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Prince Hall Masonry recognition in Virginia – proposed resolution for Grand Lodge in 2001

This webpage used to show a proposed resolution, requesting the Grand Lodge of Virginia to recognize the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Virginia.  The sole purpose of posting it was to permit those who had said they wanted to add their names to the list of sponsors of such a resolution to read it, and ask to have their names added.

After allowing time for members of the Grand Lodge of Virginia to read the resolution and to permit those who wished to ask to have their names added to the list of sponsors, this resolution no longer needs to be on the internet.  It will now be printed and submitted to the Grand Lodge office for consideration.

Thank you to all those who have offered support.  We hope everyone will deal with this issue in the most serious and dignified manner, and hope that this resolution may be adopted at the meeting of the Grand Lodge of Virginia in November 2001.


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