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Shrines’ Names

Names & Meanings of Shrines


AAD— An Ancient Tribe of men standing seven feet or more, frequently mentioned in the Koran.

AAHMES— It is the name of two Pharoahs, the meaning of which is “the moon is born.”

ABBA— Father (Aramaic, not Arabic)

ABDALLAH— Personal name meaning “servant of God.”

ABOU BEN ADHEM— Personal name in narrative poem by Leigh Hunt.

ABOU SAAD— Good fortune.

ABU BEKR— The name of a friend and follower of Mohammed, the meaning of which is said to be
“father of the camel’s foal.”

ACACIA— Biblical name of a tree.

ACCA— A port on the west coast of Israel.

AFIFI— A characteristic of a woman who is virtuous and refains from anything crude of vulgar.

AHMED— One of Mohammed’s names according to the Koran.

AINAD— Presumably geographical name meaning “spring of AD” or “obstinacy”.

AKDAR— Mightier or mightiest, fates or powers.

ALADDIN— Personal name, technically meaning one who has a high religious standing.

AL AMIN— The faithful.

AL ASKA— The Great Land

AL AZHAR— The most flourishing.

AL BAHR— The sea.

AL BEDOO— The Bedouins or those who live in the open.

ALCAZAR— Spanish name meaning “castle” or “citadel.”

AL CHYMIA— Alchemy

ALEE— Perhaps “Ali”, father— in— law of Mohammed.

ALEPPO— A city in Syria.

ALGERIA— Province in northern Africa.

ALHAMBRA— Fortress of Granada with walls of a reddish color.

ALI GHAN— God is Guardian.

AL KADER— Probably Al Kadir, the Powerful; or the Mighty: one of the Koranic names for Allah.

AL KALY— Turkish word for “costly rug”.

AL KORAN— The sacred book of the Mohammedans.

AL MALAIKAH— Arabic word for “the angles.”

ALMAS— Arabic word meaning “diamond.”

AL MENAH— The port.

ALOHA— Hawaiian meaning affection or compassion.

AL SHAMAL— The North.

AL SIHAH— A Moslem sect, “the perfect ones.”

ALZAFAR— The Victory. In ancient times the capital of the Himyar kingdon; now a group of ruins
in southern Yemen.

AMARA— A building.

AMRAN— Name of a town in the country of Yemen.

ANAH— Unidentified; in Arabic “ana” is the pronoun “I”.

ANEZEH— A very powerful tribe of Bedouins.

ANSAR— The helpers; title of the believers of Medina who assisted Mohammed after the flight from

ANTIOCH— Name of a city in Asia Minor; also famous city in North Syria.

ARAB— A native of Arabia.

ARABA— A small town in Saudi Arabia.

ARABIA— Peninsula of southern Asia.

ARARAT— A mountain in Armenia where, tradition says. Noah’s Ark landed.

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