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Masonic Music websites

Masonic Music

If any of the information on this chart is not correct or if you know of additional information that should be included please send me email by clicking on my name: Paul M. Bessel.

Some Sources for Masonic Music


Name of Site URLs (click on them to go to these websites)
Alvin Benemerito’s Website
Masonic Music 
Denver Masonic Family
Masonic Music 
Freemasonry in Music 
The Lodge of St. George No. 1152 (Singapore)
Masonic Music 
Lost Word
Masonic Music for the Blue Lodge Degrees 
Masonic Media 
Masonic Music Room 
The Music of Freemasonry 
Roger Firestone’s Website
The Masonic Funeral Ode 
Sibelius and His Masonic Music 
Some Masonic Music
composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 
Western Area Masonic Lodge
Music Room 


Interesting information from an email message —

Dear Mr. Bessel

I wanted to let you know about my band Doleful Lions that have a song on our new album called “1723”, which is all about masonry, some of the lyrics are “The ancients they sing the ballad of Hiram, injected with a shadow syrium, illuminating all that came before, revealed the mysteries of nature and sciences…..” We have 4 albums out and have gained popularity in underground rock circles recently. The 1723 is for the year of the Anderson congress. Hope to see us on your listing of Music about Masons on your site. thanks

Jonathan Scott

There is a website for Doleful Lions at   

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