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All Masonic Grand Lodges in the World – list and links to those with websites

All Masonic Grand Lodges in the World –
except those in the United States

All Masonic Grand Lodges in the United States are listed at 

Please note:  The purpose of this webpage is to attempt to list every Masonic Grand Lodge in each country in the world.  Grand Lodges that are or might be considered regular, irregular, clandestine, non-clandestine, recognized, not recognized, caucasian, black, male, female, mixed, large, small, tiny, etc., are all listed, just so we all can be aware of which Grand Lodges exist.  If anyone knows of any Masonic Grand Lodges that exist anyone in the world that are not included on this chart, please let me know and I will be happy to include them.

Hướng dẫn đặt cược từ A – Z:

Some of the information on this chart comes from the excellent book, Freemasonry Universal, Volume I – The Americas, by Kent Henderson & Tony Pope, published by Global Masonic Publications in Australia.  The numbers in the right column of some of the charts on this webpage refer to the number of U.S. “mainstream” Grand Lodges that recognize that particular Grand Lodge.  The “Pantagraph” referred to in some of the charts refers to the pamphlet, List of Lodges – Masonic, published each year by that publisher, containing the names of many Grand Lodges in the world and the lodges chartered by each.

Please note that there are many lodges and Masons in countries that do not have their own Grand Lodges. For example, the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) has chartered many lodges in such countries, and the members of those lodges are Masons under the UGLE even though they live in countries other than England.

If any of the information on this chart is not correct or if you know of additional information that should be included, please send me email by clicking on: paulb’at’



“Mainstream” or “AF&AM” or “generally-recognized” Grand Lodge “Official” Prince Hall Grand Lodge Other Grand Lodges
Grand Lodge of Alberta  M.W. Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Alberta  
Grand Lodge of British Columbia & Yukon  (PH GL of Washington has a Lodge in B.C.)  
Grand Lodge of Manitoba
(PH GL of Minnesota has a Lodge in Manitoba)  
Grand Lodge of New Brunswick
Grand Lodge of Newfoundland and Labrador     
Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia     
Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario –  M.W. Prince Hall Grand Lodge Free and Accepted Masons of the Province of Ontario and Jurisdiction  
Grand Lodge of Prince Edward Island
(PH GL of Ontario has 3 Lodges in Quebec)  
Grand Lodge of Quebec  (PH GL of Ontario has 3 Lodges in Quebec) National Grand Lodge of Canada –
combination of men-only, women-only, and mixed lodges
Grand Orient of France
Le Maillon Laurentien
Grand Lodge of France
Port Royal d’Acadie #1131
Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan     
throughout Canada Droit Humain


Prince Hall Grand Lodges outside the U.S.


Bahamas M.W. Prince Hall Grand Lodge Free and Accepted Masons of the Bahamas, Inc.
Barbados M.W. Prince Hall Grand Lodge of the Caribbean
Liberia (?)  


Central American Grand Lodges


Costa Rica Grand Lodge of Costa Rica AF&AM 
El Salvador Grand Lodge Cuscatlan of the Republic of El Salvador  
Guatemala Grand Lodge of Guatemala  
Honduras Grand Lodge of Honduras AF&AM  
Panama Grand Lodge of Panama AF&AM 




Mexican National Grand Lodges

York Grand Lodge of Mexico – 
Grand Lodge Valle de Mexico




Mexican State Grand Lodges (State first, GL name in parentheses)

Mexican State Grand Lodge Name, if different from name of Mexican Sate  
Baja California    
Baja California Sur    
Chihuahua Cosmos  
Coahuila Benito Juarez  
Colima Sur-Oeste  
Durango Guadalupe Victoria  
Jalisco Occidental Mexicana  
Michoacana Lazaro Cardenas  
Nuevo Leon    
Oaxaca Benito Juarez Garcia  
Quintana Roo    
San Luis Potosi El Potosi  
Sonora Del Pacifico  
Tabasco Restauracion  
Veracruz Unida Mexicana  
Yucatan Oriental Peninsular  


Caribbean Grand Lodges


Bahamas King Edward Grand Lodge (International F&AM)  
Cuba (located in Havana) Grand Lodge of Cuba AF&AM
Dominican Republic Grand Lodge of the Dominican Republic
Haiti Grand Orient of Haiti  
Puerto Rico Grand Lodge Soberana of Puerto Rico  
Virgin Islands International F&AM  


In other Caribbean Islands there are District or Provincial Grand Lodges, and Lodges chartered directly by the England, Scotland, Ireland, and France (Grand Orient, Grand Lodge, and National Grand Lodge).

South American Grand Lodges


Argentina Grand Lodge of Argentina  
Droit Humain
Bolivia Grand Lodge of Bolivia  
Chile Grand Lodge of Chile AF&AM  
Gran Logia Femenina de Chile (Women’s Grand Lodge of Chile)
Ecuador Grand Lodge of Ecuador
Grand Lodge of Guayaquil  
Grand Lodge of Quito  
Equinoxial Grand Lodge  
Paraguay Symbolic Grand Lodge of Paraguay

Gran Logia Simbólica del Paraguay
currently divided   
Gran Logia de Libres y Aceptados Masones del Paraguay
Peru Grand Lodge of Peru AF&AM  
Uruguay Grand Lodge (Orient) of Uruguay 
Venezuela Grand Lodge of the Republic of Venezuela


Brazilian Grand Lodges


Grand Orient of Brazil
Espirito Santo  
Federal District  
Mato Grosso  
Mato Grosso do Sul 
Minas Gerais  
Rio de Janeiro 
Rio Grande do Norte  
Rio Grande do Sul  
Santa Catarina  
Sao Paulo 
Droit Human (mixed male and female)


Colombian Grand Lodges (all National, not State Grand Lodges)


Barranquilla National Grand Lodge of Colombia
Bogota Grand Lodge of Colombia
Bucaramanga Grand Lodge of the Andes
Cartagena National Grand Lodge of Colombia
Cali Occidental-Western Grand Lodge
Cucuta Oriental-Eastern-Francisco de Paula Santander)
Santa Marta Benjamin Herrara


European Grand Lodges


Andorra Grand Lodge of Andorra  
Austria Grand Lodge of Austria, AF&AM  
Grand Orient of Austria
Droit Humain  
Regular Grand Lodge of Belgium 
GOB – Grand Orient of Belgium  
GLB – Grand Lodge of Belgium
Women’s Grand Lodge of Belgium 
Droit Humain (Fédération Belge du Droit Humain)
Bulgaria United Grand Lodge of Bulgaria
Grand Lodge AF&AM of Bulgaria  
Droit Humain  
Croatia Grand Lodge of Croatia 
Czech Republic Grand Lodge of the Czech Republic F.A.M. (Velka Loze Ceske Republiky), which is known commonly as VLCR
Grand Orient Czech (Velky Orient Cesky) which is known commonly as VOC, and which was created by the Grand Orient of France (GOF)
Velka Loze Zeme Ceskych (Grand Lodge of the Czech Lands), which is known commonly as VLZC, and which was created by the Grand Lodge of France (GLF)  
considered by UGLE to be the only one, and that is the “Velka Loze Ceske Republiky” (VLCR), and their webpage is at  
Humanitas Bohemia, which is a mixed (men and women) Grand Lodge, that incorporates a number of lodges including one masculine lodge  
Denmark Danish Order of Freemasons – Grand Lodge of Denmark
Danish Guild of Freemasons  
Droit Humain
England United Grand Lodge of England
Regular Grand Lodge of England
The Grand Lodge of All England at York
The Honourable Fraternity of Ancient Freemasons (for women only)  
HFAF – Honorable Fraternity of Ancient Freemasons  
The Order of Women Freemasons (for women only)  
International Co-Freemasonry (for men and women)  
Droit Humain
Finland Grand Lodge of Finland
Droit Humain
France GOF – Grand Orient of France – Grand Orient de France 
GLF – Grand Lodge of France – Grande Loge de France 
GLNF – National Grand Lodge of France 
Feminine Grand Lodge of France – Grande Loge Féminine de France
Droit Humain (Co-Masonry – men & women in lodges together) – Fédération Française du Droit Humain 
Grande Loge Traditionnelle et Symbolique Opera – Grande Loge Traditionnelle et Symbolique Opera
Grande Loge Mixte de France
Grande Loge Mixte Universelle
Grande Loge Féminine de Memphis-Misraïm – Grande Loge Fémininie de Memphis Misraïm  
Grande Loge de Memphis-Misraïm
Grande Loge
Symbolique de France
Loge Nationale Française  
Germany United Grand Loges of Germany – Brotherhood of Freemasons (an umbrella organization for 5 Grand Lodges in Germany) 
Grand Lodge of AF&AM of Germany 
Grand Landlodge of Freemassons of Germany 
Grand National Motherlodge “To the Three Globes” 
American Canadian Grand Lodge
The Grand Lodge of British Freemasons in Germany
Grand Orient of Germany (also from CLIPSAS, has male, female and mixed lodges) 
UFHD – Universaler Freimaurerorden Humanitas Deutschland (for men and women) 
The Female Grand Lodge of Germany (no longer Humanität) is now called:
Frauen-Großloge von Deutschland (FGLD-GLFD)
Droit Humain
Souveräner GrossOrient von Deutschland (SGOvD) (Souvereign Grand Orient of Germany)
Greece Grand Lodge of Greece 
National Grand Lodge of Greece
Sérénissime Grand Orient de Grece  
Kalipatira (Women’s Grand Lodge)  
Droit Humain
Hungary Symbolic Grand Lodge of Hungary
Grand Orient of Hungary
Iceland The Icelandic Order of Freemasons – Grand Lodge of Iceland
Droit Humain
Ireland Grand Lodge of Ireland 
Droit Humain
Italy Grand Orient of Italy 
Regular Grand Lodge of Italy
Grand Lodge of Italy (Clipsas & Catena)  
La Grande Loge Maçonnique Féminine d’Italie  
Droit Humain
Latvia Grand Lodge of Latvia
Lithuania Grand Lodge of Lithuania
Luxembourg Grand Lodge of Luxembourg  
Macedonia Grand Lodge of Macedonia
Malta Grand Lodge of Malta
Netherlands Grand East of the Netherlands 
NGGV – Nederlandse Grootloge der Gemengde Vrijmetselarij (Netherlands Grand Lodge of Co-Masonry)  
Droit Humain  
Norway The Norwegian Order of Freemasons  
Droit Humain
Poland National Grand Lodge of Poland
Droit Humain
Portugal Grande Lojo Legal de Portugal
Grande Lojo Regular de Portugal
Grand Loge National of Portugal
Grande Oriente Lusitano (since 1802) – Liberal obedience, integrates CLIPSAS. Its address is Rua do Gremio Lusitano, nr. 25, 1200
Lisboa Lodge Fenix, nr 493
Portuguese Jurisdiction of “Le Droit Humain” (since the mid 1920′) – Mixed, accepts both men and women.  
Grande Loja Feminina de Portugal (since 1996) – Feminine obedience.  
Romania National Grand Lodge of Romania 
Russia Grand Lodge of Russia 
Russian Regular Grand Lodge  
San Marino Grand Lodge of San Marino  
Scotland Grand Lodge of Scotland 
Droit Humain
Slovenia Grand Lodge of Slovenia
Spain Grand Lodge of Spain
The Spanish District of Le Droit Humaine (“El Derecho Humano”). Co-masonry.  
Gran Logia Simbolica Espanola
(Member of CLIPSAS and the most
important representative of liberal Grand Lodges in Spain, with male, female and mixed lodges) 
Spanish Federal Grand Lodge (Gran Logia Federal Española) which works traditional Freemasonry. Only for men.  
Gran Oriente Español. It was the historic GO in Spain, but nowadays it may only have one lodge and one home-page.  
There are probably a few lodges under the Grand Lodge of France and the Grand Orient de France.  
Lodges belonging to the Grand Loge Feminine de France. Only for women.  
Droit Humain
Sweden Swedish Order of Freemasons
Grand Lodge of Sweden
Droit Humain
Switzerland Grand Lodge Alpina of Switzerland 
Grand Orient de Suisse
Fédération Suisse du Droit Humain  
Grande Loge Féminine de Suisse
Grande Loge Symbolique d’Helvétie  
Grande Loge Mixte de Suisse
LUF Groupe national suisse
Droit Humain
Turkey Grand Lodge of Turkey 
Grand Lodge of Turkish Free Masons (Ozgur Masonlar Buyuk Locasy) 
Feminine Grand Lodge of Turkey (Kadin Masonlar Buyuk Locasi)  
Free and Accepted Grand Lodge of Turkey 
Yugoslavia Regular Grand Lodge “Yugoslavia”
Grand National Lodge of Yugoslavia  
Grand Orient of Yugoslavia  


Asian Grand Lodges


Armenia Grand Lodge of Armenia
China (Taiwan) Grand Lodge of China F&AM
India Grand Lodge of India 
Grand Lodge of Upper India
Grand Lodge of South India 
Iran Grand Lodge of Iran in Exile
Israel Grand Lodge of the State of Israel 
The Order of International Co-FreeMasonry – “Le Droit Humain” – Israeli Jurisdiction 
Japan Grand Lodge of Japan
New Zealand Grand Lodge of New Zealand 
Philippines Grand Lodge of the Philippines 
The Deputy Sovereign Grand Lodge Of the Philippine Archipelago In America – formerly “The Regional Philippine Grand Lodge in America” Seattle, Washington – under the auspices of the Sovereign Grand Lodge of the Philippine Archipelago – Legitimate Successor to the “Grande Oriente Espanol in the Philippines” – member of the Universal League of Free Masons, Geneva, Switzerland International Masonic Alliance, Paris, France 


Australian Grand Lodges


New South Wales United Grand Lodge of New South Wales and ACT (Australian Capital Territory) 
Grand Lodge Symbolic of Memphis-Misraïm for the United State and its
Jurisdictions   Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis-Misraïm 
Northern Territory see South Australia  
Queensland United Grand Lodge of Queensland 
South Australia Grand Lodge of South Australia & the Northern Territory 
Tasmania Grand Lodge of Tasmania, AF&AM 
Victoria United Grand Lodge of Victoria 
Western Australia Grand Lodge of Western Australia 
  Droit Humain throughout Australia


African Grand Lodges


Benin Grand Lodge of Benin  
Burkina Faso    
Gabon Grand Lodge of Gabon  
Guinea (Guineene)    
Ivory Coast Grand Lodge of the Ivory Coast  
Droit Humain
South Africa Grand Lodge of South Africa 
Senegal Grand Lodge of Senegal  
Togo National Grand Lodge of Togo


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