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Language Lodges

U.S. Lodges that use Languages other than English

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The following lodges are chartered by “mainstream” Grand Lodge in the United States, and are permitted to, and do, use languages other than English in their ritual (opening and closing, degrees, programs, business, etc.).

Arizona Anahuac Lodge #81 – Tucson – Spanish
California La Parfaite Union Lodge #17 – San Francisco – French
Vallée de France Lodge #329 – Los Angeles – French
District of Columbia (Washington D.C.) Arminius Lodge #25 – German
Mehr Lodge #90 – Persian or Farsi
Alianza Fraternal Americana Lodge #92 – Spanish
La France Lodge #93 – French
Hayastan Lodge #94 – Armenian
Massis Lodge #99 – Armenian
Nur Lodge #2000 – Turkish
Italia Lodge #2001 – Italian
Florida Dr. Felix Varela Lodge #64 – Key West – Spanish
Massachusetts Logia America Lodge – Cambridge – Spanish
New York Garibaldi Lodge – Manhattan NY – Italian
L’Union Française Lodge #17 – New York – French
La France – La Clémente Amitié Cosmopolite #410 – New York – French
La Sincérité Lodge # 373 – New York – French
Pennsylvania Hermann-Humboldt #125 – Philadelphia – German
Teutonia #367 – Reading – German
Wisconsin Aurora Lodge – Milwaukee – German


Note:  Some, possibly many, U.S. Grand Lodges require that all work in all lodges be done in the English language.

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