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Contact information for United States Grand Lodges – addresses, phone, fax, websites, etc., of United States Grand Lodges – & Grand Secretaries’ names

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Current & Future Grand Masters
Dates and places of Grand Lodge meetings

State Grand Secretary Address
Phone Number
Fax Number
Website URL
Alabama Jerry M. Underwood Grand Lodge of Alabama F&AM
2005 Cobbs Ford Rd. Suite 200
Prattville, AL 36066
(phone) 334-365-5644
(fax) 334-365-8297
Alaska Jerome P. (Jerry) Wasson Grand Lodge of Alaska F&AM
PO Box 190668
Anchorage AK 99519-0668
544 E. 14th Ave
Anchorage AK
(phone) 907-561-1477
(fax) 907-561-1477
Arizona W. E. “Bill” Robertson Grand Lodge of Arizona F&AM
Masonic Temple
345 W. Monroe Street
Phoenix AZ 85003-1684
(phone) 602-252-1924
(fax) 602-252-3733
Arkansas James L. Weatherall Grand Lodge of Arkansas F&AM
Albert Pike Memorial Temple
700 Scott Street
Little Rock AR 72201
(phone) 501-374-6408
(fax) 501-374-8822
California John L. Cooper III Grand Lodge of California F&AM
California Masonic Memorial Temple
1111 California Street
San Francisco CA 94108-2284
(phone) 415-776-7000
(fax) 415-776-0483
Colorado Gerald A. Ford Grand Lodge of Colorado F&AM
1130 Panorama Drive
Colorado Springs CO 80904
(phone) 719-471-9587
(fax) 719-471-9157
Connecticut Robert G. Fitzgerald Grand Lodge of Connecticut AF&AM
PO Box 250
Wallingford CT 06492
(phone) 203-284-3900
(fax) 203-284-3996
Delaware James E. Waecker, Sr. Grand Lodge of Delaware AF&AM
818 Market Street
Wilmington DE 19801-3077
(phone) 302-652-4614
(fax) 302-652-4059
District of Columbia Mansour Hatefi Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia FAAM
5428 MacArthur Blvd NW
Washington DC 20016-2524
(phone) 202-686-1811
(fax) 202-686-2759
Florida Richard E. Lynn Grand Lodge of Florida F&AM
PO Box 1020
Jacksonville FL 32201
220 Ocean Street
Jacksonville FL
(phone) 904-354-2339
(fax) 904-632-3865
(cellphone) 305-799-1675
Georgia Donald I. DeKalb Grand Lodge of Georgia F&AM
PO Box 4665
Macon GA 31208-4665
811 Mulberry Street
Macon VA 31298-5099
(phone) 912-742-1475
(fax) 912-742-1465
Hawaii A. Lee Skinner Grand Lodge of Hawaii  F&AM

535 Ward Avenue Suite 212

Honolulu, Hawaii 96814

Phone: 808-596-9121

Fax: 808-596-9100

Email Address:

Web Site:

Idaho Vernon E. Patrick Grand Loge of Idaho F&AM
219 N. 17th Street
Boise ID 83702-5187
(phone) 208-343-4562
(fax) 208-343-4562
Illinois Benny L. Grisham Grand Lodge of Illinois AF&AM
PO Box 4147
Springfield IL 62708
2866 Via Verde Street
Springfield IL
(phone) 217-529-8900
(fax) 217-529-0242
Indiana Max L. Carpenter Grand Lodge of Indiana F&AM
PO Box 44210
Indianapolis IN 46244-0210
Masonic Temple
525 N. Illinois Street
Indianapolis IN
(phone) 317-634-7904
(fax) 317-634-1141
Iowa William R. Crawford Grand Lodge of Iowa AF&AM
PO Box 279
Cedar Rapids IA 52406-0279
813 First Ave SE
Cedar Rapids IA
(phone) 319-365-1438
(fax) 319-365-1439
Kansas Robert Pfuetze Grand Lodge of Kansas AF&AM
PO Box 1217
Topeka KS 66601
320 SW 8th Street
Topeka KS
(phone) 913-234-5518
(fax) 913-357-4036
Kentucky Joseph R. Conway Grand Lodge of Kentucky F&AM
300 Masonic Home Drive
Masonic Home
Louisville KY 40041
(phone) 502-893-0192
(fax) 502-899-5253
Louisiana Roy B. Tuck, Jr. Grand Lodge of Louisiana F&AM
PO Box 12357
Alexandria LA 71315-2357
5800 Masonic Drive
Alexandria LA
(phone) 504-523-4382 or
(fax) 318-443-5759
Maine Hollis G. Dixon Grand Lodge of Maine AF&AM
PO Box 15058
Portland ME 04112-5058
415 Congress Street
Portland ME
(phone) 207-773-5184
(fax) 207-773-5108
Maryland Herbert Y. Holcomb Grand Lodge of Maryland AF&AM
Freemasons Hall
304 International Circle
Cockeysville MD 21030
(phone) 410-527-0600
(fax) 410-527-1276
Massachusetts Jeffrey L. Gardiner Grand Lodge of Massachusetts AF&AM
186 Tremont Street
Boston MA 02111
(phone) 617-426-6040
(fax) 617-426-6115
Michigan Robert W. Stevens Grand Lodge of Michigan F&AM
Masonic Temple
233 E. Fulton Street
Grand Rapids MI 49503-3270
(phone) 616-459-2451
(fax) 616-459-3912
Minnesota Douglas J. Campbell Grand Lodge of Minnesota AF&AM
11501 Masonic Home Drive
Bloomington, MN  55437-3699
(phone) 952-948-6700
(fax) 952-948-6710
(toll free) 800-245-6050
Mississippi Micky Paul McMahan Grand Lodge of Mississippi F&AM
PO Box 1030
Meridian MS 39302-1030
Campus of the Masonic Home for Children
2400 23rd Ave
Meridian MS
(phone) 573-482-2914
(fax) 573-483-6399
Missouri Ronald D. Miller Grand Lodge of Missouri AF&AM
800 Highway 63 North
Columbia MO 65201-6697
(phone) 314-474-8561
(fax) 314-474-3601
Montana Reid L. Gardiner Grand Lodge of Montana AF&AM
PO Box 1158
Helena MT 59624
425 N. Park Ave
Helena MT
(phone) 406-442-7774
(fax) 406-442-1321
Nebraska Bruce Watkins Grand Lodge of Nebraska F&AM
1240 North 10th Street
Lincoln NE 68508
(phone) 402-475-4640
(fax) 402-475-4736
(email) I do not know if this GL has an official email address
Nevada Arthur K. Cronin Grand Lodge of Nevada F&AM
Masonic Temple
40 W. 1st Street, Suite 317
Reno NV 89501
(phone) 775-786-5261
(fax) 702-873-7092
New Hampshire John C. Marden Grand Lodge of New Hampshire F&AM
813 Beech Street
Manchester NH 03104-3136
(phone) 603-668-8744
(fax) 603-668-8744
(email) I do not know if this GL has an official email address
New Jersey Larry S. Plasket Grand Lodge of New Jersey F&AM
Grand Lodge Building
1114 Oxmead Road
Burlington NJ 08016
902 Jacksonville Road
Burlington NJ 08016
(phone) 609-239-3950
(fax) 609-386-4332
New Mexico Danny R. Calloway Grand Lodge of New Mexico AF&AM
PO Box 25004
Albuquerque NM 87125
1638 University Blvd NE
Albuquerque NM
(phone) 505-243-4931
(fax) 505-242-8723
New York Gilbert Savizky Grand Lodge of New York F&AM
Masonic Hall
71 W. 23rd Street
New York NY 10010-4149
(phone) 212-741-4500 or
(fax) 212-633-2639
North Carolina T. Walton Clapp III Grand Lodge of North Carolina AF&AM
PO Box 6506
Raleigh NC 27628-1207
2921 Glenwood Ave
Raleigh NC
(phone) 919-787-2021
(fax) 919-878-2279
North Dakota Curtiss Mundahl Grand Lodge of North Dakota AF&AM
201 14th Avenue N.
Fargo ND 58102
(phone) 701-235-8321
(fax) 701-235-8323
Ohio George O. Braatz Grand Lodge of Ohio F&AM
PO Box 629
Worthington OH 43085-0629
634 High St
Worthington OH
(phone) 614-885-5318
(fax) 614-885-5319
Oklahoma Robert R. Poole Grand Lodge of Oklahoma AF&AM
PO Box 1019
Guthrie OK 73044
102 S Broad St
Guthrie OK
(phone) 405-282-3212
(fax) 405-282-3244
(email) I do not know if this GL has an email address
(website) I
Oregon Aaron W. Harvey Grand Lodge of Oregon AF&AM
PO Box 96
Forest Grove OR 97116-0096
3435 Pacific Ave
Forest Grove OR
(phone) 503-357-3158
(fax) 503-357-1815
Pennsylvania Mark A. Haines Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania F&AM
Masonic Temple
1 North Broad Street
Philadelphia PA 19107-2598
(phone) 215-988-1900
(fax) 215-988-1951
Rhode Island Wyman P. Halstrom Jr. Grand Lodge of Rhode Island F&AM
Freemasons’ Hall
222 Taunton Avenue
East Providence RI 02914-4556
(phone) 401-435-4650
(fax) 401-435-4423
South Carolina G. Ray Marsh Grand Lodge of South Carolina AFM
1445 Pisgah Church Rd.
Lexington SC 29072-8937
(phone) 803-808-4377
(fax) 803-808-4315
South Dakota Leslie M. Spies Grand Lodge of South Dakota AF&AM
PO Box 468
Sioux Falls SD 57101-0468
Tennessee David T. Hart Grand Lodge of Tennessee F&AM
PO Box 24216
Nashville TN 37202
100 Seventh Ave N.
Nashville TN
(phone) 615-255-2625
(fax) 615-257-2308
Texas Tommy D. Guest Grand Lodge of Texas AF&AM
PO Box 446
Waco TX 76703
715 Columbus Street
Waco TX
(phone) 254-753-7395
(fax) 254-753-2944
Utah Robert McKenzie Grand Lodge of Utah F&AM
Masonic Temple
650 E. South Temple Street
Salt Lake City UT 84102-1141
(phone) 801-363-2936
(fax) 801-363-2938
Vermont Cedric L. Smith Grand Lodge of Vermont F&AM
East Road
RR #3, Box 6742B
Barre VT 05641-8611
(phone) 802-223-1883
(fax) 802-223-2187
Virginia Alan W. Adkins Grand Lodge of Virginia AF&AM
4115 Nine Mile Road
Richmond VA 23223-4926
(phone) 804-222-3110
(fax) 804-222-4253
Washington David P. Owen Grand Lodge of Washington F&AM
47 St. Helens Avenue
Tacoma WA 98402-2698
(phone) 206-272-3263
(fax) 206-627-5369
West Virginia Robert G. Slater Grand Lodge of West Virginia AF&AM
PO Box 2346
Charleston WV 25328-2346
Masonic Building
107 Hale Street
Charleston WV
(phone) 304-342-3543
(fax) I do not know if this GL has a fax number
(email) I do not know if this GL has an official email address
Wisconsin Michael DeWolf Grand Lodge of Wisconsin F&AM
Grand Masonic Center
36274 Sunset Drive
Dousman WI 53118
(phone) 262-965-2200
(fax) 262-965-4211
Wyoming Phillip G. Buchholz Grand Lodge of Wyoming AF&AM
PO Box 459
Casper WY 82602-0459
Suite 200
600 E. First Street
Casper WY
(phone) 307-234-2692
(fax) 307-234-7922


Links to websites of Scottish Rite and York Rite bodies

Supreme Council, 33°
Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry
Southern Jurisdiction, USA 1733 Sixteenth Street NW, Washington D.C., Phone: 202-232-3579
Supreme Council, 33°
Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite
Northern Masonic Jurisdiction
of the United States of America Headquarters is located at: 33 Marrett Road (Rte 2A), Lexington, Massachusetts; Mailing address is: Supreme Council, 33°, Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction, PO Box 519, Lexington, MA 02420-0519; Phone: (781) 862-4410; Fax: (781) 863-1833
General Grand Chapter
Royal Arch Masons International General Offices, John F. Kirby, General Grand Sceretary, Rebbecca Warth, Secretary, PO Box 489, Danville, KY 40423-0489, Phone (606)236-0757, Fax (606)236-6773
General Grand Council Cryptic Masons General Grand Council Office, Ronald E. Fullerlove, General Grand Recorder, 541 Crestview Drive, PO Box 310, Sherrard IL 61281, Phone & Fax (309) 593-2812, email:
Grand Encampment of
Knights Templar of the United States of America Charles R. Neumann, Grand Recorder, 5097 North Elston Avenue, Suite 101, Chicago, Illinois 60630-2460, (773) 777-3300

Links to websites with similar information to this webpage

MSA – Masonic Service Association
compilation of Grand Lodge websites and other information
Dates of U.S. Grand Lodge meetings
compiled by Paul M. Bessel from various sources
Prince Hall Grand Lodges
list of PHA Grand Lodges, including links to websites, and information on which have been recognized by which “mainstream” Grand Lodges
Grand Lodge addresses, phone numbers, websites
information from Jack Canard’s excellent Masonic website

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