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Masonic Week schedule for the year 2003

Paul M. Bessel’s website about
Scheduled events for “Masonic Week”
Allied Masonic Bodies & Other Masonic Meetings
February 13-15, 2003, in Washington, D.C.

Note: I believe the information on this webpage is accurate, based on information I have heard or seen, but of course it is subject to change. Everyone is encouraged to contact the organizations that are having meetings to obtain the best schedule information about each one.

“Masonic Weekend” or “Masonic Week” is a term given to a series of meetings of various Masonic groups — sometimes called “Allied Masonic Bodies” or “AMD” or other names — that takes place each year in Washington, D.C., in February, around the time of George Washington’s birthday. Some of these meetings are open to all Masons, some to everyone Mason or not, and some only to those Masons who meet certain qualifications.

For many of the events listed, if you want to attend you either have to be a member of the organization indicated, or in some cases you can join at the time of, or just before the meeting. In some cases Masons who are members in good standing of Royal Arch Chapters are eligible to join, but some groups have more restrictive membership policies. For some events, such as the banquets, you have to purchase a ticket to attend, and in some cases you have to purchase these tickets before Masonic weekend begins.

For more details, or if you have any questions, check with the specific organizations or contact other Masons who might have more information to give you.

Almost all of the following meetings are held in the Hotel Washington, located in Washington, D.C., at the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and 15th Street, NW (515 – 15th Street NW). Most of the meetings are held in the ballroom on the top floor of the hotel, but some events, such as banquets, are held in the ballroom on the basement level of the hotel. Hotel reservations can be made by calling 1-800-424-9540 or 202-638-5900.

If anyone wants to send me email, especially if any of the information on this chart is not correct and you want me to correct it, you can send me (Paul M. Bessel) email by clicking on the following: [email protected] 


Date & Time



Thursday, February 13, 2003  
2pm The High Council, MSRICF – Masonic Societas
Rosicruciana in
Civitatibus Foederatis
Supreme Magus College will meet concurrently with the High Council
I have been told the following: Masonic Rosicrucians organization, membership by invitation, limited number. Its Constitution says it is for Christian Masons, but some say there are some non-Christian members. The Supreme Magus College is said to be for those recommended from states or countries where no College exists
7pm Annual Banquet of the High Council,  MSRICF I have been told the following: Masonic Rosicrucians organization, membership by invitation, limited number. Its Constitution says it is for Christian Masons, but some say there are some non-Christian members.
All are welcome to this Banquet – tickets will be available in the Sky Room of the Hotel Washington.
7pm Knights of Freemasonry Universal The Knights of Freemasonry Universal meeting. Top floor, Hotel Washington. Kofu describes its mission as “to promote, educate, and research Universality in Freemasonry.”
Friday, February 14, 2003  


Grand Council,  Knight Masons, U.S.A. & Great Chief’s Council #0

Knight Masons is an invitation-only Masonic organization – for more information you can go to and view the links there


Grand College of America, HRAKTP

Grand Preceptors Tabernacle “A”, HRAKTP will meet concurrently with the Grand College

I have been told the following: Knight Templar Priests organization, membership by invitation, for Past Commanders of Knights Templar only, numbers limited


Lunch – on your own

Janet Wintermute said that she and Scotty Fitzgerald, the moderator of SOF ( again:

“no-hosting our seventh annual open get-together on the Friday of ‘masonic weekend’ in Washington, DC. Masons. Spouses and friends of the Craft are all welcome to join us for great food and conversation. There’s no formal presentation–we just order off the menu and talk a mile a minute until 2 p.m., when we walk a half-block south to the Hotel Washington for the Blue Friars lecture. Time: High noon. Place: Old Ebbitt Grill, 675 15th Street, NW, Washington, DC. Menu: Take a look at Their  food is excellent! Parking: One Website said the Grill offers free valet parking. If you can’t stay for any of the Hotel W. activities, this might be a boon because local garages are usually full with normal business traffic. I haven’t verified the parking situation, though, and it’s possible they only park you for free at night…. Paying: A group our size can’t get separate checks, so keep track of what you owe. We toss the money into a centralized kitty. In 1997, we had 3 diners; last year, over 40. Year-before-last, a Midwestern GM sneaked in without a reservation. If you want to join us, please send me — Janet Wintermute [email protected] — an e-mail offlist so I can keep track of the total number. I’ve told the Grill folks we need 40 slots, but the place is huge and I’m sure they will let us expand with proper notification. It’s our official MLight East Coast meeting for the first quarter of CY 2003, so be there and be Square! –Janet”

2pm Society of Blue Friars Blue Friars is an invitation-only organization for Masonic authors – all Masons are welcome at this meeting where you usually can hear an excellent paper by the latest Brother invited to become a Blue Friar
4pm Grand College of Rites of the USA This organization attempts to preserve and demonstrate Masonic degrees that have fallen into disuse
I believe any Master Mason can join this organization at or just before this meeting


CBCS – Knights
Bienfaisants de la Cite

I have been told the following: Membership in this organization is by invitation only, limited to 2 per state


Royal Society of Knights Occidental

I have been told the following: This is an informal group of those who have Friday as a “free night.” It started about 7 years ago, and this year it will meet in the Hotel Washington in the Sky Room. Last year there were about 65 for dinner, with a cash bar. Dinner is usually Filet Mignon, plus hors d’oeuvres, and entertainment (a tasteful belly dancer) for usually around $65. Reservations need to be made in advance (usually the deadline is noon Friday). It is open to anyone who wishes to attend, but there are a few strict rules that must be adhered to: NO dues, NO fees, NO lengthy introductions, NO lengthy dissertations and NO arguing. The highest award is the GCO (Grand Cross Occidental) which is awarded to anyone who attends 5 annual Convivials (meetings), or anyone else that we think should have it. For information and reservations, contact Bill Koon at [email protected] or purchase tickets at the Sky Room of the Hotel Washington.

7pm Philalethes Society Feast and Assembly Tickets are needed for this dinner, which will be followed by a talk. Ladies are invited
Lecturer: Masonic Author and Lecturer Paul Rich – Executive Board Reports – Open Questions Concerning Freemasonry
$50, includes a collectable “Firing Glass”
Tickets are available in advance (preferable) or in the hotel lobby until noon on Feb. 14
Order online at or send checks to: The Philalethes Society, 5266 Mary Ball Rd, Lancaster, VA 22503
9pm AMD degree conferral – the Order of Freedona Open to all Masons, registration required
Saturday, February 15, 2003  
7:30am Convent General KYCH Breakfast I have been told the following: KYCH is for those who have presided in the East over a Masonic Lodge, a Royal Arch Chapter, a Cryptic Council, and a Knights Templar Commandery, and is by invitation even for those who meet these requirements. All are invited to this breakfast – tickets are available at the door
8:30am Grand Master’s Council “A” of the AMD
Grand Council  of the Allied Masonic Degrees of the USA
AMD – Allied Masonic Degrees organization.  AMD is an organization for Royal Arch Masons, usually by invitation only (except for the Grand Masters Council).

Lunch on your own

Richard E. Evans is in charge of the “Third Annual Internet Masons Masonic Week Luncheon.” His email address is [email protected]   He reports the following: The Third Annual Internet Masons Masonic Week Luncheon will be held at 12:30 PM on Saturday, February 15, 2003 at the Two Continents Restaurant in The Hotel Washington. We will have our own private meeting and dining area that will accommodate everyone who wishes to attend. They will prepare a very nice buffet for us and the cost will be $10.95 plus tax and tip. Dress is casual. A short program will be presented. More details about the program will be available soon. Brother Rashied Sharieff Al Bey from New York will give the blessing and the benediction will be given by Brother Charles Munro from Tyler, Texas.

2pm Nine Muses Council #13, AMD AMD – Allied Masonic Degrees organization, all Masons may attend, paper presented

Installed Sovereign Masters degree, AMD

3pm Secret Monitor degree  
4:30pm Benjamin B. French Lodge #15 Benjamin B. French Lodge #15 is hosting Independent Royal Arch Lodge #2 from the Grand Lodge of New York who will be conferring the Royal Arch Degree in a Craft Lodge using the Ancient New York form. The lodge will open at 4:30pm with dinner ($35) afterwards. Reservations are a must. RSVP to Ted Berry at [email protected]
6pm Fiat Lux Lodge #1717 Fiat Lux #1717 is conferring the FC degree in English Emulation ritual. The lodge will open at 6pm with Festive Board to follow. Dinner is $20. Reservations are preferred and can be made through Kwame Acquaah at [email protected]
7pm Grand Council AMD Annual Banquet AMD – Allied Masonic Degrees organization.    AMD is an organization for Royal Arch Masons, usually by invitation only (except for the Grand Masters Council).
Anyone can attend this banquet, including ladies, there is usually a keynote speaker – tickets available in the Sky Room of the Hotel Washington
9pm Ye Antiente Order of Corks This is a fun degree and organization, which is open to members of any AMD Council


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