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Public Speaking – Suggestions on how to be a better public speaker

Some Suggested Tips for Improved Public Speaking
for Masonic Leaders and Future Leaders

by Paul M. Bessel, April 21, 1997

Have something to say, learn your subject, be substantive

Plan ahead what information you want the audience to go away with

Be enthusiastic !!!!!

Jump up to speak, start immediately and enthusiastically, move fast, no delays

Smile !!!

Speak loudly

Change loudness, tone, and speed

Look at the audience, look into individuals’ eyes, move your head and eyes

Repeat certain things, with emphasis

Announce that certain things are especially important, dramatically

Move your hands, arms, and body, but not too much

Make a few notes on a card, but never read

Use flip charts, blackboards, and other visual aids

Always have handouts

Don’t be phony, admit if you don’t know something, offer to work together to get answers

Learn what you’re talking about, become an expert on certain subjects, be sincere

Plan 3 keys points on subjects you anticipate for impromptu talks

Announce points you’re going to make, how much time you’ll take, stick to it

Plan your start, your middle, and especially your ending

Think ahead, repeat questions or comments, get others to talk a little

Ask some audience members to respond, but plan this

Issue challenges to the audience, ask them to do specific, useful things

End on a high note, enthusiastically, repeating your most important point to remember

Ask for questions and comments, and pay attention to what you hear

Take steps afterwards to find out how successful you were, where you can improve

Enjoy yourself, have fun, spread knowledge, be fraternal and constructive!!!

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