorry I did not have the chance to spend as much time as I would have wished with him. He was a special person. I am sure he will live forever in the minds and hearts of those who knew him, and even in many others, that did not actually meet him, I think, as I was telling to my boys-sitting on my knees few minutes ago-and my wife why I was staying upset in front of my computer: I just found out I lost a friend. And I showed them pictures, and told them things about Danny. May God rest him in peace.

Paul Basgan
Assistant Grand Secretary
Grand Lodge of Romania

From: Aaron Axelrod

I’m Shocked, and full of sorrow! Please convey my sympathy to all G.L. members and all his friends, I’ll see that Bilu Lodge will stand in morning for his memory.

Aaron Axelrod
Grand Lodge of Israel

Brethren and friends of PGM Dan L Frederick, I, as most of you, are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of our Past Grand Master. Walking by a book store reflecting on our loss I saw a book titled “Living on Purpose.” I believe that this book title expresses in three words a great deal about our Past Grand Master Frederick.

I have not known MWB Frederick as long as many, but began our association when we were both Junior Wardens of our respective Lodges in 1985. He was always in charge helping everyone that needed or asked for help. He became president of the 1987 Worshipful Masters Association and it was a great year. The year had a purpose and the members became close as a result of his leadership. Certainly he helped me every step of the way into and thru my term in the East.

He was elected into the Grand Line and his year in the Grand East had a purpose, “To Share the Light.” All the while as he served he continued to help and be there for me, as I know he was for so many. He never stopped helping me and others as he worked with me every step of the way thru my year in the Grand East and beyond.

Other things can and should be said about my friend and they are how he lived the principal tenants of our order as a model for this life. Certainly his giving nature is a model for Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.

I will miss him. Our Fraternity has lost a great friend and leader.


Grant R. Berning, PGM

From: Arik Katzir

Dear Jerry, all members of the Youth Leaders International in the states and all over the world, Ditza and myself are so sorry to get the Email about Dan. We are holding your hands from Israel and want you to be as strong as you can. Dan’s spirit was something to learn from, the memories of his presence we be with us always.

love you all

Ditza & Arik

From: Phil Helbling

Jerry – I am SO sorry to hear about Dan. I know, however, that Dan is now someplace special, and free of his pain. As you know, I am now in Nairobi and will be unable to attend services for Dan. He was a special man. Even though I had the pleasure of knowing Dan for only a short time, he was a special friend. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Dan’s family.


From: Pat Tepper

Hi Jerry

I am deeply saddened by Danny’s passing. He was one character that I will never forget. He certainly impacted many lives. My sympathy goes out to you at the loss of a good and bossy friend. That redhead was something else!!

Love, Pat

Dan was Worshipful Master of Osiris Lodge #26 when I was initiated in 1987. I remember the good times that we had back then and think of the brothers we have lost, Brian Schwartz and Bernie Shultz most immediately come to mind. Danny had a true love for Freemasonry that should inspire us to continue to build and improve our noble order. With the passing of Most Worshipful Brother Bill Jenkins, I have lost two excellent Grand Masters from both of my Lodges.

Scott Wales
PM- Osiris-Pentalpha #23
PM and Treasurer -Washington Daylight #14

Dear Jerry – It is with much sadness that I heard of the Passing of MWB Dan Frederick, a Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the Washington District of Columbia, whom I was honoured to meet at the 1998 New York Conference of World Grand Masters.

Please convey my sincere heartfelt condolences to his Family and Brethren.

May his Dear Soul Rest in Peace.

MWB Woolf Kantor
Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the State of Israel

The Grand Assembly of Maryland, International Order of the Rainbow for Girls, regrets to announce the death of MWPGM Dan L. Frederick on Sunday, August 18, 2002 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. In addition to being a Past Grand Master in DC, Dan was very active in various Masonic collateral bodies including Eastern Star and DeMolay.

Dan was a great addition to our Grand Assembly Committee and our sessions were made so much more beautiful with his talent in handling our sound system and the music. He will be missed. A donation will be made in his name by the Grand Assembly to the Gayle Saks Scholarship Fund.

The Grand Assembly extends our deepest sympathy to his family and the Grand Lodge of DC where he was so active and will be missed.

Mary Adeline Bradford, Supreme Inspector in Maryland, IORG
Brandy Thornton, Grand Worthy Advisor in Maryland, IORG

I have just received the sad news of Danny.

Pelin & I join together to express our heartfelt condolences to all members of the Grand Lodge of D.C. and D.C. masons.

I have read the messages listing the masonic accomplishments of Danny. After reading all those achievements I am confident that Danny has made his mark in the masonic realm and will become a dynamic brick of that spiritual building that house not made with hands , eternal in heavens. May his eternal rest be at the celestial lodge above where the Supreme Architect of The Universe presides. He will be missed dearly. May his legacy be a blessing for the current and future masonry of D.C. and the world at large.

Please inform the brethren that a brother across the ocean in Istanbul will pray for him and light a candle for him.

Milko Ozbahar

M:. W:. Robert Star,

It is with deep sorrow that I come to express my deepest and most sincere condolences for the loss of M:. W:. Dan Frederick. I had the privilege to meet Dan as a brother, witnessed and followed his leadership skills and dealt with him as a good friend.

May he rest in peace and may his soul be as active in the Grand Lodge Up Above as it was here on Earth.

Always on the level,
R:. W:. Raffy Timonian, PDGS
District Grand Representative
District Grand Lodge of Syria-Lebanon
Grand Lodge of New York

MWB Dan L. Frederick PGM:

We have lost one of the most influential masons of all times, not only in DC, but in every corner of the planet. He was a true mason, who share the light with everyone. We at Albert Pike will always remember Grand Dan, as one of great speaker, friend, and supporter.  Most of us, who have the privilege to know him, we were carry by his enthusiastic way of projecting masonry in our lives. He brought that inner desire to do things well for the good of the craft. We will miss him deeply, but his spirit will always illuminate our path. Good bye, Most Worshipful Sir, you been a true inspiration for all the masons in the world.

Richard J. Bautista WM
Albert Pike # 33
Washington, DC

From: Kurt Hamrock

Dear Jerry,

I was sad to hear that Danny had passed. I know that it must be especially hard for you and those who cared for him during the last several months.

I won’t be able to make the services for Danny. I will be out of town on a previously scheduled trip. (I have tried to get out of it, but was unsuccessful.) But I wanted to pass along a short story, non-Masonic, non-DeMolay, that nonetheless is “typical Danny”. Remember back in 1994 when I was first getting involved in the jurisdiction? You invited me to Easter brunch together with you, Danny, and some others. I remember us getting into the van outside of your apartment. Before we could get anywhere, we heard a big crash. There had been an accident between two cars on nearby Georgia Avenue.

None of us actually saw the crash. We could have just left and gone about our business and left the mess for somebody else. Instead, we went right over (with Danny in the lead) to see what we could do. Somebody (Danny, I’m almost sure) got on his cell phone and called for medical assistance. Then, he started speaking with the older woman who was in one of the cars. She was dazed from the accident. There was fluid of some kind leaking from the car. Danny (with help from us) carefully extracted the woman from the car and moved her a safe distance away. He looked after her, doing basic first-aid stuff, until the ambulance arrived.

It’s that kind of commitment, that kind of willingness to help others, that kind of concern for those in need, for which I will always remember Danny.


From: Doug & Georgie Grey


I am so sorry to hear of the passing of Dan. I know his loss will be greatly felt by you all. Please convey my own personal sympathies and those of the members of 141 who met him. Be assured that we are thinking of you more than usual at this sad time.


Secretary, Leinster Lodge #141, Dublin, Ireland

Doug & Georgie Grey
Dublin, Ireland

Dear Most Worshipful Grand Master Starr,

In the name of the District Grand Master, R. . W. . Johny Couzi, and all the Brethren in the District Grand Lodge Of Syria – Lebanon, please accept our deepest sorrow for the passing of Past Grand Master M. . W. . Dan Frederick. We have all lost a Dear Brother, in the true sense of Brotherhood, and a great Mason.

I have known him over 14 years. He had the largest heart that I have ever known in any Brother. His vision about the Universality of Masonry was a dream since 1990, and when he became the Grand Master of Washington, DC, he had already achieved that dream. In 1998, I was with him at the Conference of World Grand Masters in the Grand Lodge of New York, he shocked some Grand Masters by his open mindedness, and won the hearts of the rest of the Grand Masters. He had the art of convincing people.

On July 30, 2002, during the consecration of the Grand Lodge Of Armenia, he called Yerevan from his hospital bed at 1:00 AM, he gave his blessing and made us all cry. We will never forget him. He will be missed by every one, even by those who found his ideas too visionary, compared to their 19th century thinking of our Craft.

May he Rest In Peace In the Eternal East.


Leon Zeitounalian, PDGM
District Grand Chancellor
District Grand Lodge of Syria-Lebanon

Illustrious Bro. Robert H. Starr
Grand Master of the G.L. of D.C.
Washington D. C.

Most Respectful Bro. Starr:

We have heard the sad new that our beloved Bro. Dan L Frederick has passed to take his place in the columns of the white Grand Lodge. We were always impressed with the enthusiasm and dynamism of MWB Dan, and his optimism and cheerful character. He did not give the impression that he was sick. He possessed a keen intelligence and great culture. He was humble, honest and casual to us, the Cuban Masons. He showed us sympathy and friendship. He was one of the most active promoters of support and solidarity with Cuban Masonry. His loss is deeply felt to Masonry and American society. The Grand Lodge of Cuba considers that it is also a great loss for Cuban Masonry.

Please give our expressions of sorrow and solidarity with the Past Grand Masters, dignitaries and Grand Lodge officers of D.C., as well as his family, of our Brother Dan.

We salute respectfully,

José Manuel Collera.
Gran Maestro. Gran Logia de Cuba A. L y A. M.

To: MWB Robert H Starr, Grand Master of Masons of the District of Columbia, and MWB Jerold J. Samet, Past Grand Master and Grand Treasurer.

On behalf of the newly consecrated Grand Lodge of Armenia, its Officers and Brethren, please accept our deepest condolences for the passing of MWB Dan L Frederick. The Grand Lodge of Armenia has lost one its founding Past Grand Masters, its most dedicated and ardent supporter, and a pillar in Universal Freemasonry.

There are no words that can express our sorrow. We are simply speechless; however, there is renewed commitment and dedication to continue the work of MWB Frederick for the spread of Universal Freemasonry and the development of future leaders through Youth Leaders International.

In 1999, as Grand Master of Masons of the District of Columbia, MWB Frederick’s theme was “Share the Light.” He shared this Light with every Armenian Brother throughout the Free World by signing the Charter and consecrating Massis Lodge No. 99 in Washington, DC.

We will never forget the Grand Lodge Stated Communications, his attendance at various Lodge Communications and Grand Visitations where he walked in carrying a torch and placing this torch on the Altar.

As a result of MWB Frederick’s vision, Armenians throughout the world were finally able to carry this torch to Armenia by consecrating the Grand Lodge of Armenia on July 30, 2002. During the consecration ceremony in Yerevan, the Brethren received a phone call from Washington (DC) at 1 am from MWB Frederick expressing his happiness and offering his congratulations.

The Light of Freemasonry shines today in Armenia because of the vision, wisdom, guidance and dedication of MWB Frederick. And all of us, as members of the Grand Lodge of Armenia, we will endeavor to build upon this vision, to keep the Light shining, and to share this Light with others.

He will always be remembered.

Christopher Sahakian
Grand Master
Grand Lodge of Armenia

Attest: Paul Najarian
Grand Secretary

Bro. Paul I am so sorry to hear about the loss of M.W. Dan Frederick, he certainly did a lot for masonry not only in Washington but for out craft throughout the world.

RT.W. Brad Barco
Sr. Grand Warden
Rhode Island

With the passing of Bro. Dan L Frederick Masonry too early lost one of its most active and progressive members. And not just in Washington DC where he served as Grand Master in 1999 and Grand High Priest of Royal Arch Masons in 1993, but everywhere his unique presence could be felt. Regrettably, he was only 42 years old when he died of pancreatic cancer. His living and passing personified the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson: “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

Sleep easy, Bro. Dan.

Your Brothers everywhere.

Andrew Boracci

Dear Family and Friends of Dan L Frederick:

We, the Master, Officers, and Brethren of Fiat Lux Lodge No. 1717 of the District of Columbia, express our heartfelt condolences on the passing our Past Grand Master Dan L Frederick.

Most Worshipful Brother Dan Frederick, as he was affectionately called, was a staunch and faithful member of our lodge, and was held in the highest estimation among his brethren.

He was generous to a fault, exemplary in conduct, courteous in manners, easy of address, and steady and firm in principle, and he will be sorely missed.

May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, by the mercy of God, rest in peace, and may light perpetual shine upon him.

Faithfully and fraternally,
Wor. Bro. Reverend Canon Daniel D. Darko
Worshipful Master

As the Grande Loge Nationale Francaise is closed during the month of August, upon learning the sad new of the passing to the Grand Lodge Above of our good friend and Brother M.W. Bo. Dan Frederick, our Grand Master, M.W. Jean-Charles Foellner requested your Grand Master Robert Starr and al the Brothers of your Grand Lodge be informed of our sorrow at the loss of such a wonderful Mason who contributed so much to our Fraternity.

Please accept the sincere condolences of Grand Master Foellner and all the Brothers of the GLNF.

Sincerely and fraternally yours,
Nat Granstein
Assistant Grand Master

It is with great sadness that I acknowledge the news of the passing of MWB Dan L. Frederick. I feel fortunate to have known him and hope to have learned from him. His telephone call on July 30, 2002 to the GL of Armenia will never be forgotten.

With deep sadness,
Fraternally yours,
Michael Sahakian
Los Angeles


MW Robert H. Starr, Grand Master of Masons of the District of Columbia and MW Jerold J. Samet, Past GM and GTreasurer.

Dear MWB Starr and MWB Samet,

Our day was made darker this morning on receipt of the news of the passing of our beloved Danny.

I still remember drying my eyes that morning in Yerevan when MWB Dan L Frederick got on the phone from his hospital bed in Washington, DC to wish the newly consecrated Grand Lodge of Armenia his best. His eloquence during that phone message was typical only of Dan. If there ever existed a “Brother” with all the attributes of Brotherhood, and then some, it was OUR Brother Dan L Frederick. I feel so very fortunate — and honored — to have shared a bench with him in open Lodge. On that day in Yerevan, Armenia, and during that telephone message, the whole masonic career and persona of that rare individual passed in front of my eyes. And there it shall remain.

As the sitting Master of the then Sojourner Massis Lodge No. 99, consecrated and blessed by him, on behalf of all the Brethren of that improbable adventure of establishing a Grand Lodge of Armenia, I weep along with all his near and dear individuals. May the GAOTU keep an eye on him and stand by his side.

Armen Garabedian
Senior Grand Warden
Grand Lodge of Armenia

The following poem was read by PGM Mansour Hatefi at the Masonic funeral service for Dan L Frederick:

“When Tomorrow Starts Without Me”

When tomorrow starts without me, and I am not there to see;
If the sun should rise and your eyes all filled with tears for me;
I wish so much you wouldn’t cry the way you did today,
While thinking of the many things we didn’t get to say.

I know how much you love me, as much I love you,
and each time you think of me I know you’ll miss me too;
But when tomorrow starts without me, please try to understand,
that an angel came and called my name and took me by the hand,
and said my place was ready in heaven far above,
and that I’d have to leave behind all those I dearly love.

But as I turned to walk away, a tear fell from my eye,
for all life, I’d always thought I didn’t want to die.
I had so much to live for and so much yet to do,
It seemed almost impossible that I was leaving you.
I thought of all the yesterdays, the good ones and the bad,
I thought of all the love we shared and all the fun we had.

If I could relive yesterday, I though, just for a while,
I’d say good-bye and kiss you and maybe see you smile.
But then I fully realized that this could never be,
for emptiness and memories would take the place of me.
And when I thought of worldly things that I’d miss come tomorrow,
I thought of you, and when I did, my heart was filled with sorrow,

But when I walked through heaven’s gates, I felt so much at home.
When God looked down and smiled at me, from His great golden throne,
He said, “This is eternity and all I’ve promised you.
Today your life on earth is past but here it starts anew.

I promise no tomorrow, but today will always last,
and since each day’s the same day, there’s no longing for the past.
But you have been so faithful, so trusting, and so true,
Though there were times you did some things you knew you shouldn’t do.
But you have been forgiven and now at last you’re free.
So won’t you take my hand and share my life with me?”

So when tomorrow starts without me, don’t think we are far apart,
for every time you think of me, I’m right here in your heart.

(author unknown)

To the Friends of Dan L Frederick, PGM

When I first became acquainted with Dan Frederick, Grand Master in 1999, I recognized his principal talents: unbounded energy, a fertile imagination and extraordinary administrative abilities. I had the pleasure of witnessing these qualities on many occasions over the last ten or twelve years. They were applied in the Grand Lodge, the Scottish Rite, the Royal Arch, and in other capacities.

I shall never forget his management of an evening given to honoring me after leaving as presiding officer of the Scottish Rite. He brought forth many pictures from my past, and produced several close friends of mine over the years who appeared and spoke at the event. Everything he touched worked like clockwork. In fact, he had prepared so many items that it was difficult fitting them all in the time allotment.

Dan told me that he was next to the youngest Mason ever to serve as Grand Master in Washington, the youngest having been in office during the Civil War. Dan was 39 years old, I believe. It was my thought that he would be around for at least 50 years as Past Grand Master to assist future Grand Masters and to lend solid advice and help. our late senior Past Grand Master Marvin E. Fowler had served in that high office over fifty years before his death, and Dan was even younger. But this was not to be.

I also enjoyed his jollity, his friendliness and his everpresence in Masonic affairs. I know that in whatever state of consciousness he may now be, he is just as energetic and accomplished as he was when with us. We shall all miss him sorely.

Charles S. Iversen, PGM


Under the Broad and starry Skies
Dig my grave and let me lie
Home is my Brother
Home from his Quest
And I lay him down to Rest . . . . . .

Dan lived his life as he needed it, followed his instincts,
And was respected for the same.
My lasting image, was the last night as Grand Master, at the
Naval Lodge, where he rapturously entered the Lodge Room,
Being, Just himself. With a sprig — We say Farewell.

  1. Bro. Geoffrey C. Morell

Dear Jerry,

I thank you for the synopsis of Danny’s funeral.

As I mentioned in my earlier letter to you, Dan was very special to many of us around the world. However, I know how close and dear he was to you and my heart goes out to you with wishes for a happier tomorrow, fueled with the memories of yesterday.

Sincerely your friend and brother,


Howard L. Graff
Grand Chancellor
The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge
A.F. & A.M. of the State of Illinois

From: Sassan Soheili
Subject: [dcmasons] Mehr and LaFrance Lodges Remember “The Light of Dan L Frederick”

Somehow, somewhere, and for some reason, God, for the love of his children brought into this world people of such high standards and ethics of morality, that these men, became the moral compass of others. Free Masonry often reveals itself not only by the men it produces but also by the men it honors, and the men it remembers.

Dan L Fredrick was such a man, because everyone looked UP to him. Maybe they could see him, holding a candle in his hand; “sharing his light” and love.

To me and to so many of the brethren of the International Lodges of this jurisdiction, Dan L Fredrick was in many ways the embodiment and the promoter of “E Pluribus Unum”. He was one of the many worshipful and most worshipful that brought a special meaning to this phrase. He along with so many brethrens gathered us all from Persia, France, Spain, Armenia, Turkey, Germany, Italy and Israel and so many other places to live this phrase to its full meaning that, “out of the many, one”, came. This was the light he shared with us. He was, an American.

“Sharing the light”, is the very purpose, to live a life, of purpose. Simply put: it is about love. Giving it; and not keeping it. It must be passed on to all mankind. For if we are to live in happiness, “Sharing the light” is the ultimate pursuit of that happiness, as the highest reward for a person’s toil, Dan knew, is not what they get for  it, but what they become by it, and such was his way. He always used to quote R.F.K’s line; “Some men see things as they are and ask, ‘why?’ I dream things that never were and ask, ‘why not?’ And then he put his hands on my shoulder, as he walked table by table amongst the French brethren in France, making them feel that they are all ONE.

My brethren; our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate in our journey on this earth or beyond it, in death. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that frightens us. We ask ourselves who am I to be brilliant. gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you NOT to be? You are a child of GOD. Your playing small doesn’t serve the world.

We were born to this world to manifest the glory of God within us. Its not just in some of us, its in everyone — and as we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others. And such my brethren is the way of Freemasons. And such was the way of Danny.

And thus he was. And thus he lived. And thus he went on giving and giving; letting his deeds determine Freemasonry as Freemasonry determined his deeds. It is a sad day for freemasonry today, for this soul will not return to earth. He was, and will always be our immortal beloved.

WBro. Sassan Soheili, PM,
On behalf of the brethren of Mehr Lodge #90 and La France #93
Please accept our deepest condolences

Dear Jerry,

Yesterday I received the sad and shocking news of the passing away of our most dear brother Dan L Frederick. Although this sad event was expected for some time due to his condition, the reality of losing him is very hard to accept. M.W. Dan Frederick was one of those personalities who had put his imprint on our Fraternity and on his friends in such a way that he will be missed sorely and his memory will last for a long time.

I cannot imagine how hard it is for you to lose him. You were his brother, father and friend throughout so many years and so many events and difficult times. I am so sad that I cannot be in Washington to share this sad episode with you and his friends, but my heart will be there. I would very much appreciate it if you could arrange a nice bouquet of flowers on my behalf for his funeral ceremony. Please accept my sincere, heartfelt condolences.

Robert B. Heyat


With the passing of Danny, the world has changed for all of us.

He would want us to honor his memory by using the time remaining to us to continue his work in making the world a better place for everyone.

Joel R. Kahn & family

PGM Dan L. Frederick had the kind of Masonic career many Masons only dream about. He was PM of 2 lodges, Past Grand High Priest of Royal Arch Masons in DC, Past Grand Master in 1999. He was extremely  involved in Scottish Rite as Director of Work, etc. Plus he had been highly active throughout deMolay. He belonged to nearly any Masonic body you could name and was active in many of them. All of this before passing to the Celestial Lodge above at the age of 42 (pancreatic cancer).

MWBro:. Danny was the type of Mason that helped spark this very listserve. He was always thinking about the future of Freemasonry and how it might be improved. He was instrumental in a number of innovations in the Craft in DC, perhaps most notably allowing business to occur on any degree the WM sees fit (allowing non-MMs to attend stated communications) and the mutual recognition between the GLofDC and the MWPHGLofDC. This recognition was voted on and approved during Danny’s term as GM and formally > signed the next year.

He was a tireless worker in the quarries until the very end when his body simply wouldn’t allow him to continue.

His funeral was attended by nearly 400 including by my estimation 4 or 5 PGMs of the MWPHGLofDC as well as the current GM. It was a fitting tribute to the man who gave what could be given in his pursuit to “Share the Light” (his motto during his year as GM).

If Freemasonry truly continues to exist in Washington DC in the year 2031, it will certainly be in some part due to his efforts.


Ted Berry
Washington DC

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