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Jurisdictions – Penalties in One Jurisdiction – Effect on Membership in Another Jurisdiction

Grand Lodge Policies concerning Effect of Masonic Penalties in One Jurisdiction on Membership in Another Jurisdiction

The information on this chart comes from various sources. If anyone has definite information for additions or changes on this chart, please send email to Paul M. Bessel at paulb’at’ so I can update this chart.

United States “mainstream” Grand Lodges


State Policy on Effect of Masonic Penalties in Another Jurisdiction on Membership in This Jurisdiction
Alabama Code Section 263. . . .Any matter that affects membership in either Lodge [any lodge in which a Mason is a member, either in the jurisdiction or outside it] will likewise affect membership in both.
Section 370. Out of Jurisdiction – When a brother commits a Masonic offense outside the territorial jurisdiction of membership Lodge. . . .suspension or expulsion by trial Lodge means not only from the fraternity, but from the Lodge of which he was a member.
Arizona From an authoritative email message:
The AMC (Arizona Masonic Code) claims penal jurisdiction over ALL Masons residing in AZ, whether they belong to an AZ Lodge or not.
If a member in AZ and also in another GL, he would be tried here, and, if convicted, the sentence (reprimand, suspension or expulsion) would be carried out here. His other GL would be advised of the action here and would decide what to do, based on its own rules. Ref Constitution, Secs 150, 150.2, 158.
If a resident of AZ but not a member of any AZ Lodge, he could still be tried here under our rules. The findings and recommendations of the Lodge holding the trial would be transmitted to the GL where he holds membership. Ref Constitution, Sec 158.
On the reverse of this process (what AZ would do if an AZ member was convicted in another GL), our Code appears to be silent. Or at least I can’t find a reference. Guess that would throw it into the lap of the GM to decide how to apply our rules in such a case.
There is a special set of rules for a Mason who is convicted of a felony, but whether a member of an AZ Lodge or just a resident, the procedures are identical and the results reported to the foreign jurisdiction. Ref Constitution, Sec 129.3
California Code Section 23020. . . . Suspension or expulsion of a multiple member by any of his Lodges for other than non-payment of dues, shall forthwith suspend or expel his membership in all Lodges in this Jurisdiction. . . .
District of Columbia Masonic Code (Constitution) Section 118. . . . Involuntary loss of membership for any cause other than nonpayment of dues of a dual member in a Lodge in another jurisdiction shall work a loss of membership in all Lodges in this jurisdiction. Loss of membership for non-payment of dues of a dual member in another jurisdiction shall not affect his membership in his primary Lodge in this jurisdiction. . . .
Missouri As provided by Part III Members and Jurisdictions, Article 17. Affiliation, of the By-Laws of The Grand Lodge, A. F. & A. M., of the State of Missouri
Suspension for nonpayment of dues or for failure to prove proficiency* in the Master Mason Degree or suspension or expulsion of a multiple member for unmasonic conduct shall thereby terminate his membership in all lodges in the Grand jurisdiction of Missouri. The Secretary of any Missouri lodge suspending or expelling such multiple member shall immediately notify the Grand Secretary, who will inform every other Missouri Lodge in which the multiple member shall have held membership at the time of such suspension or expulsion; and the Grand Secretary shall also notify the Grand Secretary of every other Grand Jurisdiction in which such member shall then have held membership in a subordinate lodge. Like notice shall be given in case of reinstatement, which shall immediately and automatically restore him to membership in good standing in every other lodge in this Jurisdiction of which he was a member, subject, however, to any other provisions of these By-Laws pertaining to the payment of dues and application for reinstatement if the suspension shall have been of such duration as to necessitate the filing of a petition for reinstatement. The Grand Secretary is to provide the information of reinstatement to ALL lodges involved. (Added 1982-160)
*Note – Proving of Proficiency is no longer required in Missouri lodges. 
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina Reg. 90-6 Sojourners from North Carolina.
If an Entered Apprentice or a Fellow Craft, or a Master Mason, who is a member of a lodge under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of North Carolina, shall make his residence or establish permanent business in another grand jurisdiction, the lodge nearest such residence or place of business may take penal jurisdiction over him by preferring charges against him before formal accusation for the same offense has been brought against him in this state, and may reprimand, suspend, or expel him, according to its findings and sentence, after due trial has been had in accordance with the laws of the Grand Lodge under which the trial lodge is holden, and shall give to the North Carolina lodge of which the accused was a member prompt notice of the action taken. This privilege shall apply to such grand jurisdictions as shall accord to North Carolina lodges the same rights and privileges over their members who may come to the jurisdiction of this Grand Lodge. [101-10].
Reg. 101-10 Expelled – Other Jurisdictions.
The penalty for any unmasonic conduct inflicted on a member of a lodge in this state by the proper authority in another recognized grand jurisdiction shall be the same and shall have the same effect, in all respects, as if the penalty had been applied after due trial in this state. A member of a lodge in this state who has been suspended or expelled by the proper authority in another recognized grand jurisdiction shall be restored first according to the law of that grand jurisdiction before he is qualified to seek restoration in our jurisdiction. [90-6].
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
Virginia Sec. 2.152. Effect of Suspensions and Expulsions. — All suspensions and expulsions involve absolute exclusion from all the rights and benefits of Masonry throughout the world, during the continuance of such suspension or expulsion.
Sec. 2.158. In Case of Dual Membership, Suspension in One Lodge Suspends in All. — The suspension by one of his Lodges of a Brother who holds dual membership, suspends him from membership in all of his Lodges. [Refer: Sec. 2.152]
Decisions 1961 D-23, §-2.152, §-2.158
The provisions of Sec. 2.152 and Sec. 2.158 operate to suspend a Virginia Mason holding dual membership in another Grand Jurisdiction if he is suspended in it for any reason. (C. M. Flintoff)
West Virginia


Non-U.S. Grand Lodges


British Columbia and Yukon Regulation 78 of the Book of Constitutions:
R78 When deprived of privileges.
When a Freemason is suspended for non – payment of dues in this or any other Jurisdiction recognized by Grand Lodge, he shall be deprived, during suspension, of all the privileges of Freemasonry in this Jurisdiction.


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