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Pillars used in lodges – Grand Lodge policies

Placement of Pillars

The information on this chart comes from various sources. If anyone has definite information for additions or changes on this chart, please send email to Paul M. Bessel so I can update this chart.

United States

State Placement of Pillars
Alabama Both sides of Inner Door, not moved
Alaska Either side of the preparation room, on lodge side
Arkansas From an email message: There are representations of B & J (I’d say J&B, except that might be confused with a popular brand of Scotch) in Colorado lodges, always surmounted by the terrestrial and celestial globes. Most commonly they are gilt in color, but this is not a requirement. Except during the stair lecture, they are kept on the left an right hand side of the SW in the west. During the Stair Lecture they are generally moved to somewhere near the preparation room door at the northwest corner of the lodge. The Senior Deacon delivers his explanation to the candidates about them at that time, then progresses through them to begin the lecture about the first steps of the staircase.
California Both sides of Inner Door, not moved
The pillars are placed to either side of the entrance to the lodge from the preparation room.
Connecticut Not specified; lodges usually keep them on either side of SW in West
District of Columbia
Florida Both sides of Inner Door
Georgia Permanent at Inner Door (most lodges)
Left and Right of the Senior Warden
(different email messages gave different responses for this jurisdiction)
Illinois Stored wherever convenient
Indiana Either side of SW station, except in FC lecture, when brought to center of lodge as gateway to stair lecture
Iowa Not important except in degree work
Kansas Stored flanking the SW. Moved to a point between the inner door and the altar during FC ritual (second section), so candidate passes between them.
Massachusetts J & B are present only symbolically, on a tracing board, and only during the Middle Chamber lecture of 2nd degree
Minnesota Two messages have been received, as follows:Pillars are not used. Slides are used to depict them. Have actual movable staircase that candidate climbs through. Many lodges use a carpet as symbolic stairs.

Many lodges have them and are actively used during the Fellowcraft Degree. During the One Day to Masonry, the Grand Lodge used very elaborate, accurate pillars for the lecture. Only a few Lodges have an actual staircase for the

Missouri No specified location, but in most lodges placed on either side of the SW in the West, unless conferring FC degree, when moved just E of the 4 foot line for middle chamber lecture
Montana Either side of the SW, except in FC lecture when they are brought near the center of the lodge to function as gateway to the stair lecture. If not moved, they are to the right and left of the SW, in front of him or back against the wall.
New Hampshire Both sides of the WM in the East, not moved. Other buildings have them on either side of the West, or on either side of one of the doors to the lodge room.
New Jersey Both sides of the Door, never moved.
New Mexico
New York Both sides of Inner Door.
North Carolina
North Dakota
Ohio Either side of the Preparation Room door, but allowed to be on either side of the SW.
Oklahoma Both sides of SW
Oregon Either side of the preparation room, on lodge side
Pennsylvania No pillars used
Rhode Island
South Carolina Both sides of SW
South Dakota
Tennessee Kept in storage if not in use for FC degree
Texas Both sides of Inner Door
Washington Either side of the preparation room, on lodge side
West Virginia The pillars are on both sides of the West. They are moved
during the lecture on the second degree.
Wisconsin Either side of the SW in the West, unless in use for FC degree

Other than the United States

England No significant part in the FC degree
Scotland Varies
Israel NW and SW, near SW’s chair
Brazil Entrance of the Temple
British Columbia, Canada Preparation room door in most lodges
Ontario, Canada No pillars, but depends on the lodge

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