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District of Columbia – Washington Daylight Lodge #14, FAAM, District of Columbia

Washington Daylight Lodge #14

Free and Accepted Masons (F.A.A.M.)

District of Columbia

Meets the 3rd Saturday of each month, at 10am
in Naval Masonic Hall, 330 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, Washington, D.C.

Washington Daylight Lodge #14 is a proud lodge, chartered December 23, 1991, by the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia, but including in its heritage 4 lodges that were founded in 1852, 1905, 1923, and 1924, which through a series of consolidations came to be included in the current Washington Daylight Lodge #14.

We meet during the day, on the 3rd Saturday of each month, starting at 10am (with breakfast served from 8:30am), in the historic Naval Masonic Hall, built in 1895. All Master Masons who are visiting Washington, D.C., are welcome to join us at any of our meetings. (Come for our free breakfast before the meeting, too!)

Photographs of Lodge Activities

Washington Daylight Lodge Officers with the Grand Master

The photographs below were taken at Washington Daylight Lodge’s wreath laying ceremony at the Tomb of Brother George Washington, on February 19, 2001.


Where We Came From

bullet In 1852 Washington Centennial Lodge #14 was chartered by the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the year when George Washington became a Mason.
bullet In 1905 King Solomon Lodge #31 was chartered by the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia.
bullet In 1923 Warren G. Harding Lodge #39 was chartered, and in 1924 Brightwood Lodge #43 was chartered by the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia.
bullet Then, several consolidations began to take place. Warren G. Harding Lodge #39 and Brightwood Lodge #43 formed Warren G. Harding-Brightwood Lodge #43 in 1982.
bullet Then, Warren G. Harding-Brightwood Lodge #43 and King Solomon Lodge #31 formed Solomon-Harding-Brightwood Lodge #43 in 1989.
bullet And then, in 1991, Solomon-Harding-Brightwood Lodge #43 joined with the oldest of the lodges mentioned, Washington Centennial Lodge #14, to form Washington Daylight Lodge #14, which continues the traditions of all the lodges that are a part of its legacy.

Officers in 2004


Worshipful Master Theodore V. Villapando
Senior Warden Charles A. Phillips
Junior Warden Alexander A. Olbrich
Secretary Harold Grainger, PM
14914 Laurel Oaks Lane
Laurel MD 20707-5518
Treasurer Scott R. Wales
Senior Deacon Amehed M. Shek
Junior Deacon Sheldon I. Rappeport
Senior Steward Alan H. Patterson
Junior Steward  
Master of Ceremonies Jay M. Emerson
Chaplain Timothy R. Bennett
Tiler George E. Enders


Our Board of Trustees


serving until the end of 2003 Harold Grainger, P.M.
serving until the end of 2004 Emanuele Fontana
serving until the end of 2005 Timothy R. Bennett


Our Living Past Masters


1939 Albert B. Smith
1954 Harry W. Hjort
1957 John T. Lee
1958 Herbert M. Hay
1960 Kearie E. Temple
1961 Bobby T. Tindall
1962 Arthur Baron
1962 Warren E. Smith
1964 Emanuele Fontana
1964 Floyd E. Werle
1965 James R. Brooks
1965, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987 Harold Grainger
1965 Wilhelm Nupen
1967 James T. Kitsoulis
1967 Rupert G. Daniels (affiliated)
1967, 1969 John P. Knapik
1968 Charles E. Goodman
1968 Willard F. Martin
1969 Clifton G. Parrish
1970 Ainnah C. Bryant
1971 Robert W. Anderson (Honorary Member)
1972 Joseph C. Hawkins, Jr.
1972 David L. Smith
1973 Robert N. Margrave
1973 Herman Nickerson, Jr.
1973 Darwin E. Spinks
1974 Freddie R. Campbell
1974 Glenn A. Woods
1977 Robert C. Alt
1977 Carroll Smith
1978 Lee Lamarr
1978 George L. Thomson
1979 Maurice H. Goldchain (affiliated)
1979 Harold J. Johnson, Jr.
1980, 1981, 1982 Coe Tug Morgan (PDDGM Washington State)
1981 Alfred E. Ashton
1981, 1988 William M. Edwards, Jr.
1982, 1986 Robert Thomas
1982-85, 1989, 1995 Jesse Villareal (affiliated)
1983 T. Paul Reigert
1984, 1988 Theodore V. Villapando
1985 Lynn A. Dean
1986 Kenneth L. Foran
1986 Paul F. Ritenour, Sr. (affiliated)
1986 Edison M. Amos
1987 George E. Enders
1987 Joseph W. Doucet (affiliated)
1988, 1989 Stanley P. Foley
1989 Edmund E. Young (Honorary Member)
1989, 2001 Sheldon I. Rappeport (affiliated)
1989, 1990 Timothy R. Bennett
1991 R.J. Brock
1991 Michael H. Koplitz (affiliated)
1991 Joseph E. Laciny, Jr.
1992 Ronald W. Goode
1992, 2000 Scott R. Wales (affiliated)
1993 Joseph R. Budney
1994 Oscar Rodriguez
1995 Francisco J. Ojeda
1996 Charles E. Sandeen
1996 Amehed Mowlack Shek (affiliated)
1998 Robert T. North
1996, 1999 Franklin O. Gayoso
2001 Alvin Pardo
2002 Jay Emerson
2003 Jesse Villareal


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