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District of Columbia – Mount Pleasant Chapter No. 13, Royal Arch Masons of the District of Columbia

Mount Pleasant Chapter No. 13

Royal Arch Masons of DC

Mount Pleasant Chapter No 13, Royal Arch Masons of the District of Columbia, is one of the 6 Royal Arch Chapters in Washington DC It was founded in 1914

Click here to go to the website of the Washington DC Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons

Thanks for visiting this web site If you’re in Washington DC, please come visit our Chapter Our stated meetings are scheduled for the 4th Wednesday of each month, but see our Bulletin for specific dates

If you have comments or questions, email Robert H Starr at [email protected]

Mount Pleasant Chapter No. 13 Officers for February 2009 thru February 2010

High Priest EC Leslie Rogers-Wright
King Comp. Sylvanus J. Newstead
Scribe Comp. Bud Michels
Secretary REC Robert H. Starr, PHP
Treasurer REC Joel R. Kahn, PHP, MC
Captain of the Host Comp.  Bruce D. French
Principal Sojourner Comp. Eric Chukwi
Royal Arch Captain Comp. Eric Milman
Master of the 3rd Veil Comp. Firtzgerald Williams
Master of the 2nd Veil Comp. Christopher Glass
Master of the 1st Veil Comp. Jeremy Lombardo
Chaplain EC Robert Haber, PHP
Instructor of Work MEC Harold Grainger, PGHP
Trustees MEC John Vergalla, PGHP, Trustee through February 2013
MEC Harold Grainger, PGHP, Trustee through February 2011
Comp. Timothy R. Bennett, Trustee through February 2012
Emeritus Officers EC Arthur E. Krum, Jr., MC – Secretary Emeritus
Comp. Maurice Curcio – Sentinel Emeritus

Mount Pleasant Chapter No. 13 Living Past High Priests

MEC Harold Grainger, MC, GGCA (PGHP 1987) 1973
EC Arthur E. Krum, Jr., MC 1974
EC Joseph B. Corbin, Sr. 1977
MEC Robert C. Alt (PGHP 1982) 1978
EC David L. Smith 1981
MEC Jerold J. (Jerry) Samet (PGM 1992) 1982 & 1986
MEC Sheldon Arpad (PGHP 2002) 1983
EC Theodore V. Villapando 1987
EC John R. Wimmel 1989
EC Theodore M. (Ted) Kahn (PGM 1985) 1990
EC Sheldon I. Rappeport 1991
EC William M. Bartlett 1993
MEC John Vergalla (PGHP 2001) 1995
EC Paul B. Najarian 1996
REC Robert H. Starr (PGM 2002, Grand Scribe 2007-2008) 1997
REC Joel R. Kahn (Grand Treasurer 2007-2008) 1998
EC Charbel T. Fahed 1999
EC Joseph N. Snyder 2000
EC Lawrence M. Spillan 2001
EC Jules S. Tepper (PGM 2003) 2002
EC Victor Petrossian 2003
EC Mitchell J. Diamond 2004
EC Robert Haber 2005
EC Norman Barshai 2006
EC Samuel Anthony 2007
EC Burton S. Levy 2008
EC Richard W. Johnson 2009

Living High Priests of Other Chapters who are Members of Mount Pleasant Chapter No. 13

EC Paul M. Bessel (Chapter #14 in VA) 1989
EC David J. Graham (Chapter #3 in DC) 1990
EC Isaac L. Frazer (Chapter #17 in DC) 2005
Francis S. Nicol
(Chapter #19 in DC)

Honorary Members of Mount Pleasant Chapter No. 13

MEC Robert B. Bussler, MC, GGCA (PGHP in DC) 1980
MEC Howard F. Coleman, PGHP in VA) 1980

Living Members of Mount Pleasant Chapter No. 13 who are
Holders of the Meritorious Companion Award of the Grand Chapter
the General Grand Chapter Award (Bronze)

MEC Harold Grainger, PGHP GGCA 1981, MC 1986
EC Arthur E. Krum, Jr., PHP MC 1990
Comp. Gerhard Meinzer MC 2003
REC Joel R. Kahn MC 2004
MEC Robert H. Starr MC 2008

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