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Prince Hall Masonry – links to webpages with information

Webpages with Information about Prince Hall Masonry

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Websites of Prince Hall Grand Lodges can be found at 

Information about Recognition of Prince Hall Grand Lodges can be found at 

African-American Odyssey: Free Blacks in the Antebellum Period (Library of Congress website)
Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order, Nobles Mystic Shrine of North and South America, Incorporated Prince Hall Affiliated
Black Masons laud acceptance by the Grand Lodge in England
Charter 459 from the Grand Lodge of England 1784
Charter 459 from the Grand Lodge of England 1784 – clear text view
Chronology on the History of Slavery in America 1619-1789
Famous Prince Hall Masons
Freemasonry’s History of Racism
Freemasons in the Civil Rights Movement
General Conference Grand Chapters, Holy Royal Arch Masons, Prince Hall Affiliation, United States and The Bahamas
History of Prince Hall
Important Dates in the Fight for African American Rights
Inside the Holy of Holies
Insight News
The Internet Connection – Gregory Hunt
Internet Masonic Resources
Joseph A. Walkes, Jr., website
Keetoowah Society (includes information about Prince Hall Masonry)
Life of Prince Hall
Men of Mark – Prince Hall Freemasons in America – The 100+ Most Influential
Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodges
Negro Masonry – report from 1897
News & Views – Prince Hall Masonry
Phylaxis Society
Prince Hall: Fraternal Leader, Civil Rights Activist
Prince Hall and Black Masonry
Prince Hall and His Organization of Black Free Masons in the United States (article by Tarah S. Cherry)
Prince Hall Charter (including a photo of it)
Prince Hall Freemasonry – by George Draffen – very good paper
Prince Hall Freemasonry – by George Draffen – reviews of his paper
Prince Hall Grand Encampment of Knights Templar of the United States of America
Prince Hall History
Prince Hall Mailing Addresses
Prince H@ll M@sonry
Prince Hall Masonry (article by Charles H. Tupper)
The Prince Hall Story (article by Robert E. Connor, Jr., on the website of the PH GL of Texas
The Prince of Black Freemasonry by Charles W. Sharpe
Who Are These Prince Hall Masons? (article by Allen E. Roberts)
Who is Prince Hall? And other well-known Prince Hall Masons
Who Was and Is a Prince Hall Mason?
The World Wide Directory of Prince Hall Links
World Wide Prince Hall Directory

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