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Texas Regalia

Regalia of the Grand Lodge Officers – The Grand Lodge of Texas, by Pete Martinez

Review by Thomas W. Jackson in The Northern Light, August 1998

Regalia of the Grand Lodge Officers – The Grand Lodge of Texas, A. F. & A. M. by Pete Martinez. Published in 1997 by The Key Products. Available from Pete Martinez, 2408 Holley Street, Tyler, TX 75701. $18 (postpaid).

This publication looks more like a magazine than a book. It contains only 18 pages and is 7 x 91/4 inches in size. It is, however, not a magazine. It is a very wellproduced visual presentation with definition of the regalia of the Grand Lodge of Texas.

The Grand Lodge of Texas has what must be some of the most unique and most colorful Masonic regalia, i.e., aprons and collars, in the Masonic world. The designs were adopted in 1931, but regretfully the explana tions of the designs were lost. This publication present,, the efforts of James W McClendon, Past Grand Master, performed in 1963 recreating the original meaning and symbolism of the designs, along with the colorful creation work of Wor. Pete Martinez. It also includes the Grand Masters’ lapel pins and coins plus seals and emblems related to Texas Masonry.

The book is very attractive and is printed on high quality paper. It is significant that the artwork, which is impressively good, was created via computer. When printing in small quantities and with high quality, an unfortunate accompanying burden of higher cost is to be expected, thus the price.

I think Pete has performed a valuable service for his Grand Lodge. This publication will be valuable to Texan Freemasons as well as others interested in Masonic regalia.

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