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Current members of the United States Supreme Court


Current United States Supreme Court Justices
Title Name President Who Appointed Year Appointed Year Born Justice Who Was Replaced Comments
Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. Bush 2005 1955 William H. Rehnquist
Associate Justice (1) John Paul Stevens Ford 1975 1920 William O. Douglas
Associate Justice (3) Antonin Scalia Reagan 1986 1936 William H. Rehnquist
Associate Justice (4) Anthony M. Kennedy Reagan 1988 1936 Lewis F. Powell, Jr. after Bork’s rejection
Associate Justice (5) David H. Souter Bush 1990 1939 William J. Brennan, Jr. stealth nominee
Associate Justice (6) Clarence Thomas Bush 1991 1948 Thurgood Marshall Anita Hill hearings
Associate Justice (7) Ruth Bader Ginsberg Clinton 1993 1933 Byron R. White
Associate Justice (8) Stephen G. Breyer Clinton 1994 1938 Harry A. Blackmun
Associate Justice (9) Samuel Alito Bush Sandra Day O’Conner



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