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Lodge – Skidmore Daylight Lodge #237, AF&AM, Virginia

Skidmore Daylight Lodge #237
Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of the Commonwealth of Virginia
Instituted May 29, 1976
Chartered February 15, 1977
Constituted March 22,1977
meets the 1st Tuesday of each Month at 11:00am
at the Scottish Rite Masonic Temple at 1430 W. Braddock Road, Alexandria, Virginia
mailing address:
Secretary, Skidmore Daylight Lodge #237
David N. Silver
7300 Craftown Road
Fairfax Station, VA 22039
(work phone) 703-834-7140
(cell phone) 703-407-4606


Worshipful Master of Skidmore Daylight Lodge #237 for the year 2002

David N. Silver

Worshipful Master’s Schedule of Programs for Meetings in the year 2002

December 4, 2001 elections and installation of new officers
January 8, 2002 official visit of the District Deputy Grand Master
February 5, 2002 presentation by a staff officer who served with General Patton in World War II
March 5, 2002 W. Gene Sizemore, Grand Executive Director of the Supreme Council, Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction of the United States
April 2, 2002 Past Grand Master George H. Chapin
May 7, 2002 interesting stories by a local brewery owner who is a Freemason
June 4, 2002 John R. Quinley, Grand Junior Warden of the Grand Lodge of Virginia
July 2, 2002 District Instructor of Work, District Blood Coordinator, District Masonic Home Ambassador
August 6, 2002 Grand Master of D.C., Robert H. Starr
September 3, 2002 President of the AARP – Ruth Nelson
October 1, 2002 S. Brent Morris, Masonic author and scholar
November 5, 2002  
December 3, 2002 elections and installation of new officers

Elected Officers for the year 2002

Senior Warden Kenneth H. Fails II
3015 Colonial Springs Ct.
Alexandria, VA 22306
(home phone) 703-780-4713
(office phone) 703-768-6170
Junior Warden Herbert C. Hollander
908 Riva Ridge Drive
Great Falls, VA 22066-1619
(home phone) 703-759-3454
Treasurer William U. MacBrayne, PM
6313 Greeley Blvd.
Springfield, VA 22152
(home phone) 703-451-3240
Secretary David N. Silver
7300 Craftown Road
Fairfax Station, VA 22039
(work phone) 703-834-7140
(cell phone) 703-407-4606
Senior Deacon Harry P. Shaffer, Jr.
8733 Ridge Hollow Ct.
Springfield, VA 22152
(home phone) 703-569-3278
Junior Deacon F. J. Pepper, PM
4600 Duke St., # 424
Alexandria, VA 22304
(office phone) 703-823-2311
Senior Steward none
Junior Steward none
Chaplain David L. Greenspan, PM
958 North Pegram Street
Alexandria, VA 22304
(home phone) 703-370-4174
Marshal none
Tiler Eugene F. Hastings, PM
4309 Laurel Road
Alexandria, VA 22309
(home phone) 703-780-9320


Appointed Officers and Committee Chairmen

Lodge Instructor of Work John P. Riddell, PDDGM
6715 Capstan Drive
Annandale, VA 22003-1953
(home phone) 703-256-2622
Lodge Education Officer Herbert C. Hollander
908 Riva Ridge Drive
Great Falls, VA 22066-1619
(home phone) 703-759-3454
Masonic Home Ambassador Nelson R. “Bob” Bullock, PM
309 Yoakum Parkway
#1207 Bldg 4
Alexandria, VA 22304
(home phone) 703-370-4454
Blood Program F.J. Pepper, PM
4600 Duke Street, #424
Alexandria, VA 22304-2578
(office phone) 703.823.2311
Notification David N. Silver
7300 Craftown Road
Fairfax Station, VA 22039
(work phone) 703-834-7140
(cell phone) 703-407-4606
Sick & Distressed Kelly T. McCracken, PM
(home phone) 703-548-3768


Past Masters 

Howard F. Schneider, PDDGM 1976 & 1977 (Charter)
Ralph E. Beahm, PDDGM 1978
Steven L. Murphy 1979
John W. Weaver (deceased) 1980
Robert D. McMarlin 1981
B. Frederick Lehman (deceased) 1982
George M. Downard (deceased) 1983
Robert P. Mella 1984
Clifford S. Thurman, PDDGM (deceased) 1985
John P. Riddell, PDDGM 1986
Rev. Thomas E. Weir (deceased) 1987
Nelson R. (Bob) Bullock 1988
David Kruger 1989
Theodore B. Holm 1990
Dale L. Thurman 1991
John D. Denton, Jr., PDDGM 1992
David L. Greenspan 1993
Melvin E. Hanes 1994
Victor R. Peren (demitted) 1995
William U. MacBrayne  1996
Paul M. Bessel, PDDGM  1997
C.L. Morrison, Jr. 1998
F.J. Pepper  1999
Seán O’Néill  2000
David N. Silver 2001 & 2002


Affiliated Past Masters

Samuel T. Atkinson, PDDGM Mt. Vernon Lodge #219, Virginia 1971
Raymond L. Collins Andrew Jackson Lodge #120, Virginia 1968
Anthony E. Dee Federal Lodge #1, District of Columbia 1965
Robert F. Drechsler, PGM of D.C. (1997) Anacostia Lodge #21, District of Columbia 1969
Willard E. Griffing Federal Lodge #1, District of Columbia 1966
Herbert M. Koehne, P.D.D.G.M. Glebe Lodge #181, Virginia 1973
Isaac Paul-Coker Sojourner Kilwinning Lodge #1798, D.C. 1997
Donald M. Robey, PGM Alexandria-Washington Lodge #22, Virginia 1975
Godfrey P. Runaldue, PDDGM Alexandria-Washington Lodge #22, Virginia 1950
Benjamin W. Smith, PDDGM Cherrydale Lodge #42, Virginia 1982
James B. Stone Alexandria-Washington Lodge #22, Virginia 1976
Roland J. Timity Sojourner Kilwinning Lodge #1798, D.C. 1998



Samuel T. Atkinson, PDDGM – until 2003
Nelson R. (Bob) Bullock, PM – until 2005
David L. Greenspan, PM – until 2004


Life Members in Perpetuity

Robert B. Fraser 1995
Samuel T. Atkinson, PDDGM 1996
Henry G. Behrens 1996
John D. Denton, Jr., DDGM 1996
Paul M. Bessel, PDDGM 1996
Robert F. Drechsler, PGM in D.C. 1997
Ralph L. Beahm, PDDGM 1998
David N. Silver, PM 1999
F.J. Pepper, PM 2001


Honorary Members

Donald M. Robey, PGM
John P. Riddell, PDDGM
Godfrey P. Runaldue, PDDGM

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