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Masonic Brotherhood of the Blue Forget Me Not

The MBBFMN was formed by the late Right Worshipful Brother Allen E. Roberts, of the most respected masonic authors and researchers of the 20th century. Shortly before his death in 1997 he turned the MBBFMN over to his son, Brother Ken Roberts, to continue operating it just as he had done since its formation.

For lists of those who have been awarded the Masonic Brotherhood of The Blue Forget-Me-Not, see

Alphbetical list

Chronological list

If anyone has any questions about the MBBFMN, or wants to nominate someone to receive this award (please read the standards below), please contact any of the following brethren:

Brother Ken Roberts [email protected]

Brother Paul M. Bessel paulb’at’

Brother Robert Davis [email protected]

Brother Leon Zeldis [email protected]

The following information about the MBBFMN was provided by Chris Dains, and was originally written by Allen E. Roberts:

The Masonic Brotherhood of The Blue Forget-Me-Not
by Allen E. Roberts, FPS

An Explanation

The Masonic Brotherhood of The Blue Forget-Me-Not was officially formed on January 1, 1972. It was the outgrowth of many years of discussions among prominent and concerned Masonic educators and writers.

These men were concerned about the lack of recognition of those Masons who were devoting their lives and resources to Masonic education and writing. It appeared, rightly or wrongly, that the plaudits of the leadership of the Craft were reserved for the many Masonic ritualists. Others appeared to be ignored.

The Society of Blue Friars honors one Masonic author each year, others have to wait. Masonic educators, as a whole, are ignored. Yet these Master Masons are the men who are keeping the body of Freemasonry alive and vital. They deserve to be honored in some manner by the Craft. The Masonic Brotherhood of The Blue Forget-Me-Not is attempting to give them the recognition to which they are so richly entitled.

The recipient is judged by a Team of Masonic writers and educators before he is chosen for membership in the Brotherhood. His dedication to the whole of Freemasonry and his fellowman determines his qualifications. This Award cannot be purchased. His name must be presented by a member of the Brotherhood, then pass a unanimous ballot of the membership commission.

There are no fees or dues paid by the recipient. In every sense, membership in the Brotherhood is an Award for unselfish service to Freemasonry and mankind.

The certificate, stationery, and pin were designed by Allen E. Roberts, the Secretary, who also (previous to his death) absorbs the expenses of the Brotherhood. He does it because he pictures the structure, or Body, of Freemasonry this way:

Ritual = Skelton (or framework)
Symbolism = Heart and brains
Benevolence = Soul
Philosophy =  Bloodstream
Jurisprudence = Muscles
History = Flesh (or binder)

The ritual, while important, consists of but one-sixth of the whole. Every part of this Body must be nourished or it will be crippled. The Body, as a whole, has what the world has always needed, and what it still needs today. BUT, it must be a whole, uncrippled, Body. This is what is far too often overlooked

Freemasonry doesn’t need to change. Its belief in the Brotherhood of Man under the Fatherhood of God cannot be improved upon. What we must do is to treat the Body as we should. Then, once again, Freemasonry will be a vital and important force in our communities and the world.

That is why we consider The Brotherhood of The Blue Forget-Me-Not as an important association within the body of Freemasonry.


Errol Feldman provided the following information:
The Brotherhood was founded to recognize those Freemasons who have worked primarily in the field of Masonic education. This includes writing and the many other facets that bring light to those who might otherwise be left in darkness. Those few selected are teachers who have helped members of the Craft become dedicated Master Masons. Only recipients who are deemed worthy leaders in this field by the membership commission of the Brotherhood are selected for this Award. It cannot be solicited, nor can it be purchased. The blue forget-me-not has been chosen as a symbol of Masonic dedication, courage and fidelity. This symbol was born in the face of Nazi persecution of Freemasonry under the Hitler regime. Although the dictator ordered thousands of Freemasons murdered, tortured and incarcerated, those who would not renounce the Craft and its teachings continued to practice Freemasonry in secret. So they might know one another, a little flower was selected as their emblem. Against overwhelming odds these men, a scant handful, kept the light of Freemasonry burning throughout Nazi darkness. We are proud to perpetuate a remembrance of this unselfish dedication. This is not a degree; it is not a political award; there will never be a plea for a greater membership. There are no dues and fees to be paid by anyone. It is in every sense an award for service to Freemasonry and thus to our fellow man. Because of its non-political objective, and because its only members are workers in and for the Craft, many consider it the greatest honor one can receive in Freemasonry.

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