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Postings by George L. Helmer on the Masonic Light email group

Courtesy of Josh Heller

Click here to download a zipped file containing all of George L. Helmer’s postings to the Masonic Light email group, as provided by Josh Heller

Individual items posted by George L. Helmer to the Masonic Light email group:

7 Liberal Arts and Sciences, by William Preston – 1812

7 Liberal Arts and Sciences, by Thomas Smith Webb – 1797

A “Bobbie Burns” Story with a New Twist

A Contract, by H.L. Haywood

A Female Freemason

A Higher Stand

A Lodge Master Appeals for Advice in Furthering Masonic Knowledge

A Program of Masonic Education, by Herman Sarachan

A Sign and a Summons

A Tale of Antimasonry

A Year’s Program on Masonic Philosophy

Abbreviations and Reference Words – part 1

Abbreviations and Reference Words – part 2


An Incident

An Inexhaustible Force

An Invitation


Beautiful Extract

Brightening Up the Second Degree


Brothers and Builders: The Basis and Spirit of Freemasonry

Bruce’s Secret Weapon

Burns’ Farewell to Masons

Capitular Masonry

Charity Funds

Combination of Masons

Completing the Temple

Corn, Wine, and Oil

Curious Masonic Words

Death on the Sierra Nevada

Development of R.A.M. Degrees

Don’t Be a Masonic Illiterate

Elias Ashmole & the Origins of Speculative Freemasonry

Emulation Ritual

Faithful Unto Death


First Grand Master in America

Foucault’s Pendulum

Fogeyism in Masonry

Four Facets of Friendship

Freemasonry and Social England in the Eighteenth Century

Freemasonry and the Future

Freemasonry and the Men’s House

From Labour to Refreshment

Functions of a Masonic Lodge

Introduction of George Helmer

Introduction to Masonry

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